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Loves is in the air and Lovematch.com is back to spread it around. If you are curious what to do this Valentine's Day then look no further than the front page of The Lochland Times.

Craziness continues through the town. Some is funny, some is political and some is just plain weird.

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The Ice Festival

Beautiful buildings and sculptures made of ice glowing under a halo of fireworks? What a beautiful place for a Valentines Day Date.

Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink from last year has returned. Ice Cream Dream will be selling hot drinks at the door. When you get cold why not stop for a treat?


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February 8th
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 The grass is greener, Tag: Charlotte Williams
Mathias Falk
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 12:46 AM

"It's not only that you won't be able to touch the ground even if I put the seat right down, I have a bike with a big frame so the reach will be way to big and the bars will be to wide. If you like we could always go shopping for a bike for you, then if we want to go for a ride together in the future we can." Mathias would be quite happy to buy her a road bike if she wanted one, even if it only got used every so often. He himself had several here, some he used more than others, depending on what one he felt like using. Emil had several bikes here as well that he used.

"I'm always ready. How many laps are we doing?" He said with a grin, as she got herself into position on the wall ready for the little race. Normally doing frontcrawl he would have gotten out and dived in, but seeing as it wasn't a serious race he decided not to. Instead he got into a similar position to her, feet pressed against the wall and one hand gripping the edge.

"Ready? On three, three, two, one, go!" He wasn't even being properly competitive, despite how she was. He was lazy with his start and stroke, keeping it relaxed. However he still did a flip turn at the end, cheating slightly and surfacing back again half way down the pool.

He wasn't fond of doing laps in the indoor pool, he preferred the larger outdoor pool. The larger outdoor pool had been built by him with lap swimming in mind, so he had made it a good length. This indoor pool was more for relaxation and fun, however he did have an underwater treadmill in it. It had been installed after that accident in 2013 and had been a huge help for recovery, and now he still liked to use it for running because he found running on land to hard on his joints.

Mathias was keeping an eye on Charlotte, still keeping his pace lazy and letting her stay in front. Cheating once again by staying underwater longer, this time managing an entire length, popping up after he had done a flip turn.


Pierre Bauer
Mathias Falk

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