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 Lover / Partner, Friend to lover, lots of freedom
Pierre Bauer
 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 01:33 AM

This is for a person who would eventually be Pierre's lover/partner. They would start out as friends and then become lovers/partners, I would love to RP this out. Pierre has a number of issues so this would be a long-term plot.

Two main ideas I have are:
- Friend who has known Pierre for quite a number of years, either they have kept in touch all along or fallen out of touch and only gotten back in touch recently
- Childhood friend's older brother/sister
If you have any other idea's feel free to share them.

I am pretty open about this and just have a few requirements.

This person would have had to have known Pierre for a number of years. He lived in Geneva with his sister her husband from a few months before he turned six in 1993 until he moved away to Zürich to study when he was nineteen in 2006. It would be good if this person had known him during his childhood, but they could also have been someone he met when he moved to Zürich. If they were a childhood friend's older sibling, then they would have had to have known him during his childhood and lived in Geneva for a while.

Exact nationality and ethnicity is pretty open, however they would have needed to have lived in Switzerland for a while, and speak Swiss German and/or French. Geneva is French-speaking, so if they lived there they would need to speak French, where as Zürich is German speaking, so if they were there they would likely need to speak Swiss German.

Exact age is open, it all depends on what idea you like. I'm open on male or female, but would probably slightly prefer a male, I have a few more plot points for a male.

Pierre was abused by his brother-in-law for many years and became incredibly withdrawn. After moving to Zürich he made more of an effort and slowly his natural happy, energetic self came out, however he does still have major issues in trusting people, and doesn't like to let peole close. It took him a long time to start dating, but the day after his 29th birthday his girlfriend's brother attacked and raped him badly, and she dumped him soon afterwards.

An idea I had was that this person would have figured out that Pierre had been abused. Maybe they even figured out who was doing it. Pierre wouldn't have volunteered the information, and while he isn't going to deny it he isn't going to confirm it either. Eventually though, he would trust them enough to talk about it, even if the other person had to do quite a bit of persuading to get him to.

Personality is open, as long as they aren't a complete asshole/badguy, someone trustworthy who could be one of the very few people who Pierre would trust and who he could grow to love.

Play-by's are open, however I do have a few who I do like and can suggest depending on what idea you like. For an friend's older brother I would love Kimi Räikkönen, but this isn't necessary.

I'm happy to talk and work things out for someone who is interested. Feel free to send me a PM to my Player account Mikko if you are interested. I also have discord and can provide a username if you would like to chat.


Pierre Bauer
Mathias Falk

Pierre Bauer | 30 | Physiotherapist | From Switzerland
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 05:27 PM

Bump, still looking.
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