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Holidays are important in Lochland Grove. It is no wonder the community is buzzing over Little Halloween; a celebration of the town's bravery in the face of serial killer Robert Lewis.

Now that Lewis's copy cat is behind bars, does Little Halloween hold new meaning? What of the approaching Hurricane Caroline?

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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 I'll Lead You Home, Ry's Tracker
 Posted: Feb 26 2017, 08:49 PM

~~Kyler's Past Threads~~
--'Catching Up' w/ Tony
When Ky first returns to Mariet after moving to Washington with his family, he runs into Tony and it takes them a while to recognize each other
--'Dinner at Donna's' w/ Tony
Ky and Tony have dinner and reminisce
--'Driving Mr. Landon' w/Tony
Ky opens up to Tony about why he doesn't drive with passengers
--'Sleepover Disaster' w/ Tony and Moses
Probably the most awkward sleep over in history.
--'Skateboards and Crushes' w/ Tony
Ky and Tony go skateboard shopping and afterwards Ky drags Tony along for a 'chance encounter' with Kazuo Ueda
--'Prom Shopping' w/ Tony
Ky takes Tony tux shopping and tries to avoid talking about how he got a black eye
--'Hard Days Night' w/ Tony
Ky finds out Tony got jumped and has to get over his fear of driving other people to get the injured skater home
--'Best Friends' w/ Tony
Tony is sick and grounded, Ky brings him cheez-itz and they reminisce about their childhood
--'Welcome Home' w/ Tony
Ky returns to Mariet and finds Tony is on crutches
--'Cause and Effect' w/ Tony
Ky finds out about Tony's tattoo and their broken shower
--'Nice of You To Join Us' w/ Tony
After a night of worrying because Tony didn't come home, Ky drags him out to get a new phone
--March 9. 2013
Ky remembers that he hates Moses when Tony calls and tells him that the guy is fine just an asshole who disappeared
--December 30, 2013
Tony calls to tell him that Mariet flooded and was destroyed
--January 2, 2014
Ky finds out Tony is safe in Lochland Grove, but he's living with Moses
--March 6, 2014
Tony tells Ky about his scholarship
--August 23,2014
Tony checks in a week before school starts
--May10, 2016
Tony tells Ky he's thinking about taking a break from school
--October 12, 2016
Ky finds out Tony is living in a tent
--November 4, 2016
Tony lets Ky know he's moving into an apartment

--'Let Me In' w/ Tony and Lenny
Kyler shows up at Tony's new apartment unannounced and very loud; Tony and Lenny wake up grumpy and Tony ends up carrying Ky away so him and Lenny don't attack each other.
--'Play Nice ~M~' w/ Lenny
Kyler and Lenny are left without Tony's supervision. They argue some, get way too drunk and things get sexual
--'Whiskey Is The Devil' w/ Tony
After drinking with Lenny, Kyler is suffering from a hangover. Luckily Tony is there to take care of him, and they make plans to see the town when Tony is off next.
--'Curiosity Knows No Bounds' w/ Lenny
After days of avoiding each other Ky and Lenny come face to face for the first time since their drunken night. They fight, work it out, fight, and work it out again, then decide to go shopping because Ky can't believe Lenny thinks it's hard.
--'All That I've Got' w/ Kade
Dead Thread
--'What is a Kissing Booth?' w/ Isa
dead thread
--'Where Chaos Abounds' w/ Uriah
Ky stops a run away cat and has a quick chat with the owner.
--'Not Our Town' w/ Tony
Tony and Kyler tour Lochland
--'Ready, Set, Shop!' w/ Lenny
Ky and Lenny go shopping at Trudy's to get Lenny some new clothes, things get a little too steamy in the dressing room and they are asked to leave with no new clothes except for the underwear Lenny accidentally stole.
--'Testing' w/ Lenny
Lenny finally gets his license! Ky takes him to lunch to celebrate.
--'My Right To Be Jealous' w/ Lenny
After Ky gets jealous of Lenny spending the night with someone else, they admit that they feel something for each other and decide to figure out their feelings together. Ky tries to have his cake and eat it too by snuggling both Lenny and Tony which creates a disagreement between him and Tony.
--'Pages From the Past' w/ Columban Clery
dead thread
--'The Weirdest Dream' w/ Lenny and Tony
Ky comes home to find Lenny passed out on the couch fresh from the hospital. Ky freaks out over the fact that Lenny got beat up and when Tony comes back with Lenny's meds things get a little hairy between Ky and Tony. They smooth things over well enough and manage to get Lenny into bed without any further injuries.
--'You'll Find Me Reflecting-Solo
Ky does some reflecting on a morning.
--The Wonderful World of Ikea w/ Lenny
Ky and Lenny go to Ikea to buy new furniture for the bedroom and stop for food at the restaurant on their way out. They ended up getting into a fight over when Ky pried a little too hard and Lenny storms out. They come to an agreement and head home to plan where they're putting the new furniture.
--'We All Fall Down' w/ Kiefer Carter
dead thread
--Kris Reznik
--Happy Haunted Reunion w/ Lenny
Ky comes home from his weekend in New York and after being reunited with Lenny he haas a nightmare that sparks a fight.
--'Smashing Introductions' w/ Dorien Spade
After accidentally breaking Ky's car window Dorien agrees to owe him a favor in exchange for not having to stick around and deal with the cops since he had alcohol on his breath.

