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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Kat testcode
 Posted: Feb 18 2017, 11:13 PM

Anthony 'Tony' Bryant

Pessimist, Not the smartest guy, foul mouthed, Scrapper, Nature boy, Gay, Mime.. What?

Know what? I don't care if you are intelligent or you read lots of books. There is stuff all over the place that you probably don't give a shit about 'n I like so fuck off. I don't wanna be your friend. I have all I need in the few people I trust. People in general are fucking shit 'n I'd rather be around animals than them any day. So... yeah... Whatever....

People he knows in Mariet

jem evans - co-worker and sorta friend - Working at the Spectrum means meeting lots of dudes who are into dudes. Jem is definitely one of them, but he likes chicks too. He’s the kinda guy who makes me wish i had a sister so i could tell her not to go near him. Guess Damali would work, but lately she’s been doing the college thing. Anyway, outside of the whole sleeping with people thing he isn’t too bad. He had something with Ari that I’m not sure of, but since Ari skipped town that really isn’t much of a thing. Guess I will have to wait and see what happens next. He makes a good drink ‘n I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

Adam free- co-worker and sorta friend - Adam is a wuss. Not a bad wuss, but definitely a wuss. He blushes over normal guy type convos like porn. Then again I keep meeting dudes who don’t wanna talk about porn. Isn’t that a thing though? Everybody does porn so why the fuck not talk about it? Whatever. He’s cool. A DJ at the Spectrum. I guess I don’t know him that well yet, but there’s plenty of time to find out.. or not. I don’t give a fuck. People are people ‘n most people aren’t worth knowing anyway.

Kyler Landon - Best friend- I've known ky since i was a kid. i've been in mariet my whole fucking life 'n hes always been there. he wouldn't let me play with other kids growin up but i didn't need 'em 'cause he was my best friend. Then this fucking jerk shows up 'n they go away. Think that douche is a weather man now. whatever.... i don't have to talk about him. not when i can talk about teddy. ky gave me teddy 'n then he left for years. i was alone, but thats cool 'cause he's back now. We are apartment mates. The dude is the only person who can get away with getting into my personal space.

Moses Knepp- ExBoyfriend - Dude... I was.. so... I dunno. Fuck! This guy was married, like, a million times or something. I knew he was a conartist 'n shit, but I was thinking low stuff like stealing cereal. I didn't know he was marrying girls for their money. Thats sick! One of his wives showed up at my parent's house a few days after I got out of the hospital. I was IN the hospital because some jackasses thought we were dating and beat us up. I... protected him! I got beat by a fucking bat! Turns out he ... ugh. He never showed up again after she came to the house. She said his name was, like, Jared or something. She had wedding pics 'n everything. Moe.. you.. I loved you. GAWD, relationships suck!

Damali - Exgirlfriend and close friend. - we are weird together dude. We c'n be quiet together too. She makes the most amazing food 'n if I was straight I would totally not have EVER broken up with her. She's, like, the perfect woman 'n if anyone ever makes her cry I will fucking flatten their faces. I know what happened to her when she was younger. Know it. I totally give her dad props for what he did too.

Zia Stryker - Friend - Zia has had alot of shit happen to him. ‘n I just happen to trip over it all the time. He’s been almost mugged ‘n then almost pushed down the stairs. He’s blind too ‘n his boyfriend is always hurt. I don’t think I could live like he does. Even with a cool dog I can’t see why I would want to live with all the shitty stuff. I couldn’t just lay there and take it dude. I wanna fight it. Guess you can’t fight blindness though. I try to stick around a little ‘cause I get this feeling he is gonna need me again sometime. It kinda makes me feel like a superhero, but not really.

Eddy Burks- Boyfriend of Zia - I don’t know Eddy well. The dude is usually in the hospital or getting hurt when I come around. I think he might have ties to the mafia too ‘n thats pretty creepy. He looks like a total push over. Like, It’s hard to explain just how nice he is. The dude seems to just take everything ‘n then make it sound like it’s all rosy ‘n shit. He treats Zia really well, but I kinda wonder what he’s hiding if he is running around with Italian gangsters. Seriously. What gives?

Teddy - Mime, Coolest Bear in the fucking world!! - Teddy is THE best nonhuman friend I have. If he doesn't like you then I don't like you. He's a mime like me. He's been around since I was thirteen 'n he's a collectible from somewhere over in Europe or Alaska or something. I didn't have people friends for a long time. I got beat up by bullies 'n then I was stuck working since I was 14. All I know is that I don't like people, but I got my friends 'n Teddy. That is all I need.

No longer in Mariet? That sucks

Ari (aka. Tentacle Head) - this dude used to own ink & needles. you know, the only place in town that does tattoos 'n won't leave you with an infection that swells your arm up to the size of a fucking pumpkin. So I knew this guy who was the owner of Ink N Needles. He did my first tattoo, and we kinda hit it off. It was really weird. Fucker would piss me off all the time then turn around ‘n try to flirt. He had alot of animals ‘n I really liked that. Me ‘n the the animals were pretty chill. He disappeared out of Mariet a while ago. One night I figured out why he was being such a shithead ‘n he couldn’t take it. Just ‘cause he obviously had a thing for me he couldn’t stick around? Dumb. Fucking dumb.

