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 Asher Whitmore, 42 | Local | Wolf
Asher Whitmore
 Posted: Nov 13 2017, 12:38 PM

Asher David
birth date
July 14, 1975
Cardiologist / doctor


Height: 6"1'

Weight: 175 Lbs.

Eyes: hazel blue, but they change color with the amount of sleep he gets and in the sunlight.

Hair: Dark brown, short, moderately wavy. Slightly over the tips of his ears.

Tattoos: one on each bicep and one along his lower back.

Skin: smooth

Body Type: slender

Clothing: Wears cool color shirts and dark slacks when he is at work. He usually leaves the top button of his shirt open. Patent leather Brown or black slip on shoes. At home, he prefers jeans and a loosely fit shirt. In summer, he prefers shorts with a t shirt or to go shirtless. In warm weather, he prefers to wear sandals. Asher likes to semi dress up for dates.


Asher is a good-nature doctor with a very sarcastic wit (despite his rough childhood), even in the most serious circumstance. He can also be described as a "smart ass.” Asher’s personality makes him popular with his colleagues and patients. Asher is like a Robin Hood figure in an effect that he fights for the underdog, and he fights for people. He pushes the system and bucks the system, pushes his colleagues, and pushes the administration, to save people's lives whose lives are worth saving." In the end, though, Asher realized that it wasn't about him, it was about his patient, Asher says that he does not believe in fate, and considers life sacred. He also firmly believes that every doctor should have bedside manner, for most of his patients, Asher expresses a normal doctor-patient relationship.

Asher can be very blunt when he deals with patient families. He is obsessive and tries his best to get the information that he needs to treat the patient. He uses all of the information that he can get from tests to give the patient better treatment. He believes that the patient has the right to know the truth about his health.

Asher can be pompous. He can be overly proud of his own accomplishments. Asher can be a bit harsh on medical students as well as other staff. He is a perfectionist when it comes to medicine and romance.

Asher is a self starter and self motivator. He doesn’t need to be told what to do very often. He just knows what has to be done and he does it. He is good at motivating other people as well as people that he works with. Once in awhile he is called to do some motivational speaking at the hospital. It boils down to Asher is a very popular doctor and patients come from far away for him to treat them.


Asher was born in Sydney, Australia to Henry and Barbara Whitmore on July 14, 1973. Henry was a lawyer and Barbara was an Elementary school teacher. The Family moved to Lochland Grove when Asher was six years old.

Asher was an above average student all through school. Asher graduated from high school as class valedictorian He especially enjoyed Math and science. He was a popular guy with the ladies because he was on the high school football team as a running back.

[US Naval Academy 17-19 years old] Asher decided to attend the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. He survived his plebe year. All of the teasing from the upper classman was the hardest for Asher to deal with. But he just concentrated is more on his studies. It worked. Asher was on the dean's list every semester. Asher didn't study all of the time. He had a few girl friends and went on his share of dates.

But Asher decided that the academy was not for him He really wanted to be a doctor, so he picked a fight with a fellow student and was out of the academy. Because he left after his sophomore year, he didn't owe the Navy any time.

[Harvard 20-24 Bachelor's Degree] Once Asher was discharged from the Navy, he earned a bachelor's degree in Biology to help him prepare for Harvard medical school.

[Harvard Medical School, 24-32 years old] Asher applied and was accepted at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Asher was an above average student and made friend easily. Asher excelled in all of the science classes. He especially enjoyed all of the anatomy classes. Glad to hear that.Asher’s first four years at Harvard mostly consisted of lectures and classroom studies.

The last four years at Harvard consisted mostly of clinical studies in the hospital. This was Asher’s first exposure to Internal Medicine that would eventually lead him into Cardiology. That's when he met and fell in love with Rena Hemming, they were soon married.

[USC, Internal Medicine, 32-34 years old]

The time at Harvard went quickly for Asher. Now he was ready to begin his internship in Internal medicine at the University of Southern California for a year. The first year was mostly lecture classes and labs. Internal medicine was more specialized then general medicine.

Asher spent more and more time in the hospital following the doctors and learnt a lot from them. Asher spent weeks at a time on clinical rotation. During the three year, Asher had more freedom to pick the rotations that he was interested in. Rena didn't want to be married to a doctor and pursued her own career as a teacher. Rena and Asher divorced.

[Johns Hopkins, Cardiology & Surgery, 34-37]

Asher began his residency for Cardiology and basic surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. This was where Asher wanted to be. As in the past, the first year mostly consisted of lectures and a lot of labs. As the years went by the demands on Asher’s time and attention increased. The hospital rotations and labs got more demanding and difficult.

