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 Suspicious Behavior, Mathias Falk
Joshua Caminero
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 01:39 PM

Joshua had been neglecting his laundry for a while after having made some breakthroughs on his game. Sure, it still wasn’t ready to be sold or anything, but thanks to Zoey’s help, it was shaping up. There were some graphics already even if the plot hadn’t been smoothed out, but at least the combat system was working just fine, and he’d had some fun playing it while able to make his own battle moves that were totally unrelated to the game’s story.

It was probably the longest project he’d worked on, which got mixed feelings from his parents. They were happy that he was actually sticking to something, but they weren’t so thrilled about the amount of time he was spending in his room, so he offered to at least buy some groceries today after work just so they at least saw he was putting in effort around the house.

Even if his moms weren’t the type to kick their kids out before they’ve had a chance to get a stable job and apartment, Josh was still nervous that they might give him an ultimatum to find a place eventually. It’s not like he hadn’t been looking for a full-time job, which he could even get at the grocery mart, but he just hadn’t made up his mind on what he wanted to do next, and getting a full time job meant he had less time to work on his games.

Besides, he wasn’t a bad employee, but it was already difficult to stand in one spot for a few hours ringing up groceries. Imagine having to do that for a whole day. He just had too much energy for it. He had the skills for a job at IT, but that was a desk job and it didn’t involve the kind of work with technology that he liked.

That’s the sort of thing that had been on his mind since even before he’d left the house, and now here he was digging through all the pockets of his black pants and black hoodie trying to find his key. Usually, he liked an outfit full of bright colors, but since he had been neglecting laundry, none of those things were in his closet. Not to mention his hair was a mess so he’d had to put a black beanie over it as well.

After a few minutes, he realized that the keys just weren’t on him and he walked over to the window, hoping to see that someone was home since he hadn’t bothered to bring his phone with him. Unfortunately, no one was home, but fortunately, he noticed that on the edge of the table by the window was his set of keys!

He would have to find a way to them, which was trying to pry open the window. Seemed like a good idea, right? He’d jumped over a fence door leading to a backyard, left the bags of groceries on the back porch, walked into the shed to find a crowbar, and then jumped back over the fence to get back to the window, which had been in need of a replacement for a while, so he knew it wouldn’t be so tricky to open.

He managed to pry it open just enough to squeeze his arm in juuuuust far enough to touch his keys and accidentally bump them off the table… Well, that was just great. He sighed, pulling his arm back only to realize it was stuck!

So, there he was, bent over with his arm stuck in the window looking like the world’s worst thief, donning an all-black outfit in broad daylight right in the front of the home.
Mathias Falk
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 02:18 PM

For Mathias, things had been busy. Training had been full-on in preperation in anticipation of the fast-approaching Formula One Season, and he was juggling spending time with family with fitting in training, work in Maranello and a multitude of other things that needed doing. It kept him busy, certainly. But Mathias was throwing himself into it eagerly, excited about the approaching season and looking forwards to getting into this years car and being able to throw it around a track again.

This morning had been the usual. Seeing his son off to school and spending some time with Charlotte, followed by a two hour cardio session, today cycling on indoor trainers using Zwift. Followed that was lunch then a session in the gym with is trainer Emil.

The two of them were coming back from the gym, Mathias driving his new Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio with Emil in the passenger seat. They were talking softly when Emil suddenly stopped.

"Hey, stop here, it looks like someone is trying to break into that house there." Emil indicated out the window and Mathias glanced out while pulling the car up to a stop at the curb, and it indeed look like someone was trying to break in.

Why they had choosen to do it in broad daylight at the front of the house Mathias didn't understand, because that was not the smartest thing to do unless he wanted to be caught.

Turning the car off, Mathias and Emil got out. Mathias was in comfortable clothes as was Emil. Emil was the same height as Mathias, but bulkier as he didn't have to worry about keeping his weight low. While he wasn't huge, he obviously had muscle and could move just as fast as Mathias could.

The so called burgler was dressed all in black, and as Mathias and Emil walked closer he seemed to have his arm stuck and was unable to get either in or out.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing?" Emil was the first one to call out, and Mathias was slightly amused to see the normaly placid Emil had unconsciously put on a slightly more aggressive stance, as if he was expecting a bit of trouble.

