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Halloween Season is here!
From now through november

The Lochland Ghosts have appeared again. To celebrate this Halloween this year we offer a variety of fun things.

1. The haunted Halloween forum
2. A fun haunted skin
3. Festive Games
4. Ghost Hunt
5. Choose your own adventure

Welcome to Lochland Grove

We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

Haunted Halloween Party!
End Date: 12/09/17
Halloween has come to Lochland, and the old Richfield Family Manson welcomes everyone to attend a costume party unlike any other. The old building features a bed and breakfast, museum, and a Ballroom for celebrations.

Be warned: The Mansion is haunted! Any characters threading here are giving permission for the ghosts to play.


Site News

October 20th
There are new ghosts AND Decision 3 is up.

October 18TH
New ghosts are hiding around Lochland. Can you find them all?.

October 16th
The Adventure continues! What happens next?.



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 Lacking Logic, Tag: Kat, Anthony Bryant
Anthony Bryant
 Posted: May 23 2017, 12:40 PM

He had a plan. It wasn’t even complicated. The sad part was that he couldn’t drink anymore, but at least Lenny was gonna get his meds. Tony kidna wished he’d fall asleep now. "Tired... but, I dunno, I might need my meds to totally sleep. My ribs are fucking killing me." Seriously? Whatever. The bouncer huffed out of his nose, knowing he’d have to get up in a second, but first he wanted to ask about Frankie. Maybe he should keep an eye on her? "M'yeah. Maybe all of us. Those guys... they knew where we were. I dunno.. if they followed us or shit." Uh... all of them? Lenny wanted him to bodygaurd ALL of them?

Okay, he was gonna get those pain meds.

Getting up, he went to grab his keys. ”Wait, where’s Kyler?” Seriously? ”I dunno. Out doing whatever Ky does, when he wants to do it?” No seriously, that was his answer. ”He’ll probably wander in again soon.” Okay, now he was irritated. ”He should start paying rent if he’s gonna live here, dude. You should talk to him.” Not him. For all he knew his friend would lock themselves up in the only bathroom they had in the apartment. No thanks.

”Okay, since you can’t deal without drugs I’m gonna go get you your drunks.” He came back out of the bedroom ready to get shit done. ”You’ve got booze ‘n a chaser ‘n time so try to relax. i’m not the person you needed to avoid, btw. Ky is probably gonna have a bitch fit.” No seriously, he was gonna bitch ‘n throw a fit. It was totally the perfect description. ”He’s not stupid though. Just be honest with him.” The Mime did one more check through his pockets. ”Okay. Later.” With a quick ‘sup nod, he opened the door and headed out to get Lenny meds before the vodka was totally gone.

Lenny Neroni
 Posted: May 27 2017, 12:13 PM

Lenny was fairly out of it, his brain struggling and exhausted after the extreme experiences of the day, and he didn't think Tony giving him complicated answers to fairly simple questions was helping. So, Ky was out, but it took Lenny a few minutes to derive that information from the way Tony had said it. And then - rent? Of all the times. Lenny just groaned and swatted at the air. It wasn't a conversation he'd feel comfortable having when he was properly lucid, never mind in the state he was in.

Tony offering to get his drugs was good and Lenny slowly, feebly stretched his legs out a little on the couch. He might have been milking his injury a little, but his tiredness combined with the fact his chest seemed to hurt even when he only moved an inch was enough to frustrate him.

Tony was still talking in riddles. Why would Ky have a bitch fit? Why did it matter that Ky wasn't stupid? Be honest with him about what? Lenny had tried to avoid his roommate and boyfriend and having to explain his injuries, but it had been for the benefit of himself and not wanting to explain anything rather than thinking he might get a bad reception. It still hadn't occurred to him that that might be the case.

"Later..." Lenny frowned after Tony, still trying to decipher what his roommate had been saying when he started drifting off to sleep.
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