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 It's in the Cards, Dorien Spade
Jaqueline Zimman
 Posted: Feb 9 2018, 06:38 PM

Jackie liked to find out things about people, maybe more than what would be acceptable in the “getting to know each other” stage of a date. She didn’t ask what his deepest fears were over drinks, but she did analyze each and every word that came from his mouth, at least while they weren’t dancing. Of course, Jackie wasn’t a great dancer, so she had to get a few drinks in before actually hitting the dance floor so she wouldn’t look like a total dork.

Hopefully, Dorien wouldn’t mind that she might’ve gotten a bit handsy. She didn’t mean it for it to be sexual exactly, not that she opposed to it being that way if Dorien went for that, but she was just a very tactile person. She could cuddle with friends the same way one would with a partner, and didn’t even flinch if a friend were to hold her hand while walking. She felt it was a nice connection to have.

Not too long into the date, she realized that she and Dorien didn’t seem to have much in common, which was fine. It seemed that they were both only looking for a good time with not all that much of conversation. The last thing she wanted after Mira was a serious relationship anyway, but one thing she did want for sure was to pound that ass.

What? He had a nice ass and she liked to top.

She’d asked for the other to take her home eventually to stop herself from having one too many drinks and leaving the club having lost her skirt. Not even because of sexual reasons, but because she was prone to nudity as a way of combating the patriarchy or something like that. Same reason why she refused to wear underwear.

She’d hinted they might fool around as well, though there were more important matters to attend to first.

“Want to come up and get your cards read?” She asked with a smile as he parked in the lot to her apartment complex, unbuckling her seatbelt. Her legs had been crossed during the ride, hiking up slightly at her thigh to reveal the faint lines of her leg tattoos through the somewhat sheer tights she had on. She would have layered more as he suggested if she didn’t have tattoos, but since she did, she liked to display them because that’s what tattoos were for.

She got out of the car after getting his reply and walked out, carrying her jacket on her arm because she didn’t feel like putting it back on just for the few steps she needed to take to get to the entrance. Okay, maybe she regretted it as soon as the cold air hit her skin but instead of caving in and putting it on, she just rushed towards the entrance in a half-jog, opening the door for Dorien and pretending like the bounciness in her legs was totally natural and not at all her trying to warm up as she waited for him to walk through.

Dorien Spade
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 12:31 AM

It had been a night full of fun, dancing, and some light drinking. Even if it didn't get a 'happy ending' he had absolutely no complaints for how he had spent his night.

Did he want to come up and have his cards read? No, not really, honestly. But if it lead to, say, reading the lines of her sheets, sure! But then again the idea was somewhat appealing, even if on a novelty level. His attention had been grabbed not only by her words after he had parked his truck, but the slight scrunching of her skirt to reveal that tattoo. He stared somewhat shamelessly before looking up with a bright smile but mischievous smile, "Yeah, let's see what the cards say."

He shut off the engine and popped his door open, feeling the chill immediately but deciding to leave his coat in the car. He closed the door, locked it all up, and jogged after Jackie to the stoop of her apartment, where she were holding the door open for him. He noticed the little bounce in her step and smirked a little as he past her, then stopped and turned in the hallway so that she could lead the way. He'd made a mental note of her apartment number- it wasn't far from Filly's apartment and he found himself wondering if they'd crossed paths before without him realizing it.

On a somewhat random note, his chest itched and it still somewhat stung from the tattooing work she'd done on him earlier. He was able to mostly ignore it although he did place a hand gently on his chest as she pass by in the lead. "How long have you been reading cards, again?" He cast a curious look around before his attention settled on the sway of her hips, traveled down to her thighs, grazed her calfs, and then started up once again.


Jaqueline Zimman
 Posted: Mar 15 2018, 09:22 PM

Once the door closed behind them, she relaxed in the warm air of the building and led her way to her door. "How long have you been reading cards, again?" “I’ve been studying it since I was a kid, reading since I was a teenager,” she said before turning back to unlock her apartment. As soon as she cracked the door open, a greeting in the form of a soft ‘meow’ sounded followed by a bald cat poking its head through .

“Hi baby,” she cooed, bending down to pick the cat up. “This is my cat, Po,” she added, holding up the cat for Dorien to greet. It was the infamous Sphynx, a luxurious yet infamous breed of cat that she found precious in every way. His big eyes looked up at Dorien with an intense stare that people swore would penetrate their souls.

“Come on in, and please take your shoes off,” she added, gesturing at the shoe rack by the door before she slipped off her boots once Dorien closed the door behind him.

With the lights on, Dorien could see her impressive collection of erotica, from posters of feminist erotic films to small tit tree statues on the shelves. Not all of it was porn -er, erotica, but it was enough to make a person uncomfortable if they considered themselves modest.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, grabbing Po. “Help yourself to some chips,” she added, setting down a bag of kale chips on the kitchen table before grabbing a handful and taking it with her to the bedroom to eat, leaving Dorien to either look at the erotic art or look away.

She set the cat down on her pillow, giving him a well-deserved pet and his favorite toy to keep him entertained while she did her reading, because who could get a proper reading done if there was extra energy in the room? She then grabbed a plain black box and closed the door behind her, placing the box on the kitchen table.

“This is one of my old decks. I haven’t used them in a while, but they should work,” she commented as she knocked on the pile and started shuffling. “I had them custom-made by an old friend of mine after we collaborated on a comic and I totally fell in love with his art.” She spoke of this fondly of course, regardless of whether Dorien was interested or not.

“Is there something in particular you would like to know, or maybe just a general guidance on your life?” She was clearly excited for this session, and it was apparent in her voice as well as the speed of her shuffling.
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