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Happy 4th Birthday, Lochland Grove!
01/02/14 - 01/02/18

It is time to celebrate! Over the course of this month expect to see fun activities. Currently we have:

1. Enjoy the new birthday skin.
2. Birthday Hunt! (LINK)
3. New Temp Forums.
4. Birthday Discussions
5. A new newspaper: (LINK)

Welcome to Lochland Grove
Open since January 2, 2014

We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

Unity Celebration

It is January 2nd, the day the Lochland community changed in a big way; Oh how time flies by.

Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink from last year has returned. Ice Cream Dream will be selling hot drinks at the door. When you get cold why not stop for a treat?


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Jaunary 19th
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 The DiMario Crew, Group of Organized Criminals
Johnathan DiMario
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 01:56 AM

John "Johnny Dee" DiMario was sent to Lochland to both earn money for the Gambino Crime Family based in New York and spread it's influence, however he was not sent alone with John are members of his crew consisting of a few "Soldiers" and a handful of associates connected with the crew.

For more information on the structure of the American Mafia it can be found Here.

Information on the rules and customs of the American Mafia can be found here

Note: Many threads of this group and plot lines will consist of immoral subjects, criminal actions, gory themes and at times as plots may demand, murder. Player discretion is advised.

Below are open positions and adoptables available to be taken:
Note: Soldiers can only be "Male" sexuality is flexible though those openly gay or bisexual are often ostracized or outright kicked out or killed. This can make opportunities for drama and intrigue.

Georgio "The Blade" Christani: A soldier and made man who came to Lochland Grove with John, fiercely loyal and known to be a bit of a hot head though normally kept cool with John holding his leash. An experienced extortionist and debt collector. Considered the enforcer of the DiMario Crew.
PB: Up to player, though must adhere to racial requirement of the Mafia.

Vitorio "Vitti" Clamenta: A soldiers and made man who is from Italy, sent to John by his father to help the start up operation. Friendly and welcoming to other made men but often abrasive and humorless outside that circle, violent and has no qualms with violence or inflicting pain on others. Speaks fluent Italian and broken English though is making strong attempts to learn better. Enjoys fine wine, sports cars, and living the high life and works to make sure he has it, always available to work and get things done on the behest of John.
PB: Up to player, though must adhere to the racial requirement of the Mafia

Christopher "Bookworm" Tautiari: A soldier and made man who also came to Lochland Grove with John, preferring to be back in New York and here by orders. He is the book keeper and money man of the crew, responsible in making sure the balances are met, and no debts are given a pass. Works closely with John as his adviser and occasionally extra gun on demand.
PB: Up to player, though must adhere to racial requirement of the Mafia.

Frank "Frankie" Hearsio: A soldier and made man, young and with a need to prove himself to John. Optimistic and very open to any odd jobs that come his way, a real go getter though his enthusiasm can often get him in trouble.
PB: Up to player, though must adhere to racial requirement of the Mafia.

Habenero "Haps" Gusilini: A soldier and made man, plagued with a Puerto Rican mother but full bloodied Italian father was often ridiculed in New York for his half blood. Though under John's leadership has been showed respect for his work ethic than his blood, and through that is loyal to John is his directives. Known also as a womanizer, and suits and his trademark RayBan sunglasses.
PB: Up to player, though must adhere to racial requirement of the Mafia.

Other Soldiers, must be of Full or in the very least half Italian heritage on their father's sides.
are also made, and know the code of Omerta, and other rules.

Associates - Can be of any race, color, or creed however only those of Italian or half Italian heritage are likely to eventually be considered to advance to made men. They earn basically what they can make and aren't likely to get paid regularly by John but because of this can often make more than soldiers of the crew.


The Crew is based out of the Old Rose Tavern, the basement has been converted to a large apartment complete with kitchen, large living room and small bedrooms. And contains John's Office where he conducts "family business". The Old Rose provides a place where business can look legitimate
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