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 Riva's Distracted, Partial Absence
 Posted: Jun 18 2018, 11:58 PM

First off guys I want to apologize if it feels like I've been ignoring any of you- it is not my intention.

Let me give you a run down of my life right now.

I am a stay at home mom of two boys ages four and under. The oldest is testing his limits and the youngest is potty training. Both are fearless and fighting for bubble space and mom's attention.

I draft blueprints, meaning after the Architect has drawn out the houses, buildings, apartment complexes, they send them to me and I put all the final details into the plans, be it post tension cable, rebar, or what have you.

I also do freelance whateverthefuckyouneed that is creative stuff. Right now I've been slotted to two two very large projects for my local church.

My Aunt Jennifer was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and after being in the hospital for 13 consecutive days, coming home for four, she was taken back to the ER tonight with further complications and infections.

My Aunt Robbie was diagnosed with Colon cancer a few days after my Jennifer's diagnosis. She was rushed to the ER earlier in the day today.

My mother, who is the middle sister of both of my aunts, is like the sticky stuff that keeps this family together. She is also the person who watches my boys when she isn't working, but she is being pulled between both her sisters very much needing her right now. I've been going without a 'kid break' for several weeks now and have been working around it because...well... family. My mom has much on her plate and I don't expect her to watch my kids while that is going on.

So right now I need to not only be there for my mother, her sisters, their husbands and children, but also my family. I need to focus on my jobs of being a mother with two kids hanging off my hips while I conquer all this and bootstomp it all into the ground.

Ya'll can still reach me on my Skype and Discord, or PM me here. I can't guarantee I'll respond-- mostly because my mental limits are being tested. I'm running on roughly two hours of sleep for every twenty four that I've been awake or something like that. Basically Coffee and Caffeine is currently replacing my blood and I'm definitely on that mom diet of 'Eat what I can when I can'.

Heck, guys, if I get a bit of down time I might even crank out a post or two because trust me, I still love Rp, still love you guys, and still want to continue my threads.

But right now I'm lucky to get two hours of shut eye and not run my SUV off into the eight billion caution cones of my life. So if anyone wants to discontinue any threads they have with me, I'm totally not offended by it, or if you'd like to discuss a 'ending' and get the thread 'wrapped up' I'm good with that too.

Uhh... I think that's it.

I hope that's it.

So thanks for being understanding. : )

It's like... all my chickens are out of the pen and currently raving somewhere they shouldn't be. I need to go collect them all to get a bottle. < /sanity>

 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 02:50 AM
Head Moderator

You continue to be effectively a superhero with all the things you do and juggle. Take your time and don't burn yourself out any more than life already is. Good luck Riva

 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 07:54 PM

No worries! You do you!
And I'll keep your family in my prayers. smile.gif

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