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 Caregiver Connections, Abel Jensen
Abel Jensen
 Posted: May 16 2018, 10:44 AM

Abel didn't have shit set. He didn't want it set either because the carefree life worked so damn well for him and required way less responsibility. It wasn't a big fuckin' deal or anything, he was still young enough that he didn't really think he needed anything to be set in stone. Mean, that was the biggest issue that he had with his parents too. They both thought he should be settling down and starting a family and finding a 'real' job. What did that even fuckin' mean anyway? Whatever it was he was pretty sure that he didn't fucking want anything that serious. Nah, he was perfectly happy to drink his way through the rest of his twenties.

The damn neon orange plaster coating his ankle was putting a bit of a damper in those plans but this was just temporary and he was possibly making a new friend out of it so it couldn't be all that bad, right? The topic wasn't so bad either, though he wasn't entirely expecting the answer he'd got when he asked if Tony had experience fighting. Brows pinching together, he stared at the plate on his lap for a long moment. Abel had grown up with two brothers and a few of the Spades too so fighting was just a thing that happened but he'd never been fuckin' bullied or anything and he didn't really have shit to say to it either. Tony's words had a weird sort of heaviness in the former soldier's mind so he just sorta shrugged past it. "That sucks, man." Sure, the guy would know that already but Abel didn't know what else he could add so…

Talk of being an adult was a bit easier. It was just ranting about how easy shit was when he was a kid and how fast dreams start to feel impossible as you get older and understand the world. No fuckin' wonder he didn't like dealing with reality… it was a bitch. "Yeah I guess. I want something real. Fantasy isn’t good enough for me. The closer I get to what I really want the better." Well shit… that made sense too so maybe he just didn't want to deal with reality right now. Whatever. Then it happened. "Uh.. so...You got a plan for anything? I mean. Dreams ‘n shit. A goal?" Uuuuh, no. He really didn't have much of a plan at the moment other than getting well enough to fuckin' drink again but that wasn't anywhere near on par with what Tony had in mind for himself. "I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna watch me study for forever. Really you should sleep a shit-ton until everything is mostly healed, but I’m not your mom." A short snorted laugh escaped him. "Dunno really… mean, I could work with my dad but… nah. I thought I'd be in the military for a while but I guess I just fuckin' missed this place too much 'n I haven't thought too much about it since." Yeah sure… that worked well enough for someone who wasn't his mom.

"We need to make sure you don’t lay in one position for too long though. I know from experience that that will fuck you up." "I'll get into any position you want me in." The words and that big stupid smirk had come before he had a chance to filter them but come on, only so much could be expected when he was drugged up and trying to avoid letting the conversation get to serious. It took him a few seconds to even attempt a recovery from his flirtatious instinct. "Uh… mean, whatever you suggest is best…?" Pfffft, totally fuckin' smooth.

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