 Posted: Mar 16 2017, 01:38 PM

~~Preston's Current Threads~~

~~Preston's Past Threads~~
--'Blind Elegance' w/ Nikolai
Preston enjoys a blind date with Nikolai and they decide to meet up again for spelunking.
--'Where the World Ends' w/ Nikolai
Preston shares his love for exploring with Niko and everything goes smoothly until a noise startles the mute and he clings to Niko in an action that brings both of them to the floor. They agree that they're both okay and head home for showers with a plan to reconvene later for a movie.
--'Date Night Routine' w/ Nikolai
Pres and Niko follow up their exciting adventure with a relaxing movie and some rated 'r' special features.
--'Writing the Lines' w/ Teagan
Preston meets Teagan at the cemetery.
-- 'No Better Than This' w/ Jamin
dead thread
--'Saturday Morning Watch' w/ Dani
Pres meets a really nice police officer, Dani, who signs with him!
--'The Trespasser' w/ Saul Quinner
dead thread
--'Mind Your Time Here' w/ Teagan Landry
Pres and Teagn meet in the cemetery again. Teagan gives Pres some origami foxes and they have a good talk.
--'Bee on the Lookout for Ivy' w/ Graz
Pres and Graz go looking for the campground only to be chased by bees through poison ivy and into a leech infested lake.

 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 04:01 PM

~~Abel's Past Threads~~
--'The Nectar of the Gods' w/ Jamin
Abel gets into a bar fight with Jamin and knocks the guy out after Jamin attempts to put him in a chokehold
--'Old Friends New Times' w/ Colt
While working Abel finds out his best friend from high school is back in Lochland! They make plans to get into some future trouble.
--'The Language of Cars' w/ Mathias
Dead Thread
--'A 'Mother's' Touch' w/ Elena
dead thread
--'Food and Cheer and Song' w/ Ezekiel Goldstien
dead thread
--'When Trouble Comes Knocking' w/ Colt and Jamin
dead thread
--'No Place for Heroes' w/ Bernard Tankevwe
On behalf of his brother Abel ends up in a bar fight with Tank
--'Apology Plus' w/ Bernard Tankevwe
In an attempt to make amends for the bar fight Abel invites Tank over for some drinks and they end up screwing. Tank left the following morning before Abel woke up but he left his phone on Abel's wrist.
--'Splash' w/ Lenny Neroni
Abel runs into an old fling at the fitness center. Turns out the guy is taken and Abel has to keep his hands to himself but the conversation was nice and Lenny still ended going home in Abel's shirt
--Better Than Taco Tuesday w/ Alec Aldana
Abel and Alec meet at Old Rose and head to Abel's for a hook up... or two.
--'What in the Hay...Bale' w/ Colt
Colt and Abel, with a few others, decide to go camping and get really drunk. Abel tries to jump over a moving hay bale and then ends up sharing a tent, and a little, more with Colt.
--Put It Down On Me w/ Katheryn King
Dead Thread
--All Bids Are Off w/ Tank
A charity auction bid wins Abel some pretty sexy company in the form of Tank. They talked and got to know some things about one another and ended up snagging the room Filly booked about halfway through dinner because Abel couldn't contain himself any longer.
--'Harmless Hello' w/ Minuit Estelle
in between spending time with Tank and keeping an eye on Catie, Abel runs into a devilishly charming woman at the charity ball.
--'Parks and Misconceptions' w/ Dorien Spade
Abel and Dor take nieces and nephew to the water wars! They have a great time and confuse an older woman who thinks they make a good couple
--'Nice guys Ride B****' w/ Dorien Spade
A group ride through Lochland turns into a gas station romp when one of the others lays down his bike and Dor and Abel have to share.
--'Birthday Shenanigans' w/ Catie, Riley, Colt, Dor
--Some 'Plum' Bad Luck w/ Anthony Bryant
A motorcycle accident leads Tony being Abel's fake boyfriends as Abel tries to not have his family alerted to the incident. A short visit to the hospital and one cast later, Tony agrees to stay the night and keep an eye on Abel
--A 'Boyfriend' to Remember' w/ Tony
The first night of Tony's nursing duties goes pretty smoothly with the exception of Abel nearly taking both of them on a tumble. Tony got him situated and promised to return after some errands
--'Care 'Package'' w/ Dor
Dorien pops in after Abel's accident with only the purest of intentions... which lasted all of five seconds. Naughty things ensued, followed by some sweet treats that Mama Spade sent over and then some more screwing and was it just Abel or did Dorien kinda haul ass outta there?
--Shafted w/ Dor
After an exciting night of getting hammered and then stuck in an elevator, where Dorien gets a first-hand experience with Abel's well hidden PTSD, the pair have an interesting morning. Abel feels racked with guilt over making Dor upset his injured arm and very obviously flees the situation with a poor excuse while Dorien wrestles with his own innertermoil.
--Anything For the Grade w/ Jorge Cervantes
Abel goes to ask for a due date extension for his brother and ends up flirting with the professor. Leaving with the promise of emailing to guy to set up a time for drinks
--'Follow Up Flirt' w/ Jorge Cervantes [e-mail thread]
Arrangements are made to meet for drinks and Abel sends some naughty images
--'Rendezvous +1' w/ Jorge Cervantes
One drink turns into an Uber ride back to Abel's place where he and Jorge get it on. After a bit of sleep and an attempt at breakfast, things start heating up again when Abel's brother walks in and kills the whole mood. Jorge leaves shortly after with no promise of future friskiness... but he didn't say no either.

