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Happy 4th Birthday, Lochland Grove!
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 Beasts of Perdition {M}, Tag: Lenny Neroni, Cooper Tanaka
Cooper Tanaka
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 11:44 AM

Lenny wasn't the first difficult guy Cooper would have to deal with today nor would he be the last, when it came to the question Cooper was ready to hear some protest about it being too personal or her not wanting to talk about it but, she did and at that revelation Cooper could only nod as the jotted the information down, the most relevant being the nipple piercings which meant he could classify this as a sexual assault easily now especially considering the suspect removed them personally or forced her to. It took him a moment to jot it all down but he stopped and re-read all he had written for her statement before looking back to Frankie.

She asked if she had to sign things, in particular the statement to which Cooper has opened his mouth to reply only to be interrupted by Mr. Neroni who seemed strongly opposed to signing things at the moment. He swallowed the urge to saying thing smart and instead presented facts. "Absolutely, as soon as you sign your sworn statements so that they are actually sworn and approved with your signatures. Then you'll both likely be taken off to the hospital for treatment." He turned to Frankie first over her the clip board, and a pen, then pointing to the line where she had to sign. "Sign here and date there."

When she was done he took back the clip board and pen putting away her statement, while pulling out Lenny's statement and clipping it back at the top. With that done he turned towards Lenny to sign as he offered him both the clip board and pen and directing him o what to do. "Sign here and date there." He directed waiting for them to finish, turning he'd seen CSU arrive in a van to begin crime scene processing but taking their time to get their camera ready to document the scene. Cooper then turned to one of the EMT's "Make sure the doctor's document all injuries with photos and I'll be by after scene processing to pick it up." Though now Cooper watched to see if Lenny had finished by now.
Frankie Nazarro
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 05:42 PM

Frankie wasn’t in her normal mood, but being asked about her piercings, and being put on the spot about her body was something that she had been used to for a long time. Before she got her job as a stripper. Hell, if she wasn’t comfortable with it all, she wouldn’t have gotten that job to begin with. She wasn’t really interested in the details of this day though. The more she could ignore the better. Frankie could only assume that it would come down to some kind of sexual assault, just because of the location she’d chosen for those bars, but she didn’t want to think about that. The less sexual it was the better. Fuck Min was going to have a heart attack if someone said her girlfriend was sexually assaulted. Frankie didn’t need more to think about.

She also really didn’t want Lenny getting involved. He was on a short fuse, and she hoped that what she’d just said wasn’t shortening it. Fortunately or unfortunately they were probably going to be separated soon. It sounded like this was their final stretch with the police before they “got to go.” Because she wasn’t looking forward to the hospital either. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking fuck. She was going to have to deal with Catie, because Catie was easier to deal with than Min when it came to this. Like she had experience with this. Oh fuck. Right, she did need to sign things. Even if Lenny was bitching about it.

You don’t have to bitch about it, I already said stuff, then I won’t have to fuss with it anymore,” Frankie said, sounding tired at Lenny. Frankie took the clip board as it was handed to her and she skimmed down it. Yeah. Ew. It just seemed gross reading about her day. She signed and dated at the bottom.

Make sure the doctor’s document all injuries with photos” was among the statements made after that.

Frankie felt all the more tired. She didn’t need that. She didn’t need to be a piece of evidence. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Keep it together, Frankie. Just… chill. She licked her lips. They felt dry. She felt like she was zoning out to get away from all of this, but she would move when told to do so, and did end up further into the ambulance. She supposed that they would leave once Lenny was done with his paperwork.

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Lenny Neroni
 Posted: Jul 16 2017, 06:37 AM

"I'm not bitching." Lenny argued, despite the fact that what he saying sounded like a support against his claim. "I just wanna go already. I hate cops." He groaned, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was a police officer in front of him, easily in earshot. He'd sunk into a firm pit of feeling sorry for himself and nothing else mattered. He was tired, exhausted. The surge of adrenaline from the event had long passed, leaving him feeling wiped out.

He looked up when the clipboard was offered his way, rolling his eyes but grabbing both it and the pen. He sighed dramatically, glaring down at the form. He didn't bother to read it or go over any of it at all, simply looking for the space to sign and then messily scrawling a signature in the space provided. He filled in the date, his usual messy writing even less legible than usual.

The comment about documenting injuries flew straight past him, all of Lenny's anger focused on the task of the form. When he was done, he held out the clipboard and pen to Cooper, regardless of whether the officer was ready to take it.

"And now we get to go to the fucking hospital." Lenny bit out, "Even though we're fine." None of the EMTs around him rose to the bait of Lenny claiming he was fine and he finally shut up, simply stewing in his bad mood in silence instead.
Cooper Tanaka
 Posted: Jul 18 2017, 10:00 PM

Their moods were far from optimal which was understandable, Cooper wouldn't be in the best of mood if someone kicked his ass and left him bloodied, which has happened but they didn't need to know that. She said her piece to Lenny which Cooper was staying out of because well, he didn't want this to go any deeper than possible but she took the clipboard as requested and signed and dated which made the statement official though of course Lenny would say he wasn't bitching though Cooper could fully disagree but again he wouldn't because well that particular pot didn't need stirring.

Yet his next comment about hating cops well, Cooper really held his tongue on that one he wasn't going to bite that bait. But nonetheless Cooper turned and offered him the clipboard and showed him where to sign and date then waited, when he was offered back Cooper took it and glanced over it and the date to make sure it was filled. "Thank you sir." Cooper said deciding to maintain some decorum rather than lose his shit and put both away. Then he commented on going to the hospital and deciding that they were fine. "Well a doctor will check you both out anyway okay? We're done here EMT, if either of you have questions please don't hesitate to call the station to follow up your case. Again I'm Sergeant Tanaka so if you call and want to speak to the investigating officer that will be me."

Cooper then stepped away from the ambulance giving the EMT's the space to close the back doors if they needed to while another officer approached and whispered into his ear about the case as Cooper nodded and smiled. He was tempted to say have a good day but Lenny might have used it as a means of telling him to go fuck himself. Instead he simply walked away handing off the clip board to the other officer as they headed inside the house where the crime scene tape had already been set up until CSU documented everything and cleared it.
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