"I hope that this is your house, or you will be in a bit of trouble." Mathias spoke as they walked up to the man.
Joshua Caminero
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 10:56 PM

"Hey! What do you think you are doing?"

Joshua’s eyes widened as he heard someone call, undoubtedly at him. He couldn’t turn his head around enough to look at the men in this position, so he twisted his arm slightly, his free hand trying to remain in the air as if in surrender. Sure enough, he managed to twist his body enough to look at them, an angry red line forming on his arm where it was stuck.

"I hope that this is your house, or you will be in a bit of trouble." He looked up at the stranger, his innocent brown eyes full of worry. “Y-yes, this is my house.” He normally wasn’t one to stutter much, but the presence of the large men, larger than himself at least, was enough to unnerve him. “Well, it’s my moms’ house, but I live with them,” he clarified unnecessarily, wincing a bit in pain a bit.

If that wasn’t enough to convince the men, Joshua himself looked about as unthreatening as a puppy. He was quite thin, not scrawnily so, but still enough to not be able to really cause much damage, and he still looked his age, 19, which was quite a bit young to be desperate enough to need to rob a house in broad daylight. That’s not to say that teens couldn’t find themselves in such a difficult situation, but nothing about this healthy-looking Josh indicated that he was struggling much.

“I forgot my keys when I left home and this window is kinda weak so I thought I’d try jumping in,” he explained, hoping that the men wouldn’t decide to call the cops. That would be tricky to explain to his mothers’, who already thought he wasn’t quite as mature as he should be.

“Can you help me get out? The window is stuck so I can’t slip my hand through.” He hoped it wouldn’t be too much to ask of the two strangers, but his arm was starting to hurt quite a bit, and he didn’t have his phone on him to call either of his mothers for help. “I can prove I live here… If you can lend me a phone I can call one of my moms.”

The fact that he even had to ask to borrow a phone right after he’d been accused of trying to thieve his way into his own home made him feel totally foolish, but what else could he do? It wouldn’t be great to have to wait hours for his parents to come home.
Mathias Falk
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 02:03 AM

As they got closer, Mathias felt slightly less suspicious about the man. He was young, and while thin he didn't look at all threatening, and didn't look hard off either. But Mathias had seen what some people were capable of, appearance didn't mean anything, so he didn't want to be to sure.

The boy was definitely worried as he stuttered, saying that it was his house, or rather his moms' house. That surprised Mathias a little bit, as he never would have guessed that, but he didn't care and wasn't going to say anything about it. After all, his nephew had been in a relationship with another man for a long time and they had two children.

Emil, despite being tall and reasonably muscular, didn't usually appear very threatening, and was really one of the nicest people you could meet. He was friendly and talked a lot, however he could appear threatening when needed. Right now as they listened to the boy speak Emil's threatening body language was slowly melting away, and Mathias could see that he was more focused on where the boy's arm was stuck in the window.

Perhaps trying to jump in through a window wasn't he smartest thing to do, even if the window was weak. Mathias himself had never been in that situation, mind you, he had electronic locks so even if he didn't have a key or phone with him he could just enter a pin code and get in.

Mathias didn't even have to say anything, before Emil had gone over to have a better look at how the man's arm was stuck. If anyone could get the boy's arm out unharmed Emil could.

When Emil moved to grip the boy's arm, and Mathias moved away slightly because he didn't want to be hit by a flying limb. He watched as Emil tugged on the arm, testing to see how stuck the arm was.

"Don't just stand there, come over and help me with this window." It was a little crowded with three on them, but Mathias moved over to help, with Emil concentrating on trying to get the stuck arm out.

"Do you now have your phone on you either? Can't go to a neighbour and ask to use theirs?" Mathias had grown up on a farm, and there had always been people around and the doors had never been locked, so it had never been a problem to get in if he had been out.

"Don't I remember you telling me a story about you getting locked out of that apartment you had in Vienna?" Mathias asked Emil, faintly remembered the story.

[i]"That was far more embarrassing, I just had a towel on and the door slammed shut behind me. Had to go down to the office on the ground floor and ask someone to come up and open it for me."[/b] Emil however now seemed to see the funny side of it as he smiled and chuckled at the story, as did Mathias.
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