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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Ryo Nakamura, 36 | Stranger | Ry
Ryo Nakamura
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 11:55 PM

birth date
Musician and Composer


Height: 5’9”
Weight: 146 lbs.
Build: Lean and muscular.
Hair: Varying hues of brown, short, soft.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Apparel: Fashionable business wear, nothing flashy or gaudy.

Teetering on the shorter end of stature, Ryo is only five foot nine with his weight fluctuating around the 150 range. His lean build hides a surprising display of muscles defined beneath his naturally almond tinted skin. Ryo is slender, even with the subtle pop of strength, and that is likely one of the more notable features about him, especially in detailing his hands. Being a classical pianist, the man has long, lithe, fingers and always keeps his nails perfectly manicured as his hands are on display more so than the rest of him and clearly one of his favorite features about himself.

None of his features are overwhelmingly prominent and it could even be said that the man has a bit of a baby face that is only betrayed by his deep chocolate eyes. It's been said that a person's eyes are the window to their soul and Ryo's hold a sort of dark wisdom behind them, that edge fitting seamlessly typically void expression. Yes, he can be perfectly expressive but chooses to show his emotions in more subtle ways. However, on the impossibly rare occasion that he does actually show his emotion, it is possible to catch a glimpse of dimples.

He keeps his naturally highlighted tresses cut short so the length is just enough to brush the nape of his neck in the back but short enough that it does not cover his ears on the sides. His hair is mostly straight but certainly does not lack body and has a slightly fluffy and silky look when dry. Though the length does allow his hair to fall in front of his eyes from time to time it is not something that bothers him terribly and he prefers wearing it loose than tying it back with a hair band.

When expressing himself with the attire he wears, Ryo always dresses professionally. He doe not own loungewear and certainly would not allow himself to be seen in anything less than an elegant suit tailored specifically to fit his form. Jewelry and other decorative items are, as far as he is concerned, more trouble than they are worth and will rarely be seen sporting anything save for maybe a pair of fine cufflinks. That being said, the man does have a few body modifications but deliberately keeps them hidden from plain view.


Never underestimate the power of silence, it is something that Ryo places a high value on with himself and others. With an air of professionalism, the pianist keeps his wealth of opinions to himself unless they are requested of him and tends not to seek out conversation unless he is overly interested in someone or something. While he does not initiate most conversations it hardly means that he is shy. On the contrary, Ryo is a very confident man who embeds conviction in every elegant and graceful word or action that comes from him. He simply values the merit of mystery a person can possess and enjoys uncovering bits and pieces of a person through strategic conversation rather than have everything laid out from the beginning. This stems from his need to protect his own share of secrets as well as being mindful of the privacy of others too. It is a matter of respect and though he knows such a thing is commonly earned he is more inclined to give the courtesy to most unless or until a reason is presented for him not to.

  Determination is another quality that runs strongly through him and it is rare that he will give up on anything he decides to try. His own resolve is easily projected onto others and he can be very encouraging but will not force motivation for anything on anyone. Deciding what he wants from life comes easily to him, as does working towards what he wants. Self-betterment tends to take priority over most other things in his opinion with his career and his family's business being the only other true contestants for his stringent focus.

  When social interaction takes center stage it is either due to someone approaching him or an overwhelming curiosity on his part; though either situation is met with the same soft-spoken and distant attention. Despite what his quiet demeanor would suggest, the pianist is far from being a pushover. Being acutely aware of his own self-worth ensures that he does not easily bend to the will of other's because he refuses to be manipulated for anyone else's gain. However, there are a select few exceptions to this rule and that small collection of people have more than earned Ryo's unyielding loyalty.

  Well into his thirties, the man is a creature of habit and has little interest in changing the things he has grown accustomed to but will not exclude himself from trying new things that draw his interest. Hesitant emotions and regret are not common plagues in his mind; in fact, Ryo would be hard-pressed to find a decision from his past that could elicit feelings of contriteness because he chooses to find something positive in all situations. However, he is nowhere near naïve enough to believe that there is nothing terrible and twisted in the world.

  In some regards, he is one of those terribly twisted things but it would take a rather unfortunate soul to discover that about him. He is aware that, like all people, he possesses his own set of unique flaws and has accepted them. That is taken into consideration when dealing with others as well and though he acknowledges the unattainableness of perfection it neither stops him from striving for it nor means that he has to resolve to endure the inadequacies of others. While he is tolerant of these deficiencies and the differences that he has with other people it certainly has no diminishing effect on his selectiveness where relationships are concerned.

