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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Kacey Frost, 24 | Stranger | Shade
Kacey Frost
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 09:12 PM

FrostKaceybirth date12/15/1993occupationSous Chef- Ambrosia Fine DiningstatusSingleSexualityBi-SexualAPPEARANCEEyes: Brown Hair: Black Body: Slender Height: 5'6" Attire: Aside from her work clothes, she's usually pretty stylish. Not a fan of dresses though.PERSONALITYPersonality Positives: Kacey is someone who has a lot of people skills. In her profession, she believes that's key when it comes to dealing with diners, as well as the kitchen staff. She believes in keeping over-all morale among others. Outside of work, she is usually friendly in general. If you're a decent person, there's a good chance she'll befriend you. If you are charming enough, she might date you. She is someone with a lot of class. She loves classy music, well-made food, classic dances, and really the classic arts in general. Though not snobbish, she's a very high-brow woman, and it takes a good bit to impress her on a date. Finally, Kacey is someone who believes in a clean and active lifestyle. She eats well, she avoids alcohol and drugs, and she exercises. She is also someone who encourages good health among others, especially when it comes to her cooking. Personality Negatives: Kacey is friendly to friendly people. However, she does have a temper when it comes to jerks. Cross her the wrong way, and she isn't afraid to verbally tear you down a notch. She isn't a physically violent by any means, but she can put you in your place with some harsh words. Also, while it's a good thing that she herself maintains a healthy life style, she can be annoyingly vocal to others who aren't in good health. She'll let you know her thoughts if she sees you smoking or drinking yourself silly, and especially when she sees you putting junk food in your body. Finally, Kacey is a bit bitter about some things of the past. She still reels off having an abusive father and a fiance who cheated on her. This is reflected especially in her hesitation of having a serious relationship with someone.HISTORYKacey Frost was born in Brooklyn, New York to Darryl and Lisa Ann Frost. Darryl worked as a custodian at a corporate office building in Manhattan, and Lisa Ann worked in a grease pit of a kitchen not far from the apartment complex where the family lived. Despite where she worked, Lisa Ann would always come home and prepare healthy meals for her family. Kacey appreciated it, and had a healthy upbringing because of what she ate. From a young age, she hung around her mother in the kitchen, and soon Lisa Ann began showing Kacey how to prepare various dishes. This was where Kacey bonded with her mom. Her father was a very different story. The man hated having to struggle for his family. He was alright when he was sober, though he filled the house with his cheap cigar smoke. When he was drunk, he was verbally abusive. While he didn't physically strike his wife or daughter, the way he often spoke to them was inexcusable. He also gambled a good bit, forcing Lisa Ann to do what she could to feed her and her daughter, and pay the bills. When Kacey was eleven years old, her father contracted throat cancer, and passed on a year later. Lisa Ann had spent years putting money back, so that Kacey could go to college and make the family proud. When Kacey discovered her mother had been putting pack money they needed for other things, she dedicated herself to earning the rest of her way. She worked whatever odd jobs she could, and at sixteen, she got a job in the kitchen of a fancy seafood place in Manhattan. Her hard work at the place paid off, and she was promoted to kitchen manager at eighteen. Meanwhile, she was attending a culinary school. She graduated in her early twenties and was a licensed chef.Before Kacey's twenty-fourth birthday, her mother was killed in a taxi cab accident. At the funeral, a friend of Kacey's mother found out that Kacey had a degree and was looking for a chef's job. The friend lived in Lochland Grove and casually mentioned Ambrosia Fine Dining was looking for a Sous Chef. Kacey had also recently broke an engagement with a man named Frank, who she had fallen for in culinary school. and felt with that and her mother's passing, New York was no longer for her. She looked the Ambrosia up online, as well as information about the town. She had saved enough money for a move and decided to give it a try. She spoke with the restaurant's manager and head chef, and soon met with them in person. With the job secured, she made the move with her Rottweiler, Sammy D., and had resided in the town for a couple of months now. She's already made her mark at the restaurant, and has proven she's the right person for the job.OTHERLIKESCooking- She's been doing it it since she was a kid. Dancing- Especially Classical Dance Jazz/Big Band Music- Loves Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Cranberry Juice- Her favorite drink. Good Food: Especially dishes that take effort to make DISLIKESAlcohol- She won't touch it. Her father was an alcoholic. Smoking- Father was also tobacco addict. Stereotypes- She grew up in a rough area, but hates when people assume things about her because of it. Junk Food: She rarely eats out aside from at Ambrosia, and doesn't care for junk food. Reality TV: It turns her stomach worse than junk food. MISC NOTESShe owns a Rottweiler named Sammy D.RELATIONSHIPS:Her parents have passed on and she had no siblings.© darren criss

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Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 09:27 AM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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