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 Help Wanted, Java Star
Aleksandra Petrova
 Posted: Sep 13 2017, 01:02 PM

The Lochland Times
Vol. 01, No. 1Lochland's Most Reliable NewsSeptember 2017
Java Star
Java Star is a coffee shop that also specializes in baked goods. The prices are extremely low and many people have been quoted as saying not only are the prices much better then Starbucks but the drinks, food, and service is so much better as well. The store opened in Lousiana in 2013 but due to a flood it was relocated here in Lochland Grove in 2014. The little shop flourished and had many regulars that were constantly returning.

In 2015 a businessman approached the owner and paid for her to open a chain of shops around the nation. She kept soul owner ship. So she traveled around in early to mid 2015 opening shops around the nation. The first one being in the refurbished building it started in in Lousiana. The homemade and handmand cookies are the shops pride though the make cake pops and crosaints and such as well. They have all kinds of different coffee as well as a 'flavor of the month' that they create and build themselves.

In total there are currently 7 shops scattered across the nation is small towns like Lochland. They will also give a free cookie or cakepop to anyone they think needs it.
Mini Menu
Drinks vary from $1 up to $2.50. If you stay in and drink you receive the shops special in house design mugs to drink out of that has their signature logo on it. They have hot and cold drinks and drinks that cater to children as well. As well as a 'Drink of the Month' that typically is theme to holidays or seasons the month falls in.

Java Star also has the most delectible sweets. Everything from Chocolate chip cookies to Macaroons to Apple Pie. They sell everything as a slice or single so that there is enough for everyone. They have cupcakes of the day as well. The prices on these vary from as low as $.50 to as high as $1.50.

Java Star also has specials that they sell as well. They have cake pops and Aleks' Homemade Chocolate Chip Chunk Cookies as well as Iced sugar cookies that are made fresh everyday and all day. They also sell these items by the box. Usual box can be mixed but they as typically 12-36 per box unless otherwise stated. But dont be surprised if there is a few extra goodies inside the box as a thank you. The box of sweets is $5.00 being the most expensive thing though they sometimes lower it because they want to.

Java Star also gives out free items to people as they see fit. It you do not wish for your child to have the sweet please let us know and we will refrain from doing so. They also give free samples to adults as seen fit.
Positions Available
Aleksandra Petrova is 'CEO' of Java Star coffee shops. She is not your typical CEO that doesnt step foot in her shop. She is always helping. Although she does most everything expected of her such as book keeping and pay she has help from the other store managers from the other shops as they do their own pay and just send it to Aleks to finish and sign off. She plays the roll of barista, trainer when needed, and baker. She's constantly doing something behind the scenes or greeting customers around the table while filling their mugs.

Manager(0/2) - 21 years old
Managers take control of the shop when Aleks has the day of or needs to step away for personal business. They run the scenes when she's not around. There is a morning Manager and an Evening Manager.

Barista(0/7) - 18/19 years old
The baristas make the drinks and greet the customers and have a general upbeat attitude. You dont need any prior knowledge because you will be train on the job and get paid for it. We perfer you to not be in high school.

Servers(0/5) - 18/19 years old
The servers are basically just the ones that go around and greet the customers and refill coffee or even deliver coffee to places that call in orders and are unable to come get them. This is mostly for just business and multiple drinks must be ordered for this. Servers do alot around the shop though everyone does a little bit of everything.

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single || mother || CEO of java star coffee shops || accomplished author || twenty-eight
Java Star November Menu
Life Defined by Aleksandra Petrova
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