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Beautiful buildings and sculptures made of ice glowing under a halo of fireworks? What a beautiful place for a Valentines Day Date.

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The ice skating rink from last year has returned. Ice Cream Dream will be selling hot drinks at the door. When you get cold why not stop for a treat?


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 Kentaro Maeda, 37 | Newcomer | Avicus
Kentaro Maeda
 Posted: Jul 2 2017, 10:20 PM

MaedaKentarobirth date03/13/1980occupationPrincipal of August WhitmorestatusSingleSexualityHeterosexualAPPEARANCEStanding at 5'8", Kentaro isn't the tallest guy around. His black hair and brown eyes are standard for his Japanese heritage. Usually wearing a suit, he is always wearing a pair of long pants with a long sleeved shirt. Underneath his clothes, he is completely inked from beneath his collarbone to his wrists and ankles. Every inch of skin is heavily covered in various Japanese tattoos. He usually keeps his face clean shaven, and wears a pair of stylish glasses. His build is thin, and lean.PERSONALITYHaving only lived in Lochland Grove for four years, not much is known about the school principal. There are actually two sides of him, the ever present dichotomy between good and evil. In the shadows, lurks Tetsuo, in the light, Kentaro stands. However, he has a firm control over both sides within him.Tetsuo is bold and suave, knowing that he's an attractive man. He's prone to fits of violence, never backing down from a fight. He may appear small in stature, but he's yet to be bested in a brawl. His cold glare can reduce spinal cords to gelatin. Tetsuo is a killer, and has taken many lives in his old life. He's a dangerous man, to say the least.Kentaro is kind and quiet, knowing there is much darkness in the world. He's a very generous man, donating quite a bit at the annual charity events, although anonymously so he doesn't receive any attention from the press. His words have inspired courage and determination in those he speaks to. Kentaro is a man who gets to know every one of his students and the staff at the school. He's invested in making sure they have a positive experience at August Whitmore.There are some things that both sides agree on, however. Nothing is quite as relaxing as smoking a joint and taking a drive through the woodlands. Or enjoying a nice cigarette after a meal. Those who find themselves in his office or home will be greeted with plenty of hospitality and a cup of green earl grey tea. He's a natural leader, able to take charge in any situation where order is needed. He's also a lover of animals, his dog Yato is one of the only friends he has in Lochland. He trained the dog for both companionship and protection. HISTORYKentaro Maeda is a lie, an alias concocted by the Witness Protection Program. His birthname was Tetsuo Tokugawa, son of Shirai Tokugawa, leader of a powerful Yakuza branch that operated in the Los Angeles area. But that was a life he had to forfeit for his revenge, a decision that turned his life upside down.Born in Long Beach, California, Tetsuo was accustomed to the finer things in life from a young age. He received the very best education, taught marital arts at the finest dojo in the city, and learned how to wield a sword from a young age. He didn't know it until his teenage years, but his father had been grooming him to become a Yakuza boss.After graduating high school, he was shipped to Japan where he lived with his uncle while attending Tokyo University. There, he became more acquainted with Yakuza traditions and received his first tattoo. By the time he got his Masters, he was a loyal Yakuza soldier. When he returned to Long Beach, his father was exceptionally proud of the man Tetsuo had grown into.For years he rose through the ranks of the organization, taking his place as his father's right hand. Shirai was growing old, getting ready to retire. It only made sense that his son would take over the organization. It was his birthright. It was what he had been trained to do.But the other Yakuza bosses had a different strategy in mind. They voted against Tetsuo, breaking the Tokugawa branch and dividing the territories evenly amongst themselves. Shirai was outraged, and when he spoke against the Council, he was executed. Tetsuo was forced to bow before a new boss, or face death at the hands of the Council. But, in his rage, he turned himself into the FBI.He struck a cold deal with the Bureau, giving up all of his information on the Yakuza operations in the States for the millions he inherited from his father's death. He also wished to be put into the Witness Protection Program, someplace quiet and calm. His testimony allowed the Bureau to make one of the largest Yakuza busts in United States history.But, that only put a small dent in the Yakuza's bank account. Nevertheless, the organization couldn't abide by a traitor. Tetsuo became a hated name in the organization, and when he last checked, the bounty on his head was a cool fifty million if he were captured alive and brought to Tokyo. Only ten if they could deliver just the head.The WPP put him in Lochland Grove, where he took the job of Principal for August Whitmore Public Schools. At first, he hated the job. But, as the months passed, he grew to love it. It certainly beat running from every assassin that wished to collect the price tag on his head. He even began to grow accustomed to his new name. No one recoiled in fear when he introduced himself.OTHERLIKESHis Students - Since taking on the job of August Whitmore Principal, graduation rates have risen, as has the number of students who went on to seek further education.Teachers - Kentaro fights tooth and nail to make sure that his teachers have everything they need to give the students at August Whitmore a quality education. He has been known to dip into his own pocket more than a few times to get his faculty what they need when state funding wasn't sufficient.Driving - Small Town Connecticut has plenty of back roads through wooded areas that lets him push the accelerator, and clear his head.Marijuana - Kentaro has his medical card to help with his insomnia.His dog - Kentaro doesn't really socialize, his best friend is his Rottweiler, Yato.DISLIKESThe Police - As a former career criminal, Kentaro holds a natural distrust for law enforcement.Having his picture taken - Kentaro is in the Witness Protection Program, with the Yakuza wanting him dead, he can't risk having his picture floating around the internet.The Yakuza, and Organized Crime in general - His head holds a pretty hefty price tag, so he tries to stay under the radar as much as possible.Winter - Growing up in Los Angeles, he became accustomed to warm weather, and the cold winters of Connecticut are very bitter.Country Music - It just doesn't play to his ears.MISC NOTESDrives a 2015 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT if the roads are warm and dry.Drives a 2010 Land Rover LR4 when the roads are unsuitable for the Mercedes.Owns a Rottweiler named Yato.Master of Wing Chun Kung FuIajitsu MasterSkilled in the use of most pistols, prefers a 9mm.RELATIONSHIPS:None.© darren criss

Sighing to himself, Kentaro walked out into his gardens. Under a large maple, there stood a small clearing. In the middle of it, stood a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.  Standing about as tall as him, there were five wooden poles that stuck out from the base.

Getting into a fighting stance, he began going through the motions. In his mind, he saw the man who wanted him to work under him. How he'd love to get his hands on him, to systematically break him piece by piece. His garden became filled with the sounds of his hands and forearms connecting to the wood.

This continues for a solid 45 minutes, the sweat beginning to trickle down his skin. Connecting one last time, he stepped back from the dummy. Reaching into his jacket pocket, his fingertips danced along the 9mm that clung to his ribs. The gun was like his MasterCard, he never left home without it. His hand reached further into his jacket as he pulled the pack of smokes out of his jacket pocket.

Putting a cigarette between his lips, he put the pack back. Grabbing his lighter, he lit the smoke before putting it back in his pocket. Taking a long drag, he turned to the sound of approaching footsteps. Brown eyes landed on Yato as he exhaled the smoke from his lips. The dog walked up, and Kentaro gave the Rottie a firm pat on the head.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 01:32 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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