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This Episode: Missing: lost Kat. Jaya may have spotted her, but there is a suspicious ghost running away. Should she chase the ghost or go wrangle her friend?

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 BFF turning to lover, Pretty open request, lots of freedom.
Pierre Bauer
 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 08:01 PM

This is a pretty open request with a lot of freedom, I only have a few requirements.

This is for someone who would have been a long-time friend of Pierre. Pierre moved to Geneva a couple of months before he turned six in 1993, and lived there with his sister until he moved away to study in Zürich when he was nineteen in 2006, so they would have had to have lived in Geneva during those times. Pierre is 30 (born in July 1987), and I wouldn't want this friend to be any younger than them, a little older perhaps, but i'm open to ages. A couple of years older would probably work out good.

Open with gender as well, this person could be a male or a female. I have a few more plot points for a male, but overall I am open.

Pierre living with sister and her husband after the death of his father when Pierre was five in a plane accident (along with 3 older siblings), followed seven months later by the death of his mother.

When Pierre was seven his brother-in-law David started hitting and inappropriate touching, always careful never to leave marks and never around Pierre's sister Madeleine. Pierre gradually changed from happy to withdrawn, getting worse as he got older. From the time he was ten until around sixteen he was also frequently raped by David.

After moving to Zürich he made more of an effort to appear friendly, and gradually his natural happy, energetic side came out, however he does have major issues in trusting people, and won't talk much about his past or family and won't let people get to close.

It took until he was twenty-seven to start dating. However the day after his 29th birthday he was attacked by his girlfriend's brother and two of the guy's friends; He was raped and beaten so badly that he required stitches and a week and a half hospital stay. However because the start of the attack was caught on a security camera, and several people witnessed the three men running away, they were all caught and charged.

My idea is that this friend would have figured out Pierre's step brother David was doing something, even though Pierre would have refused to say anything.

Personality for this person is open, but I don't want them to be a complete asshole/badguy. Someone who would be one of the very few people Pierre would trust.

I would like this to turn from a friendship into a relationship, with the eventual reality that Pierre would start to speak about what David did. Someone that Pierre could trust completely, and who isn't going to betray him later along. It would be a very long-term plot however, and I think would be fun to play out.

Play-by's are pretty open, but I can offer a few suggestions of people I like.

I would recommend reading through Pierre's app if you are interested as well to get a bit of an idea as to what sort of person would go well.

If you are interested I am happy to talk! Feel free to send me a PM to talk, I also have discord and can provide a username if you wish to chat.


Pierre Bauer
Mathias Falk

Pierre Bauer | 30 | Physiotherapist | From Switzerland
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