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Halloween Season is here!
From now through november

The Lochland Ghosts have appeared again. To celebrate this Halloween this year we offer a variety of fun things.

1. The haunted Halloween forum
2. A fun haunted skin
3. Festive Games
4. Ghost Hunt
5. Choose your own adventure

Welcome to Lochland Grove

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Haunted Halloween Party!
End Date: 12/09/17
Halloween has come to Lochland, and the old Richfield Family Manson welcomes everyone to attend a costume party unlike any other. The old building features a bed and breakfast, museum, and a Ballroom for celebrations.

Be warned: The Mansion is haunted! Any characters threading here are giving permission for the ghosts to play.


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October 20th
There are new ghosts AND Decision 3 is up.

October 18TH
New ghosts are hiding around Lochland. Can you find them all?.

October 16th
The Adventure continues! What happens next?.



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 Big brother, Matthew Kennedy, 36, local, bad boy
Zoe Kennedy
 Posted: Sep 24 2017, 08:52 AM

Ok, so this is Zoe’s older brother! I’ve played him briefly as an NPC in a few threads but I’m really not great at playing guys and think he’d be great as an actual character around here. There’s the potential for a lot of drama. He’s a bit of a bad boy and a troublemaker, but he does have a heart too! If you take him he’s completely yours and you’re free to do what you want with him as long as you stick to the main facts I’ll cover:

Name: Matthew Kennedy

Age: 36, born July 1981

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Up to you! He’s been in and out of work since leaving school though.

Suggested face claims: I’ll add to this if I think of more. Potentially Matt Barr. I’m open to suggestions – he does need to be blonde though.

Brief history: - Born and raised in Lochland Grove. Left home at 17 but has always lived in Lochland
- 2 younger sisters, Laila (33), Zoe (27). Nephew, Callum (6).
- Parents divorced when he was 23 after his father had an affair
- Mother has now remarried and she lives in Hartford with her husband
- Father died in April 2012 suddenly from a heart attack

Matthew was one of the most popular guys at school, but he was also a bully. One of his victim’s being Natalie’s character Kieran Hill – they’ve been enemies since the age of five. They hate each other. You can imagine how fuming Matthew is after discovering Zoe’s dating him, right?

He’s aggressive and can be violent when provoked (but never towards a woman). He’s a bit childish and not the sharpest tool in the box. Impulsive. A huge flirt and serial dater. Never had a relationship longer than four months.

Relationship with Zoe: They’re not particularly close and never have been. She’s always been a little scared of him – he did push her down the stairs once when he was fourteen and she was six, but he claims it was accident. He thinks she’s a goody two shoes but she’s his sister and he still loves her. They’ve been closer since their dad died, but they don’t spend a great deal of time with each other – usually it’s when it suits Matthew. He’s suddenly become a bit more protective of her lately – she’s finally admitted to him how her ex-boyfriend emotionally abused her so naturally he’s mad about that. Probably even more than he is about her dating Kieran – but that’s not something he’s about to let her off the hook for.

And that’s where the drama begins! I imagine he probably has a fair few secrets too, a lot of things he doesn’t tell his family about – but that’s entirely up to you.

He's appeared in the following threads: Bad blood, A little bit dangerous & Exposed

Send me a PM if you’re interested or need any more details!

Zoe Kennedy
 Posted: 1 minutes ago

Monthly bump!

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