  Allowing himself to become attached to anyone is a careful process for the pianist and not one that he enters into lightly. He highly believes that relationships, be they friend or business or otherwise, should be between equal parties. While social hierarchies do not play the same level of importance in the varying degree of affiliation it is still relevant and he values it closely but it is not rude and chooses to politely distance himself from certain people. His high opinion of himself could be perceived as snobbery but his feelings on the matter tie back into his refusal to be used; anyone not willing to work to achieve what he has will not be earning a free ride into the lifestyle through him.

  One final note on his personality is that Ryo is not one to argue. Though firm in his opinions and beliefs and open to the ideas of others he is not the type to get into a debate fueled by emotion. Contrastingly, he does enjoy sound discussions of opposing views so long as the parties involved remain impartial to offense and can back up their preferred side with logic and facts. The moment a disagreement turns into an argument he will exclude himself from the conversation because his time is too valuable to waste on petty disputes. In this way, he is passive and would rather concede than pander to the dull wit of someone who cannot carry out a simple debate without becoming emotionally invested.


A person's past is private and Ryo much prefers to keep his history under a strictly guarded lock and key; he is quite the expert on misdirecting any unwarranted attempts to pry into the tangled mess of secrets that compile the story of his youth. Anyone who asked would be rewarded with a well-rehearsed excerpt that could easily be found with a short internet search.

  Ryo grew up in Brazil with his family, the trite details of which are not worth boring anyone over and the man always insists on beginning his tale with his introduction into music. It was a skill he had begun developing at a young age but even as a child, his talent with the ivories was impossible to ignore. He was strongly encouraged to pursue this talent and managed to finish his required schooling at the age of fifteen before being accepted into Julliard for his talent with the piano.

  Money was hardly an issue for his family and with nothing holding him back he focused on his studies for the next several years as he earned a multitude of degrees with the prestigious school of music and arts. By the time he earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree, he was in his late teens. However, as important as his education was, family held an even firmer grasp on his leash of loyalty and as he went on to strive for the heights of a professional career he was still tightly bound to the other members of his family but those juicy details are the ones securely hidden from the light of day.

  Centeio. The family name will send a perfect shiver of mixed respect and fear down the right man's spine but not one often heard in conjecture with Ryo Nakamura. That distinction has been, and always would be, deliberately separate for the pianist though not for lack of disloyalty. It was true that the pedophiliac drug lord had adopted Ryo into his family when he was young enough not remember anything prior and while Daddy and his misfit band of purchased children made for an interesting childhood it was not necessarily one that he held disdain for.

  At any rate he survived, thrived even, and came out the other side with knowledge of things that made him considerably more formidable than he looked. The undertones of a monster painting one's personality were simply part of the package when growing up under the circumstances that he had. Daddy had enjoyed his music, a saving grace and a curse all in one package, but he had Colton to thank for escaping with the level of sanity that he had. Since his brother had taken on the role of Daddy's favorite to protect his siblings where he could and Daddy wanted him to perfect his gift, he spent less time under the drug lord's direct influence. It helped but no one tied to the Centeio name came out innocent or unscathed.

  The years after his graduation from Julliard have been spent successfully climbing the ladder of fame among classical compositions, completing several other musical and non-musical degrees at his whim, and being summoned for matters of family business.

Over the course of the last several years, Ryo and his brothers have been busy claiming the family business for their own. Daddy crossed an unforgivable line that deemed him unfit to rule the drug empire that he had created; he was usurped, permanently. However, claiming the proverbial throne left vacant with Daddy’s passing hasn’t been easy. Balancing his career with establishing, and maintaining, dominance in the wicked world of the family business has proved incredibly draining, for all of them, but not to the point of faltering.

Finally, his arrival in Lochland is credited to a trip he took to Paris a few months prior. He had been commissioned to perform at a charity event in the French city. While there he had a rather unconventional meeting with Rhys Abernathy that, without going into too much detail, led to a new contract for work. It had taken only a handful of weeks to get everything situated for him to have temporary, but adequate, housing in Lochland Grove. Of course, his presence in this small town has nothing to do with the fact that his brother’s fiancé is not without a bodyguard either.



|| Pinstripes || Gummy bears || Black and white movies || Silence || Museums || His piano || Personal space || Music||


|| Excessive noise || Disorganization || Smoking || Sleeping || Greasy food|| Excuses|| Muse block|| Kiwi||


>Ryo experiences insomnia due to central sleep apnea and generally will only manage to get a handful of hours of sleep every other night. This has been occurring long enough that it does not affect his daily function.
>He is fluent in several languages, though he has not bothered to keep a running tally of the ones he knows the list includes but is not limited to: Portuguese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Latin, Arabic, and several dead languages.
>Proficient in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)


© darren criss

See Kyler Landon

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 07:21 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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