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Holidays are important in Lochland Grove. It is no wonder the community is buzzing over Little Halloween; a celebration of the town's bravery in the face of serial killer Robert Lewis.

Now that Lewis's copy cat is behind bars, does Little Halloween hold new meaning? What of the approaching Hurricane Caroline?

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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Raidon Gibbs, 40 | Newcomer | Dagoo
Raidon Gibbs
 Posted: May 14 2018, 05:43 PM

Raidon Jack
birth date
fire chief/writer


Raid is a tall man standing at just two inches over six feet tall. His body is a rather filled out one but within good proportions. Even though his muscle tone seems to lie about how strong he is. An athletic frame thanks to his job and one that doesn’t seem to fit his age. His skin tone always seems the perfect shade of tan along with thick sometimes wavy dark brown hair that makes his light brown sometimes hazel eyes shine through. His eyes have the appearance of being an old soul, deep meaningful look.

But behind that decent outer image lies a damage one behind the clothing. He has a jagged scar that starts at the middle of his back just above the lower rib cage and runs sideways across his side and down to the front of his pelvic region. Then there is his right knee that seems to have been run through a shredder. These are old scars from a battle lost years ago… sometimes he walks with a limp when the pain is too much to handle.

When it comes to clothing, he usually wears what is comfortable outside of his work uniform. Which tens to be jeans, a tee shirt and a long sleeve button up shirt that is unbuttoned. Sometimes a hoodie when the weather is chilly.


He has a rock star-like charisma and is naturally very flirtatious. He has an innocent curiosity that when combined with his intellectual depth yields a character that is astoundingly fascinating. He has a vast array of knowledge, which helps him to piece together ideas that would not often be associated with each other. In terms of emotional sensitivity, He is unsurpassed, with a specific talent for empathizing with other people's pain. Despite his addictive personality, he remains very independent, which renders him somewhat unconventional, nearly to the point of eccentricity. He's an odd person who likes to do things at his own pace and could be considered free-spirited or carefree. He is a bit of an airhead and very forgetful...

Despite this, he can be serious when the situation demands it and blunt about what he sees are the faults of others. Nevertheless, he's not very good with emotional situations and can be awkward at best, and (unintentionally) cruel and insensitive at worst. He is softhearted and easily devastated in the face of failure so much that he can slip into a depression for months at a time. He is quiet, kind and easily embarrassed, but is also shown to be stubborn and extremely competitive. He is courageous; he fearlessly charges into dangerous situations, leaving little time to think of his won well being. This means he tends to be a bit reckless, putting other people's well being above his own. He would gladly risk his health to achieve his goals.

He has incredible stamina--he's able to go for days at a time without sleeping. Apprehension over being controlled or losing loved ones allows him to labour diligently to understand his environment without developing any emotional ties. This awareness of his surroundings allows him to foresee any possible threats against which he would be able to protect. He is a private man who likes to keep all of his secrets to himself.


Sara Kelly was born in Norway on June 1st 1953 to a father who was a famous shipbuilder and a mother who was a nurse. When Sara turned 18, she asked her parents to allow her to attend college in the United States, they granted her wish and she ended up going California to study to become a lawyer. It was that she meant and ended up dating Victor.

A year later on a trip to Las Vegas, they tied the knot. A few months later, their marriage would end when Victor told her he wanted to move to Alaska and she refused to leave college to follow him. It was a month later after the marriage ended, she found out she was with child. Months later, she would go into labor almost three months early. None of the doctors thought her child would live longer than a week but the little one she called Raidon would prove everyone wrong…

By the time he was five years old, he was excelling and growing faster than those of his same age. Over the span of his primary and secondary schooling, he was skipping grades and moving up faster. Seeing how much his mother was working towards her dream and how hard she studied, he didn’t want to disappoint her so he studied just as hard thus allowing him to be able to skip said grade levels. When he or his mother wasn’t studying they were spending time out on the beach or on the water. It was their escape from life.

When he was 14 years old and had just finished high school. His father wanted him to head up to Alaska and spend the summer out there. Against Raidon’s protest, his mother made him go so he could get some quality time with a male figure. It was on a small airport in Canada that his life was about to change… little did Raidon know that as he boarded the small single engine airplane with an older pilot. It was about the midway point when the pilot would suffer a stroke and it forced Raidon to try and fly the plane him self... It was a massive struggle for him and he ended up putting the plane down into a lake.

After barely escaping the plane with a bag and the survival kit, he swam to the shoreline and crawled out from the water. An hour or two had passed where just laid there recovering and processing everything that happened before he dumped out his bags to see what he had to work with. The transmitter that was in the survival kit was smash from the crash and he just tossed that aside. Knowing he needed something to protect him until help came he sat up a couple of branches with a layer of pine branches on top of the other branches.

