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 084 West Lochland, Abel Jensen's house
Abel Jensen
 Posted: May 5 2017, 08:08 PM


The outside of Abel's house is simple, the yard is kept neat but there are no plants or decorations except two miss matched camping chairs and a hand me down small circular round table on the porch. There is a fence separating the front and back yards made of unfinished wooden boards and the side to the right of the garage (if you're facing the house) has a padlocked gate for backyard entrance.

The garage is empty except for several boxes that Abel has yet to unpack a large plastic cabinet and a large blue rug that Abel parks his motorcycle Alice on. The plastic cabinet houses his riding gear when it's not being used and a small assortment of common tools.

The small office is decorated accordingly, there is a desk along one wall with a desktop computer set atop it and a comfortable style office chair as well. There is a smaller desk that serves as a secondary desk where the printer, modem, and router sit. The door to this room is commonly left closed.

The main hallway is about a person and a half wide and the walls have been left undercoated.

The downstairs bathroom is simply decorated with mint green paint and accessories

The door blocking the stairs to the basement is left locked because Abel doesn't use it, the closet across from the stairs is used for shoes, jackets, and a vacuum.

The kitchen is done in a creme color and coffee theme, it is well stocked but the counters are relatively bare with the exception of napkins and paper towels. The pantry is filled mostly with junk food, as is the fridge, but occasionally ingredients for a meal or two can be found there. The appliances are new and stainless steel. There are three bar stools along the 'bar' side of the kitchen island that have creme colored cushions and no backs.

Opposite the kitchen is the Living room. Abel has various pictures hung around the walls here and all are of close friends and family. There is a smaller red velvet loveseat couch that runs parallel to the kitchen island while the matching larger couch sits perpendicular to that. A small square glass top table rests between the two couches with a lamp and coasters on it. A larger rectangular glass top table is in front of the couches and the television remotes are typically found there. Thee tv sits caddy-corner opposite the couches on a simple black entertainment center.

Behind the kitchen is the dinning room which harbors a microwave stand along the side wall and a six person dinning table made of lightly stained wood. Each chair is affixed with a creme colored cushion.

The upstairs hallway is decorated in the same manner as the lower level hallway.

The smaller of the three bedrooms is a game room. There is a pool table that stand just out of the way of the door while the half of the room towards the front of the house is reserved for a two person couch that stands opposite a tv on a wooden stand with a playstaion 4 connected to it. There is also a mini fridge between the couch and the wall. The walls of this room are plastered with various game, movie, and beer posters.

The middle of the three bedrooms is a guest room and simply decorated in soft grey and yellow patterns. There is a full sized bed along one wall and a long white dresser complete with a mirror along the other. A small white nightstand rests beside the bed with a digital alarm clock and a desk lamp on it. A plush white chair and a half sits in front of the window.

The full sized guest bathroom is also done in yellow and grey. Extra towels and washcloths can be found in the linen closet and a basic supply of toiletries can be found under the sink.

Abel's bedroom is the master bedroom and it is particularly empty. He has a king sized bed that sits on the simplest of frames and made with any combination of sheets that happen to be clean at the time. Opposite the bed is a long wooden dresser with a tv on top. He has a matching wooden nightstand that has a lamp resting on it. The attached bathroom and closet are constantly a mess and have no theme or order to them.

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