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Posted by: Lochland Grove Admins Dec 5 2017, 01:48 PM
In all honesty, Kat wasn’t comfortable visiting either location alone. She began pacing back and forth mumbling to herself. No, peptalking herself. YES! PEPTALKING! ”Okay, I can do this. I just need to walk there then say ‘hi, do you have any-uh-any mysterious paper that- no, that sounded terrible. Do you have any paper that has writing on it that you-no, that sounds pretty bad too.” The smell of cigarette smoke floated into her nostrils.

OH.. oh yeah, Lenny was still outside watching the door.....

Kat waved awkwardly then started down the street feeling her bravery subside. She made it two blocks before realizing she hadn’t a clue where she was. She could really use Jaya right now. Jaya probably had Lochland’s various places memorized. This was, what? South Lochland? Was it South? Where was a handy dandy character when she needed one? All of the faces she saw were unfamiliar. Maybe if she kept walking she’d see someone she felt comfortable asking. ’Yes, right. ‘Hi, you don’t know me but I know your whole life. Won’t you help me.’ Totally going to jail tonight.” She mumbled glumly.


Jaya had managed to get to Ambrosia only to find that it was closed for a private party. The only reason she’d managed to get in was because Catie Holmes was:

A. Too nice
B. Convinced Jaya was a friend of Frankie’s
C. Believed that Jaya had lost her date’s phone number inside from the night before. Who knew if it was still there, but she was willing to let the woman look around before the party started.

Inside her head Jaya had already concocted Frankie’s reaction when she heard about it. She ran it over and over again in her head as she looked under tables, ontop of tables, around tables, behind the bar, and inside a few trash cans. They finally kicked her out when management spotted her in the kitchen rooting through the containers of greek salad dressing. It was fruitless.

”Now where to?” There wasn’t an answer to the question, but she figured it was time to meet up with Kat. Hopefully she hadn’t gotten distracted dancing at the Odyssey. As she walked she could almost imagine the Admin making a few friends and spending the evening b- wait, what was that?

Something she couldn’t exactly describe had just streaked across her vision. It was like a thin cloud of white smoke or steam. It disappeared into an alleyway, seeming to beckon her after.

A ghost?

For a moment they seemed to make eye contact. The spirit swirled and giggled with an airy voice that was hard to explain. She managed to move closer, hoping to find the rest of what they needed to go home, and for a moment she felt hope. They had something. It seemed to float inside of them temptingly, waiting for her to grab it. She had almost touched it before it zipped upwards just out of reach, over her head, and back towards the Alley.


From where she stood she could see Kat cluelessly marching along on the other side of the street in the opposite direction the ghost had flown off to. ”Kat!!!” A fire truck riding by made it impossible to hear her.

Great.... Should she go get Kat or chase the ghost?

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