Raidon sat there by shoreline, stretching out what he had with him food wise as he waited for the help that never came. Always looking up at the sky or staring at the lake wondering if this was going to be the end of him. He didn’t know where he was or how he was going to make it.

The days passed into weeks with no sign of search and rescue planes… the weeks turned into months. Slowly over the course of time Raidon learned and discovered ways to live off the land and even moved into a empty cave not far from the lake, his only known source of water and he didn’t want to risk wondering too far from it. He had lived in those woods, facing life and death many of times. From animal attacks to Mother Nature and even the freezing cold winters that were cold enough to explode trees.

It wasn’t until three years later that a research scientist who was tracking a pack of wolves stumbled across his cave. In which Raidon had come out of know where, almost ready to attack the intruder until it dawned on him that it was another human being… The scientist, Joe Sheridan couldn’t believe what he came across. After spending the night at Raidon’s cave, Sheridan heard everything that happened to Raidon that brought him to the spot he was in and spend. On the trek back to Joe’s starting point, he filled Raidon in on what he would need to know to get adjust to what would be coming next.

Over the next few days, Raidon got to talk to his mother again and face lots of questions from the authorities. Then came the swarm of the press soon as they found the hotel where he was staying. Which didn’t help him adjust to his life back among society at all. Everything was so loud, busy and strange. Nothing was a struggle anymore… Raidon would take almost another year to get use to life outside of the wilderness and he was never the same kid as he was before. In that year, him and his mother moved back to Norway away so Raidon could have access to less crowded areas and to escape the press. His days during that year were spent one studying, getting ready for college and out on the farm or even in the woods near by. On his 19th birthday, he told his mother that he wanted to go to japan for college. While there in college, he started to train as a firefighter. Only to transfer to the states, Chicago as apart of an exchange program.

He continued to serve as a firefighter after college until one faithful day that saw him lose his partner (and lover) in a call that took a wrong turn. After his recovery from the injuries, he left the Chicago department...He transferred to a station in Lockland Grove, running away more like it . Where he served in the department and was promoted to chief almost two years later. In his spare time, he writes in secret and has become a top seller in mystery novels



Autumn, Writing, Cooking, Halloween, Hockey, Being Outdoors, hot springs


Fast Food, Crowds, Hot Weather, Birds, Coffee, Christmas


Nickname: Usually goes by Raid instead of his full name.
Has a fear of small places


Daniel O'Neill (former partner and lover deceased)
© darren criss

The hour was late well closing in on about ten o’clock… the streets were near empty with the change in the weather. Temps below fourty and rain coming down steady, it was perfect weather for this time of the year. After all, it was the winter season. But the cold didn’t bother, the tall man wearing a leather jacket, a black and green hoodie underneath the jacket with a green plaid scarf around his neck. Jeans and combat boots finished off his look… Glasses had been left at home, switched out for contact lenses. Not liking showing off the apparent weakness being shown when he wore them.

Kody was taking a break from work; he had been at it since yesterday morning... That wasn’t all that uncommon for him. Sometimes he would work straight for days, only taking breaks when needed. Deadlines and all were not one’s friends… even more so when your day job got in the way..Wondering what he was going to do on this Friday evening, he walked passed stores that were all decked out for Christmas, a holiday he never cared for. And at this point in his life, it made him feel like crap more than anything. It was going to be a lonely holiday season for him, Nothing like having halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and then new years rolled up into three months.. Like the last one was and he wasn’t looking forward to it. He just wanted to fast forward time to a point where the pain was going or maybe go back in time and changed things…

Getting the sudden urge to drown his brain in something until it would stop thinking, he stopped in front of the first bar he came across. It was better than nothing. He stood there, looking around for a moment. His breath showing in the cold night air, his cheeks were turning red but he was rather content in the snowy weather. A hand came up and ran through his black hair before he moved to enter the bar….

There were a few people around; he figured that they were regulars. The smell of burgers and fries and wings waffled through the air, stronger when got closer to the bar. He waited until the bartender was closer and ordered a beer from the tap. He pulled out his wallet and paid for it before he moved off to one of the tables towards the back of the room. Taking off his jacket and leaving the scarf on, he got comfortable. And looked over the menu, wondering if he should bother getting something for dinner….

That was about two hours and four beers later, food had not been ordered and he was a bit more relaxed than he had been when he first came. But he was still alone at the table, no one seemed to bother him and menu was still laid out in front of him. His copper eyes scanned the room as he wondered how pathetic he was, seeing that few people were together and he was one of the few who was here alone. He watched as one couple having fun with a mistletoe that hung up over one of the door frames. A sigh was given and he gave the sign to the tender for another beer to be added to his tab.

Kody eyes glanced around, watching some random football game one of the tvs that had three people arguing about who was going to win in front of it. Before those deep eyes of his glanced back down at the table… it had been so long since last a had a drink and he knew he really should cut back or at least eat something before he started to make a fool out of himself.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 15 2018, 11:57 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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