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Posted by: Lochland Grove Admins Jun 10 2014, 03:30 PM

The Guide To LOLG

    Well hey there! You aren't from around these parts, are you? That's alright, we just wanna make sure you get yourself situated alright. Welcome to Lochland Grove, Connecticut. We're not a big town, and if you look here, you'll see some interesting information about the little place we all call home. We hope you feel right at home here, so if you ever get confused, we got our resident helpers floating around to answer any questions you might have. First thing's first, as a new member of the town, you gotta get yourself all registered. I'll take this step by step, just so there isn't any confusion.

    1. First register an OOC name. This account will be your Member account. Member accounts are used for things that are out of character such as posting an Absence or on an Activity Check. It can be linked to all player accounts, allowing you to post in any account without changing. Post here to get it’s status changed from 'unsorted' to 'Player'. It might be a good idea to check the Who's Who to make sure that your name isn’t already taken.

    2. Next register your character account. When registering, please use your first and last name in proper capitalization: John Doe. If you mess it up, don’t fret. We can fix it for you. Just send a name change request!

    3. Before you get to setting up your application, please make sure to check the claims to make sure your face and occupation aren't taken. Remember that face claim reserves last a week, and you can re-reserve twice.

    4. If you finish your app in one sitting, you can post it in the Completed Applications Forum. If you don't finish all at once, you can post it in the work in progress forum. If this is the case, please bump your app once to alert the staff you're finished. We will process apps as soon as we can, please be patient!

    5. After you have been accepted, if you haven’t already, please fill out your profile to the best of your ability. The avatar size is 200x300 and application pictures are 350x250. If you need any help you can put in a request in the Mystery Shop located in the testing boards and shops forum!

    6. Lastly, make sure to go to the claims section and post to the faceclaim, Who's Who, Housing, and Occupations (if anything on the list applies).

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