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 After The Storm, Asher Whitmore
Daryl Mason
 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 05:47 PM

The way she was runnin from door ta door, Daryl probably looked like a wild woman. She was kinda surprised she hadn’t been smacked with a baseball bat. All it would take was one jittery soul ‘n she’d probably have some bruises she wouldn’t see till the power came back. Her eyes ‘n ears were listenin fer somethin, anythin. There were sirens in the distance.

Hurrican Caroline may have passed, but it wasn’t over yet.

Bouncin atheletic-like from door ta door, she hoped that every soul was okay. That nothin was burnin down. That all pets were accounted for. East Lochland was a pretty little place with it’s new houses ‘n well tripped yards. Didn’t make it any less hurricane proof, but it was still pretty. Her adjusted eyes could make out the fallen branches of trees ‘n occasionally other bits ‘n pieces of who knew what. If anythin was wrong she was ready ta help. ”So far so good.”The wind was a bit on the cold side, but then again she wasn’t wearin a jacket. Just an ugly ol t-shirt ‘n some jeans she’d been usin for heavy work. Wasn’t the best stuff fer runnin, but it did alright when there was liftin ta do.. if there was liftin ta do.

Exhalin softly as she knocked on another door, she reached into her back pocket ta make sure her work gloves were still there, the unused flashlight on her wrist swayed back ‘n forth, slappin her thigh. The raindrops comin down were at lest gentle. It was hard ta tell if they were fallin from the trees or the sky itself. ”Still there.” She murmured quietly, reaching up to knock one more time. ”Helloo?” She called, figurin she better make sure. ”Just a friendly neighbor checkin in after the storm.” ‘Storm’ felt a bit safer. Might as well keep the panic to a minimum.

Asher Whitmore
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 07:31 PM

Asher was glad that the storm was over. A lot of people came to the hospital for a safe shelter. Asher was glad that they were smart enough to think of that. Everything was semi under control and Asher was finished his shift and wanted to go around the residential area close to the hospital to check on people, especially the elderly and the handicapped.

Asher thought that if he rode his horse that he kept in a nearby stable he could cover more ground faster. He wanted to check on his horse, Diamond anyway.

Asher rode through the neighborhoods closest to the hospital. He was wearing boots and an old raincoat. He didn’t look very much like a doctor. He had an extra raincoat in case someone needed it.

Asher made his way to east Lochland. He looked for pets that might be lost and afraid. He had his medical bag hanging over his saddle. Asher saw a lady who was wet from the rain. She was also looking for stranded people. “Hi there, I’m doctor Whitmore, I’m also looking for people who might need help or any medical assistance. May I be of help?”

Asher thought he heard someone in the house say that they needed help to get out. “I’m doctor Whitmore from the hospital. Hold on, we’ll get you out. Are you injured?”

Daryl Mason
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 08:35 PM

Her voice was as sweet as apple pie, but her mind was all business. Daryl needed to know everyone was alright. She was a protector by nature ‘n even when she wasn’t workin she was lookin out for others. Durin the hurricane she’d been with her brother Ryo ‘n she swore she’d heard somethin. Somethin large. It had her out here now in the rain without a coat ‘n it would worry her till she had a sure sign that it was just thunder that made that awful crash. She headed ta the next house with a light jog, givin up on runnin when she realized that coverin the whole darn neighborhood would wear even her out.

With no sound, she headed ta the next house then another. Daryl needed ta know everyone was alright. The woman was a protector by nature ‘n even when she wasn’t workin she was lookin out for others. Her brother Ryo was gonna give her quite the lecture when she got back. He’d probably take one look at her clothes ‘n throw a load of towels at her.


The thought had her smilin as she stopped ta knock on the next house. There was a sound, but it was light ‘n she didn’t have much time ta think ‘bout it ‘cause she turned ‘round ta see a horse. A HORSE!? ”The Hell?!?” They just had a hurricane ‘n someone brought a damned horse out of their stables. Was it on fire!? Hi there, I’m doctor Whitmore, I’m also looking for people who might need help or any medical assistance. May I be of help?” She composed herself best seh could. That animal looked like it could go skittish any second. Why was he ridin it on the pavement? This wasn‘t good fer the animal at all.“Mother of pearl! Why would you take that animal out in this kinda weather? “ She could hear the sound of shoes, which didn’t make her any happier. Sure, better on the hooves, but it made things slick. “We just had a violent storm, doctor. It’s still wet.” Was he nuts?

A sound behind her caught her attention ‘n she turned ‘round ta put her ear ta the door. ”Hello? We hear ya inside” Daryl cursed quietly to herself, wind pickin up just enough ta make things sound worse than they probably were. That mighta been a call fer help. “I’m doctor Whitmore from the hospital. Hold on, we’ll get you out. Are you injured?” The six foot tall former ranch owner tried ta keep her mind where it belonged. ”Can we come inta yer house? Just want permission.” The door was locked, and she wasn’t ‘bout ta start vandalizin.

That was a yes.

”Don’t try hurtin yerself on the door. Neither of us has the right tools ta take down a front door. Ah’m gonna scout the back of the house.” She called, waving. ”Nice ta meet ya, Doctor Whitmore. Ah’m Ms Mason. Former Lochland Firechief. Don’t let go of that horse or ya might find him somewhere else in Lochland County.” She winked, joggin ta the back of the house. Daryl could hardly keep herself tagether when she saw it; a massive tree had come down ‘n right ontop of the buildin. Her eyes looked it over with worry, notin how it puntured the roof ‘n the wall. ”oh.. boy." This was way above what she could do on her own. "Doc,call 911. We need some professionals in here.” She’d hoped it was just some scared Lochland citizens afraid of some ‘booms’ ‘n maybe some roof damage. This was way past her civilian level. ”There’s a darn tree through the house.” Times like this made her wish she was back on the force, but she couldn’t. Priorities ‘n all that.

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