 Posted: Jul 10 2017, 05:09 PM

~~Catie's Past Threads~~
--'Checking Off the List' w/ Frankie
Frankie and Catie catch up at the supermarket
--'The Way We Were' w/ Colt
Catie is meeting a customer to discuss plans for a private even and it turns out being her ex. Things are a little weird but not unbearable.
--'Pre-show Jitters' w/ Colt
Catie finds out that Colt is also signed up for the annual charity auction. They end up having a moment before the bidding starts that leaves her with a lot of questions.

 Posted: Nov 21 2017, 07:38 PM

 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 02:18 AM

~~Theo's Past Threads~~
--'Connections and Coffee' w/ Uriah Sutton
His very first day in Lochland is started with a pleasant business meeting with Mr. Sutton to discuss the plans for building a website. They agree to meet in a week to view the completed site.
--'Not What it Looks Like' w/ Alec Aldana
Theo gets mistaken for someone named Rhys and plays along with the confusion and has an interesting conversation with a man he learns is Alec Aldana. The meeting is left with a multitude of question in his head
--'Men of Mystery and Me' Solo
Theo finds out, accidentally, about Alec's risque modeling past and a few other rumors about drugs that can't be proven. He spends a lot of the night digging up information on his look-alike, Rhys Abernathy, and could probably publish a biography on the man now but still has so many questions.
--'Mind Your Wallet' w/ Charles Red Fish
Theo gets distracted from a walk by watching a street performer who ends up trying to steal his rather expensive watch. He ends up getting startled and ends up toppling himself and the performer into a puddle feels guilty and offers to let the other clean up at his place.
--'Unfamiliar Territory' w/ Charles Red Fish
True to his word, Theo brings Charles to his place to get cleaned up and pay him for the watch. As the night unravels Charles discovers Theo has some dark hobbies and wants a piece of the action, to which Theo only agrees after digging into Charles' past.
--'No Secrets in Business' Solo
Theo uncovers the secrets of Charles' past with the help of his savvy hacking skills.
— Uriah
--'The List Goes On' w/ Charles Red Fish
A shopping expedition to get Charles some new things for business ends with a curious twist. The pair part ways with Charles being a bit withdrawn and Theo feeling a bit guilty.
’The Truth in the Eyes’ Solo
Theo meet a... hm, intimidating and surprisingly charismatic man who he later discovers is his grandfather. He learns that, not only does he have a grandfather he never knew, he is evidently the twin of the infamous Rhys Abernathy and his new ‘friend’ Giles would like Theo to impersonate his supposed brother. The offer was made with the agreement of giving the Dane some time to think things over.

 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 09:35 PM

~~Ryo's Current Threads~~
*'Fingers Under Contract' w/ Rhys Abernathy

~~Ryo's Past Threads~~

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