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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Rhys Abernathy, 26 | Stranger | Riva
Rhys Abernathy
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 03:21 AM

Rhys Evander
birth date
Historic Conservation Expert


Being the quiet sort most wouldn't give Rhys a second glance. He stands just at 5' 7” and from first glance he doesn't appear to be very intimidating. His thin body, dark brown hair and glasses aren't exactly the makings of a storybook hero. Rhys is a clean cut sort of young man- his face is always shaven and his hair always trimmed neat and short. The only feature that may cause one to stop and look again would have been his eyes, a sharp green.

His wardrobe for summer consists of light brown slacks and off-white long sleeved, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled above the elbow. In winter it is usually accented with a wool double breasted coat, scarf, gloves, and a hat. Should he ever remove his shirt Rhys normally wears a combination of a white tank top and suspenders beneath it. He doesn’t seem to understand when most people tell him his style is very much like a ‘Old Man’s’.

Rhys' never goes shirtless, in fact it’s even rare that he showers in the nude. The few in his life who had ever seen him in the nude would comment that he actually is as thin as he looks. While the lower curve of his ribs are visible he is perfectly healthy- his narrow build is nothing but lean muscle, which keeps him from appearing sickly. At a guess one could place Rhys at roughly One hundred and forty three pounds as far as weight is concerned.

A single tattoo marks his skin aside from a handful of freckles that sprinkle his chest and back. It is a linework image of a Dissected Big Bad Wolf, young riding hood nestled inside of it's open body as if the girl had only drifted off into a peaceful sleep within the wolf's carcass It is void of color except for the girl's hood, which wraps her shoulders. Circling the wolf in a oval that reaches from the nape of Rhys' neck to the curve of his rear is a finely written text that reads,

“Little girls, this seems to say,

Never stop upon your way.

Never trust a stranger-friend;

No one knows how it will end.

As you're pretty, so be wise;

Wolves may lurk in every guise.

Handsome they may be, and kind,

Gay, or charming-- Never mind!

Now, as then, 'tis simple truth---

Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth!”

The last two and most important things (to Rhys at least) that completes his look, clothed or nude, are the thin-rimmed silver toned glasses that sit upon his nose and the white gold college ring on his right ring finger. The ring has a large garnet in the center, on one side is a family crest and the other a open book with a small globe above it.


Rhys' is a quiet person. He will rarely ever be the one to approach someone new to strike up a conversation or just to meet new people in general. He prefers to just sit back and watch the world and all the people in it from a comfy spot in the local coffee shop. Being a Loner isn't reserved for bad boys and rebels. Rhys not only enjoys his solitude but he needs it- if he's thrust into social situations too often he will become cranky and irritable. Large groups tend to make the man nervous and being put on the spot could possibly be anxiety inducing. That's not to say that all social interaction will put the young man on edge- but he could certainly be the last man on Earth and not get overwhelmingly lonely.

If someone were to approach him and try to strike up a conversation it would depend on who they were and what Rhys had been doing at the time as to how he responds. He will normally be polite and, unless it pertains to work, Rhys would likely leave the conversation as soon as possible to avoid too much interaction.

Rhys also doesn't do well with confrontations. He will back down from them every time, keeping his opinions and any arguments to himself at the first sign of a disagreement. Physically if anyone was to attack he would hesitate to defend himself, instead he would try and talk his way out of physical confrontations. Rhys will only defend himself if things start taking a turn for the worse- he will stand up to the attacker if it were anyone weaker than himself being targeted, though only if no one else stepped up first. Even then the young man would try and talk things to a cool point, physically putting himself between the attacker and target. This is generally reserved for children as most conflicts are considered none of his business and should remain that way.

Though he is a quiet man Rhys certainly has a temper on him. Sometimes it’s easy to piss Rhys off depending on other circumstances, but until he has been pushed to his limit he normally won't let other people see his temper, instead it boils beneath the skin until coming out in a fit of explosive rage and other very uncharacteristic behavior. When his temper blows it's best to stay out of Rhys' way- his older brother Quint understands this while his younger brother Marcus revels in the fight it brings out in Rhys. He is not above physical confrontation when he gets to this point-


Rhys was born in Whitehaven England in Late-September. From very early on his parents understood Rhys was exceptionally intelligent. He was reading by the time he was one and a half years old, and solving math problems by age two. He also showed an interest in musical instruments and by age five was performing with first class orchestras. Much of his early childhood was spent taking leaps and bounds in both the usual milestones and the extraordinary. He and his brothers attended prestigious private schools where Rhys excelled in all things academic, skipping grades which put him above his older brother in class.

