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Posted by: Lochland Grove Admins Nov 19 2017, 01:33 PM
It was so close yet so far away. Kat tried to imagine herself leaning over the counter like a crazy person and flailing miserably in the direction of the trash can until a bouncer caught her. The sheer embarrassment alone would leave her with many a sleepless night. She could still remember when somebody in algebra class put gummies on her chair, and she had to be pried out of it by her teacher then sent to the locker room for new shorts. The fear of somebody seeing the sticky pink substance on the back o her white jeans still bugged her.

Yes, okay.. so.. what could she do to get it?

"Can I get you something?" Ahahahaha. What was she supposed to doooooo?

NO! She had to be BOLD! BRAVE! She was a secret agent with skills. NO! SkillZ. Yeah! That Z made it cool! The kind of skillz that knocked drinks into Preston Marx’s lap with an elbow while gesturing down the bar. ”I’d really like to have what that guy is h-oh crap! I’m so sorry!!” Wow, Pres had skillz too. Even when he was crying out in surprise he didn’t talk. That was devotion.

Oh that poor notebook.

Alec, being Alec, came around the bar to help with the clean up. All eyes were on the mess. Like an ultra amazing spy, Kat got up and hurried through the crowd, around the bar, and grabbed the paper AND a towel. ”I’m SO sorry. Here, let me help you clean up.” No Ghostly notes would be injured in this. She WON. Honestly, she didn’t even have to help clean. She just dumped the towels on Pres and let him do the work. Her heart was BOOMING In her chest when she finally got out of the building.

”Welp, that was.. scary.” She murmured, looking down at the paper in her hand. You're getting closer but still not done. Color us worried, but are you feeling pins and needles?”

The poor Admin groaned.

”Soooo.. uh.. It COULD be the hospital.. I guess. I mean, ‘feeling’ verses uh... “ She did NOT want to go to the hospital. All the people, all the illness, all the respect she had for not stepping into places she shouldn’t be without permission or reason. Come ON, Ghosts. leave the poor injured and sick people alone. ”Or a tattoo parlor.” Right, It could be that. "Not sure I would be comfortable there without stupidly getting a tattoo.. I wonder if they’d let me root through their trash.” Would that even be SAFE?

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