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 Help Wanted:, Personnel Needed for the Knockout Gym
Jamin Harkner
 Posted: May 7 2017, 01:16 AM

Newspaper Title
No. 24Mariet Reliable News / EditionMay 2017
Knockout Gym
The store front isn’t fancy at all because clients of the Knockout Gym are fighters and they don’t want to fight in a fancy place. They want to go into the squared circle and spar or fight. They don’t want it to be in a fancy room that looks like a lounge in someone’s mansion, where the high and mighty watch the small guy fight each other. They’re all equals here, except if you’re an inferior fighter, but the only way to know that is to get into the ring. It’s a large building as it was once an abandoned warehouse that Jamin decided to renovate into a working store front. The sign outside is in red paint, to give the idea of one’s blood and the logo is a shadow of a body on the floor.

When you walk into the building, you’ll see punching bags hanging up, along with heavy bags that they box with as well. In the center of the room is the boxing ring where there is usually always sparring or fighting going on. It is the central thing in the room. There are weights in one corner of the room where people work out on free weights. And there are several doors with signs like Private: Office, Men’s Locker Room, Women’s Locker Room. You get to the showers through the locker rooms.

News Paper Ad/extra room
This is your chance to put a help wanted ad together. If you have more positions available than can fit neatly in the last column you can put the rest here.
Positions Available
Owner's Job Description

Gym Manager (0/2) - 25
Help run the day to day affairs of the gym. Make sure Gym Assistants are doing their jobs. Make sure that our clients are being treated like the Gods they are. Customer service is always important and if Managers don’t know how to give customer service, they won’t be working here.

Trainers (0/2) - 25
Boxers and MMA fighters require trainers to help them train. If you're an experience boxer or trainer interested in helping fighters out, we want to hear from you.

Gym Assistant (0/5) - 18
Gym Assistants are anyone working at the gym who are not managers or trainers. They can be cashiers, front desk clerks, or anyone in the gym who assists the gym’s clients. The Knockout Gym employees are here to help out the clients in any way possible, but that doesn’t mean that the clients can lord over the employees in any way. Any bad behavior by employees or clients must be reported to the owner and a full investigation will be made and disciplinary action, if required, will be taken.
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