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 Adult Field Trip, Tag: Alec Aldana
Alondra Vidal
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 07:39 PM


Ever since moving to Lochland, Alondra’s and her family’s lives had been quiet ones. She still partied, but she knew that everything she did affected her daughters, so she tried to keep it tame. If she had a random hook-up, it was done anywhere except her home so her daughters would never find out about her lovers or her little adventures. Her oldest, Ali, had put two and two together long ago from having seen pictures of her mom tagged in bar party pictures from nights where she’d claimed to be at work, but it wasn’t the promiscuity or fun-loving aspect of Alondra that bothered her.

For Alison, it was that she didn’t discipline enough. It was an odd thing for a child to want, but she was an odd girl already. If Alondra offered to let her stay home from school, even on days where Ali was actually sick, she received a stern look and a lecture on being responsible and honoring commitment. Ali would be the one to tell Alondra to clean up around the house if a guest was coming over. Ali made sure pots were cleaned and food was put away after each step of cooking instead of leaving it all to be done after dinner. She was particular like that.

Alondra wasn’t a bad mom in her own opinion however. Her daughters never went to bed hungry a day of their lives. They were involved in as many activities as they pleased even if Alondra had a hard time keeping up with their schedules. She had never missed a single show or school event they were in, and, most importantly, they were always kept out of harm’s way.

Whether Ali saw that or not, it didn’t matter. Alondra was only concerned with making sure her girls were growing up with everything they needed. She didn’t need any acknowledgment on Ali’s part. As long as she still felt needed by her, Alondra was happy, even when Ali texted her “urgently” to ask her to bring by her forgotten notebook.

She failed to understand how it was essential to take notes on a goddamn field trip, but that was Ali for you. As much as Alondra would love for Ali to be more like herself, she wasn’t for discouraging kids to be themselves, so she brought her the goddamn notebook just as the school bus was unloading the kids in front of the museum. She would have waved to get her daughter’s attention, but then she noticed a group of girls who looked much like Alondra had at their age make their way to surround Ali.

The tallest, with her highly inappropriate outfit, was clearly the queen bee, and led the rest of the girls into a “fun” game of monkey-in-the-middle with Alison’s glasses.

Shit. Having “mommy” come to Alison’s rescue would only hurt her reputation further. The hell could she do?

She stood there for a moment, chewing on her bottom lip as she thought of a solution that wouldn’t make Alison a target again.

Alondra's Outfit | Alison's Outfit
Alec Aldana
 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 02:43 PM

Alec rather liked being a big brother. He couldn’t do much to protect his little sister considering she was already a force to be reckoned with once she’d stopped being so shy, buy still, he liked being there for her in any way he could. He gave her advice when it came to boys, did her hair all nice when she wanted a new look, did her makeup as well, helped her with her Italian, and occasionally got her out of boring field trips if his workload was low.

‘I’m here to bust you out. Standing near the busses,’
he typed and sent the text to Cece. He waved in the distance once he spotted her and waited until she was ready, but something else caught his eye. Some poor girl was getting being the monkey in a most unfortunate game. Ugh. He would normally ignore it, but then he thought about what he would want someone in his shoes to do if it were Cece the one being messed with. He couldn’t avoid that way of thinking lately, so he did the best he could do with his ‘hot former-supermodel/classmate’s big brother status.’

Alec walked over to the group and managed to catch the water as one of the shorter bullies reached for it. “What’s going on here?” He asked, staring at the queen bee with a raised eyebrow before ignoring her as he turned the bottle around in his hand to look at its design. “This is the dog from Adveture Time, right?” He asked the victim, giving her a sweet smile. “I love that show.” He didn’t, and only knew it because he’d seen it with Cece sometime, but he knew that having a hot older guy chatting with the girl would change the bullies’ perspective of her. Nothing drastic probably, but just enough to make them feel ashamed of behaving in such a way in front of a handsome man.

He handed the bottle back to its owner and winked in a friendly way, but he knew young girls tended to melt over the smallest of gestures, and such was the case with the queen bee and her posse. “Have fun,” he added before turning to leave, already hearing an eruption of whispers. He didn’t get flattered by the attention of young girls, and found it weird when grown men did so, but he did like having the power to stop bullying even for a short time.

Cece then ran toward him with her friends, the Russel brothers, in tow, or at least one of them looked like a Russel brother. The other was one of them alright, but he was wearing the same exact outfit as Cece, and had given his black trench coat to her.

“Are you guys playing twinsies now?” Alec joked.

“Wolfgang didn’t get his permission slip signed, so he’s covering for me,” Cece explained before pulling out a wild, curly black wig out of her backpack and handing it to the boy, who then put it on and started mimicking some of Cece’s mannerisms as she spoke.

“I think the fact that he’s like forty shades whiter than you might give you guys away.” It was obvious that his lily white skin didn’t match up with Cece’s darker brown.

“Details, details. He’s got glasses, gloves and long sleeves. As long as teachers only look at him backwards, we should be good.”

After a few more sentences exchanged, Alec was convinced they were set to go and turned around with Cece, walking past a woman he didn’t really notice as he was chatting with his sister.

((Alec's Outfit))

((Cece and Wolfgang's Outfit))
Alondra Vidal
 Posted: Jan 17 2018, 04:55 PM

Alondra was thoroughly impressed by how the stranger managed to earn her daughter a few much needed popularity points. She knew her daughter didn’t care for crushes (as far as she knew), so the confusion on Alison’s face was understandable. She was probably wondering why the girls had suddenly stopped teasing her and started blushing from a strange man approaching them. This man wasn’t an authority figure by anything other than age, so what was going on here? Why would he interrupt them? Why did the girls suddenly start complimenting her thermos? Alondra wasn’t a mind reader, but she knew Ali well enough to know her thought process.

She would usually panic from seeing a grown man near her daughter, as she had when she saw Ali talking to that shady gravedigger in the middle of an otherwise empty cemetery, but this was different. He hadn’t tried to flirt with any of the girls and the interaction was short, nor did he try to lure them anywhere or hide from adults. She could see his intentions weren’t harmful.

“Hey, you two,” she said, walking over to the pair that had gone past her and tapping the man’s shoulder to get him to turn around. “I saw what you did for my daughter. Name’s Alondra.” She stretched out her hand to him with a kittenish smile. Her handshake for the younger girl wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic. This handsome man was her hero of sorts, but the girl wasn’t. She didn’t care for that one. “I wanted to thank you. I know she has a rough time in school and I never know what to do about it. I figured jumping in would only make her more of a target.”

She briefly looked the man over with no intentions of taking it further. It was difficult to flirt when people knew she had children, especially with men and their fear of commitment. They would pale as soon as she let it slip. It was ridiculous since the last thing she wanted was to bring a man into their lives, but she wouldn’t insist. In any other place, she wouldn’t have even mentioned having them, but she was at a museum on a field trip day carrying a glitter-covered notebook. There were few excuses she could come up for to explain that.

“You don’t happen to frequent the school, do you?” She teased. “I wouldn’t mind having a bodyguard nearby for my girl.” Lord knows Ali had gone through worse at school when teachers weren't close to stop it. Even if they were close they didn't always bother to do something about the obvious bullying happening. Alondra had gotten into trouble at the school more times for exacting revenge on ignorant mothers of the students than Ali's tormentors for bullying the girl in plain sight.
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