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Beautiful buildings and sculptures made of ice glowing under a halo of fireworks? What a beautiful place for a Valentines Day Date.

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 Kina Fairbairn, 19 | Stranger | Shade
Kina Fairbairn
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 12:21 PM

Kina Ashlyn
Cashier - Plum Street Bakery, Student- Community College


Hair: -Long, Red Eyes: Green Build: Slender Height: 5'5" Attire: Usually keeps it simple- t-shirts, jeans, sneakers. Occasionally dresses up in nice sweaters and skirts.


Personality Positives: Kina is very kind and friendly. She cannot bring herself to be cold to anyone unless they give her a darn good reason. She's always someone who takes the time to help others, even if she has something she wants or needs to do. Kina is also a very musical soul. She is drawn to classic music or just beautiful music in general. She also loves playing her violin as often as she can. She loves to sing when she is busy as well. Kina is a big fan of nature, be it plants and animals. She loves taking it the nature outside, as well as spending time outside with her puppy Calan. Finally, Kina is all about eating right and staying healthy. This is evident from her dietary practices, and avoiding inhaling things like second hand smoke. To that end, Kina prefers a very active lifestyle as far as exercise goes.

Personality Negatives: Sadly, Kina can be naive in a lot of ways. She tends to take in what others say, even if they are joking around with her or, even worse, blatantly lying to her in order to manipulate her. Kina's not unintelligent by any means, given she's well-read, but she often cannot pick up on things like jokes and sarcasm. While Kina is kind, she can be very negatively vocal towards others if they do give her a reason to be upset. This usually has to do with someone smoking around children, harming/mistreating an animal, or polluting the environment. Kina can go overboard on this and open her own self up to getting into a bit of trouble. Finally, Kina can find herself breaking down a bit in stressful or frustrating situations, such as when a rude customer confronts her at her job. She often has to look to others to help handle it.


Kina Fairbairn was born in the village of Killin in Loch Tay in Scotland. She had a happy, simple childhood, and was the pride and joy of her mother and father, who owned a market in the village. She would spend the day playing about the area, and of course going to school when the time came around. She would also help her parents in the market, and when her father had some free time, he would teach her how to play the violin. Kina built an appreciation of classical music early on because of this. Since the village provided a simple life, Kina was unaware of the trials of the world... until the night when tragedy struck.

When Kina was eighteen, almost nineteen, she had been enjoying the typical life of one her age, shopping with friends and meeting boys and the like. She still helped at the market as well, and she was sent to gather some things her parents needed. While out, she met with some friends and found herself chatting. Suddenly, the clouds got dark and a big storm hit. While her friends helped get Kina to shelter, her worried parents got into their truck and went out to look for her. The storm picked up and caused the truck to hit a tree, and the crash took her parents' life. Kina was heartbroken.

At the funeral, Kina's grandparents, who had moved to the United States and Lochland Grove a few years before, offered to take her in if she was willing to move to America. They promised she could get a good job in Lochland Grove, as well as school. Kina did not want to leave her home, but she knew it was the best choice, and was off with her grandparents and the new life ahead.

Kina has been in Lochland Grove around a month. In that time, her grandparents had delivered on their promises. They got her into the community college, and got her a job at the bakery. She is there on a VISA now, but is in the process of taking her citizenship test, knowing life in America is going to last for some time.



Baked Goods- She loved her cookies and fresh bread.

Nature: Kina loves being outside and taking in nature's beauty.

Reading: Kina's a big bookworm

Classical Music: Kina loves classic music, and loves playing it on her violin.

Homemade Fruit Juice - Kina has a juicer and uses it a LOT.


Meat: She's a vegetarian

Smoke - She hates cigarette and cigar smoke, even from a distance.

Alcohol- She saw what it did to her dad, and wants no part of it.

Ego: She can't stand people who act full of themselves

Loud Music: She carried ear plugs on her just in case.


German Shepherd Puppy named Calan


Grandmother: Hannah Fairbairn

Grandfather: Gregory Campbell

© darren criss

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Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Feb 24 2018, 12:10 AM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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