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 Shafted, Dorien Spade
Abel Jensen
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 11:51 PM

Ugh…. He had only just put the night before and all it's fuckin' splendor behind him, determined to leave that shit in the past and there went Dorien showin' off that he'd aggravated his injury. Now, it wasn't like Abel was blaming the guy or anything because if he was fuckin' hurt then he shouldn’t have to hide that shit but it just slapped him with renewed vigor how absolutely hellish the night before had been. It was… fuck it was…. Bad. He'd blocked most of it out like he'd just been so blindsided by the absolute need to escape the situation that he just hadn't even really realized how off his fuckin' rocker he probably seemed. That was the sort of thing that Abel tried so fuckin' hard to hide about himself. It was way to heavy and carried a sense of realism that just consumed his generally relaxed spirit.

Fuck fucking fuuuuck. Like it wasn't fucking bad enough that he was showing his vulnerability but Dor had injured himself even worse because of that loose fucking screw rolling about in Abel's head. He'd tried to make light of the situation… turn the mood back into something far more enjoyable with a joke and it worked for, pffffft, half a damn second. "You just looked so sweet and innocent while you were asleep." Riiiight… and that was probably meant more along the lines of Abel being so far from innocent that he'd boned most of their hometown and less that he wasn't innocent or sweet because of his fuckin' military trauma but… there it was again. It was a sinking feeling that he'd just managed to go just a bit too far and now how was Dor supposed to look at this damaged person anymore? Probably, the other would try and handle him with kid gloves and that would just piss the former SEAL off…. Mean, he tried to give Dorien more credit than that but it was a large part of why he never talked about that shit.

He just gave a half-hearted snort at the comment about that and his leg injury and tried to push all the drama aside because he didn't fucking want it. "I'll take some of that though." The other had said while firmly groping Abel's ass. It almost worked a genuine smirk on his lips but the moment was short lived as his buddy excused himself to the bathroom.

Dor wasn't gone for too terribly long but it was long enough that Abel had sent off a few messages from his phone and collected the rest of his clothes from the bedroom. He was walking out of the bedroom at the same time his buddy was re-emerging. "So… change of plans… mom just Maria just messaged me and she's in town last minute…" He was lying so fuckin' hard and it was obvious by the way he was avoiding any eye contact. "She said she needs t' see me and I guess it's pretty important…. Uh… anyway." There was a pause full of terrible awkwardness before he shuffled his way in front of Dorien and moved towards the door as he shoved his hand through his hair. "Got ya' on a rain check for a piece a' this." He teased with a small shake of his ass, still heading for the door because fuck if he was going to give Dor time to debate him on anything. "… see ya later." A quick pat of his pockets to ensure that he had all he needed before he was completely out the door and closing it behind him.

Dorien Spade
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 12:05 AM

Just as he came out of the bathroom, BOOM, Abel was there, clothes in arm. Dorien cocked his head back at the load of bull Abel was trying to feed him but said nothing, watching the other shuffle past him awkwardly after, "Uh- O-" But he was cut off again, then a few times, and suddenly Abel was out the door.

Dorien had followed him only to the middle of the living room, because by the time he'd gotten that far, Abel had already made it out the door and it was swinging shut behind him. He stared at the door for longer than was needed, "Okay...." Speaking to the door as if it was going to relay his message. He worked his phone from his back pocket in preparation of texting Abel, but instead stared at it. What was he going to text him? What he'd just said to the door? A quick goodbye? Something saying he wanted to turn that rain check in as soon as possible? Instead he bobbed his phone in the air for a few seconds and moved to flop down on the couch, looking down at the two coffee's he'd gotten.

Why did it feel so strange for Abel to just dart like that? It wasn't just a little bell going off saying something had upset Abel, and that made Dorien inwardly squirm with discomfort. No. No Feelings. He pulled his phone up again and decided to send Maria a casual text-- thhhheeeennnn decided against it. What if Maria was around Hector? Or Hector picked her phone up, or flipped his shit over something else? Fucking guy had a restraining order against Dorien-- he'd put it up shortly after the Trial just to make sure he was 'safe'.. although really if Dorien wanted to hurt the guy, he wouldn't care what a shred of paper said.

Regardless he decided against it and leaned back on his couch, closed his eyes, and held his shoulder for quite some time before he finally got up and fetched his brace.

He'd hit Abel up in a while. Er, no, maybe a few days. Fuck was that okay either? .... No. No best he avoid that nice ass until he'd gotten this ..... catching feelings thing under control. It was probably a fluke anyway... that's what he would keep telling himself, at least.

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