At age five Rhys had a brush with death after he had fallen from a dock while inspecting a pond on the family property in England. He was lucky that his father hadn't been far from he and his older brother, who had ran to get help. It took Gregory Abernathy a full minute of pumping his son’s chest to bring the boy back- and as any parent knows what is only a minute of your child’s life seems like an eternity. Since the incident Rhys avoids large bodies of water at all cost- even swimming pools. He refuses to go in even wading knee deep, and because of this has never learned to swim.

When Rhys was thirteen his father’s job as a Anthropology Professor took the family across the pond to the United States, where he enrolled in yet another private school. He duel enrolled in College and began taking classes before he had even graduated High School, which he graduated at the age of fourteen. His interests were centered on Historic Records, naming the preservation and duplication of records. He knew exactly what he wanted to do in life and took the proper steps to achieve his goals. While attending college he gained a B.S. In Anthropology,a M.S. in the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and a M.A. in the History of Art and Archeology. His final major college Achievement was a PhD in Conservation Research & Historic Preservation with a broad covering in other course work expected to gain these achievements. As one might suspect this coursework was quite the load. While he had an early start it still took time to acquire, although he is the youngest to ever hold a PhD in his field. His social life was next to nothing but Rhys never seemed to notice it. Interacting with his peers in college, while the age gap was wide for quite some time, was enough interaction as far as he was concerned.

At some point in his over-twenty-one life, Rhys’ older brother Quint successfully talked his middle brother into going out for a night of ‘merriment’. It ended with Rhys black out drunk with no memory of the night before. The next morning had felt like death had come to claim him and failed, although Rhys almost wished it had. The hangover was one he would not forget. Neither was the Literary Memento permanently tattooed on his entire back.

All of his achievements, milestones, leaps and bounds, his parents knew he was gifted. They also understood that his lack in Social skills and how he handled them meant the possibility of Rhys being on the A.D.S, although they never opted to have him tested since he was otherwise developmentally ahead.

His father passed away in early 2017 and the loss is something Rhys is still struggling with. Loss, before this, wasn’t something he had been directly impacted by. He had never known his Father’s parents as they had both passed away while he had been exceptionally young and his maternal grandmother had passed before his birth. His father had been his mentor and role model in many ways.

Rhys moved to Lochaland based on it’s proximity between the places he traveled most often for work. It was the most logical place, although it’s beautiful fall foliage was certainly a bonus. He travels for work quite often sometimes weeks at a time. Struggling with emotion Rhys has never developed a romantic relationship but he likes to think he has at least established quite a few platonic relationships.




Reading, Writing, Journaling



Playing any musical instrument

Taking walks on crisp Fall evenings.

Rainy weather

Prefers fall and winter to summer or spring


Breaking routine

Being interrupted

Being thrust into socialization outside of work

Confrontations, Physical or otherwise.

Having his stuff rearranged.

Having to deal with 'Over the top' Emotion


Rhys doesn’t know how to swim. After a childhood incident he refuses to go near large bodies of water, pools, or even get on boats.

He has a fear of water. Not a glass of water, or even the bathtub. But anything he could possibly go under in.

Although untested for it is suspected he may be ‘On Spectrum’ for ASD. He is high functioning and extremely intelligent. Social stuff is not his forte.

Workaholic- Rhys has issues detaching himself from work

Work- Restoring Rare texts, Translating, Digitizing, and Replicating. This requires travel at times but Rhys also works from home.

Languages- Rhys is a top notch linguist. He can both read and write in several languages.

Constant Student- While he will teach college classes himself, Rhys is constantly a student. He loves learning and as such has quite the repertoire of course work under his belt.

Dr. Abernathy - While Rhys could be called Dr. Abernathy thanks to his PhD, he rarely requests those around him to call him Doctor. Habitually he will introduce himself with the title in professional company.

Demisexual / Demiromantic - Rhys has difficulties creating emotional bonds, but he also lacks a sexual interest in most people he’s met. It’s never been something, logically, that he has needed. Before he would even consider a relationship with someone, be it purely sexual or romantic, there would need to be an emotional bond of some sort. Either a positive bond or negative. Emotions are strange things for him. Gender is not in the equation.


Mother: Margarette Abernathy - Adores all three of her boys and says none of them could ever do any wrong.

Father: Gregory Abernathy (Deceased)- Passed away early 2017. Rhys was close to his father, the pair shared a love for all things Linguistic and Classically inclined music.

Older brother: Quint Abernathy - Rhys and Quint get along fairly well. Quint has even talked his middle brother into going out a few times which usually ended up with Rhys black out drunk by the end of the night and no memory of what had transpired.

Younger brother: Marcus Abernathy - Rhys has a terrible sibling rivalry with his younger brother, but it is painfully one sided. Where Rhys could care less of interacting with his younger brother, Marcus will go out of his way to make himself a nuisance to Rhys.

Grandfather: Giles Page - Doesn’t get along well with Rhys. Puts up with him for his mother’s sake. His grandfather is into some pretty shady shit.
© darren criss


Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 02:04 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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