Luca - Close friend - He's a prostitute 'n he's a scrapper too. I got so many fucking bullies from high school that I could totally build my own football team. PFf.. because they ARE the football team. It's been months since I graduated 'n they STILL fuck with me. Luca's got my back though 'n I got his. When I wanna talk about sex hes there for me 'n He was my first time with a guy. It's cool. I feel like a dipshit for realizing I'm gay (um, duh idiot), but he's kinda cool about sitting my ass down and talking about it. It's good to have friends like that. I haven't seen him in ages. He doesn't live in that trailor he used to hang in. He doesn't answer his phone either. Guess he left.

((JUST A NOTE: I don't like doing instant histories. Roleplaying things out is the best way to go. If you want to rp let me know.))
 Posted: Feb 18 2017, 11:20 PM

Kyler Landon

Model couch, Homosexual, other stuff

Kyler is brand spanking new to the town of Lochland Grove. He rolled into town with a single bag of clothes and a mission. That mission being to cheer up his best friend Anthony Bryant. Other than buzzing around the town with Tony, Ky is free for various plotting!

He is pretty good at creating drama because he riles fairly easily, and he's good for prowling around town too... especially if it's for shopping! I'm open to all types of ideas for him so if you have anything in mind feel free to throw it out there and if you don't have ideas but still want to thread we can always come up with something together!

People he knows in Lochland

Anthony Bryant- Stuff about his friendship with tony.

Moses Knepp - Words about Moses

 Posted: Feb 19 2017, 06:45 PM

Katerina Dimov

32 year old house cleaner and laundry mat employee. Ex-wife of a serial killer still at large.

Kat is a loner and a protector. She would give her life for the people she cares for, but rarely lets them in. She’s not sweet. She’s not cuddly. Yet the sound of a heart beat calms her like nothing else can. There is something about life that she finds very beautiful. It’s fragility is precious, and in the world she lives in there is always a chance that the next friend she makes will be gone tomorrow. It leaves her with a sense of wariness. For the sake of people around her she appears more prickly than she actually is. At the end of the day a person’s life is more important to her than their good will.

Time bomb. Kat considers herself a time bomb. Any day now her ex is going to show up in town and start making people disappear. He needs her to get the the best high so he follows her like a shadow. It is only a matter of time until he comes to Mariet. The less people know her the better; the closer the acquaintance the more likely they will be one of his next victims.,

She has a gun. She has no fear of using it either. The bullets are for her ex. Don’t encourage her to waste them.

I'd love to see her meet people. It's hard for her to talk to men, but she is attracted to them. People she manages to meet:

Josephine 'Jo' Benson and Sheena Zan
These two women are the most important people in her life outside of a little girl they take care of named 'Elizabeth'. They are survivors of abuse who rose above it with the help of eachother. She would lay down her life for either of them.
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 02:21 AM

The Magician

Former Co-worker of Minuit Estelle

NO REQUIRED PLAYBY | Mid to late thirties | Stage Magician

REQUIRED CHARACTERISTICS: Driven, A bit of a push-over, Friendly, Imaginative, Charismatic, Optimist, a sucker

History with Minuit Estelle

-Friendly guy in high school, made friends and got a few dates with some good cardtricks.

-goes to college, and has a part time job doing magic tricks for parties and bars

-quits school to pursue a career as a stage magician.

-gets suckered by his first instructor, but stumbles on his (future ex)girlfriend who helps him get real instruction.

-girlfriend talks him into starting a show. They reach minor popularity in New York.

-Figures out girlfriend has a drug habit. Their relationship becomes rocky and continues on and off for YEARS.

-Loses self-esteem and confidence after years of a rocky relationship and barely keeping food on the table. Maybe he should get a real job?

-Girlfriend runs off with her drug dealer. He’s In his early thirties and feels like he’s lost control of his life.

-Starts putting on shows with volunteers from the audience.

-During a show in 2015 he meets Minuit Estelle when she catches her eye in the audience.

-Best show ever. She’s sexy, plays to the audience, and gives his show a new vibe.

-Invites Minnie back stage and pursues her for a business proposition; she accepts.

-New Show, new assistant! He starts to feel good about what he does again.

-Begins to feel stupidly attached to her. It isn’t love, but it’s definitely a crush.

-Automatically says yes when Minnie starts changing the act. Adds burlesque to the show.

-Minnie talks him into hiring friends of hers to the show; Aerial dancers, burlesque, belly dancing.

-Feels like a whole new man. Goes out with his co-workers and gets a tattoo.

-The new adult show is a true hit! Bigger shows, more costumes, everything feels great!

-Minuit wins her lawsuit against her sister and gives her two weeks notice.. wait, what?!

-Offers Minuit a contract, anything. It’s been 2 years and he has feelings for her, but she won’t accept them. She’s completely professional. Did he mean anything to her?

-Continues his show without her, but the spark isn’t there for him.

-Realizes he needs her. He wants her as his assitant and he wants her in his life.

-Moves the show to a tiny town called Lochland Grove, where he knows she owns the local strip club.

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