At was during Asher’s next to his last year of residency that he had some free time and went to a local restaurant with some other students. There he saw Rena. Asher was surprised that she was in Baltimore. Rena was as beautiful as Asher had remembered. But they didn't get back together.

Asher graduated and received his license to be a medical doctor. His first job was at Rivers Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA. That is where Asher learnt Cardiac surgery. Eventually Asher moved into an apartment near the hospital. Asher met Dr. Lisa Reed and they had a serious affair.

At Three Rivers, Asher was invited to join the invite only fraternity and become a fellow in the Fellowship of American College of Cardiology(FACC).

Asher had spent enough time in big cities when he was in college to know that he preferred a small town or area. He knew that his practice wouldn't be big, but those people need doctors as well. He could always go back to school for family practice if needed or if his general knowledge wasn't enough.

Asher decided to go to Lochland Grove, Connecticut. He got a job at the general hospital. He enjoys his job as well as the people that he works with.



Medicine-He has spent between 12-14 years in college to get the education to be a doctor.

Women-He would like to find a lady and settle down and have a family some day.

Surfing-He likes the ocean and to relax in and near it.

Dogs-Asher has a German Sheppard named Gizmo.

Flirting-Asher is a big flirt with the ladies.

Being out doors-Asher likes to do the out doors things like hiking and camping.




Animal abusers


Italian food


Pet: Gizmo, his German Sheppard dog


Henry & Barbara Whitmore - parents - Asher still keeps in touch with his parents. His parents are proud of their son's accomplishments. Rena - ex wife- Asher split from Rena about 5 years ago. They didn't leave on friendly terms. Asher couldn't put up with all of her nagging all of the time. Dr. Lisa Reed - ex girl friend- Asher and Lisa left on speaking terms. Asher still cares about her, but she didn't want to leave the big city.
© darren criss

[Jessa is a paramedic that Asher knew from the hospital]Jessa thanked the young male who'd given her the iced mocha and immediately went and grabbed a straw. She took a nice drink of her mocha savoring the flavor knowing she could get a call at any time.

Hearing her name she turned around and saw Dr. Asher Whitmore standing in the same coffee shop. "Oh, hey Asher." She wasn't actually surprised to see one of the doctors she works alongside. Jessa has brought in quite a few of his patients and he's met them down in the ambulance bay nearly every single time.

Nodding Jessa said, "Yea, I am kind of hungry and I'm sure my partner is too. We don't usually get much time but if we stay here it'll be better. We have to run back to the firehouse as soon as we're done here. I bought a cookie if you want to sit with us for a bit. We have about fifteen or so minutes left until we have to report back."

Jessa was more than happy to sit for a bit with Asher. She called over to her partner to make sure it was okay to sit for a bit since he was like her boss when they were out in the field together. Jessa was still new to being an EMT and hadn't yet done her paramedic schooling which she was planning to do next school year.

She laughed at his comment about the coffee at the hospital. "You're definitely right about that, but I actually get good coffee back at the station. It's just that I wanted an iced mocha and I can't get that there." Surely Asher knew that she worked for the Chicago Fire Department but then again she was at the hospital so often it was easy to mistake her for an independent ambulance company.

Jessa found a seat near the window and said, "Why don't we sit here?" As she sat down and started eating at her cookie and drinking her delicious mocha. "So how're things on the cardiac floor?" She asked.

“Hey, Jessa, how are you? I’m going to be a doctor with you for a minute. You know that a cookie isn’t much of a lunch. I understand that your time is limited, but you need protein for energy, not empty calories. The caffeine is good but not the best. End of lecture.”
“I would love to sit with you guys. How’s the paramedic schooling coming along? If you need any help on anything just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to do what I can. I’ll give you any endorsements that you may need, if any.”
“Oh that’s right. I forgot that you worked at the fire station. I’m so used to seeing you at the hospital all of the time.” Asher felt like an idiot for not remembering that.
Asher sat with his friends.  “Things are pretty slow at the moment, but as you know that can change in an instant. I’m still moving into my office when I’m not attending to patients. I’m sort of a jack of all trades as far as docs go at the moment.  I don’t mind. I’m glad to do what I can. Because I became a general MD before I became a cardiologist. When do you take the certification, Jessa?”
The friends sat and ate while the paramedics had time. “I enjoy talking to you” This was the first time that Asher had enjoyed not eating in the hospital café in a long time. Jessa, I am serious about hoping you study for your paramedic certification. Please just let me know.” Asher really wanted to help.” Asher was just that kind of person.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Nov 21 2017, 10:22 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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