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March is full of activity, and the Lochland Times has the scoop on everything. Community Yard Sales, Plays, St Patrick's Day, Fitness Center Activities, the 1st day of Spring, and much more!

A Town-wide vote with a certain end turns the Town Council on it's head. A Tax increase for a Pool, but no pool in sight? What Happened?

Welcome to Lochland Grove
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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

The Ice Festival

Beautiful buildings and sculptures made of ice glowing under a halo of fireworks? What a beautiful place for a Valentines Day Date.

St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

Irish Food, Dancing, Comedy, Song, and plenty of alcohol; Sign up and ride a bus out to StoneLake this St Patrick's Day. The collector Mug is free!


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March 14th
Whoa! A New Newspaper!

March 8th
The Activity Check is over!

March 1st
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