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Haunted Halloween Party!
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Halloween has come to Lochland, and the old Richfield Family Manson welcomes everyone to attend a costume party unlike any other. The old building features a bed and breakfast, museum, and a Ballroom for celebrations.

Be warned: The Mansion is haunted! Any characters threading here are giving permission for the ghosts to play.


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 A new adventure, Casey Wallace, Mathias Falk {Wick Mikko}
Charlotte Williams
 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 08:03 PM

Gasping as she overheard Mathias curse a few times she didn’t want him to set a bad example for his son and she usually kicked him or nudged him to shut it when he did. “Aww babe stop it! Don’t encourage him, ok ok. That’s fair enough Case, you can always stay the night too. We have plenty of room,” She suggested as she was trying to offer her hospitality to some friends to stay the night. Would it be awkward if she asked him to sleep over? Would Mathias get jealous? She didn’t want to cause trouble but she just didn’t want him to drive so late in the evening when Mathias’s place was on the outskirts of Lochland.

“I’m not sure. I love the supreme kind of pizza, no. Please just sit and relax. We will make it, right love?” she said towards Mathias and walked over to help him bring out all the ingredients. “My parents cursed like a sailor all the time, well we’re Greek. So Greeks like to cook, and curse and drink wine,” she laughed and made sure to get the knife to chop the veggies and bring the other vegetables out on the table. She wanted to enjoy this quality friend and family time together. The pizza would be ready soon. She watched him lay out the pizza and the marinara sauce as she grabbed the ranch dressing for dipping.

She felt that she could be tempted with making some barbeque frozen buffalo wings which she had bought the other day. They weren’t the best for you but she turned on the oven and removed one of the pans on the kitchen counter as she opened the bag of wings and poured them over the foil on top of the pan. She loved this sort of thing. It was great. She liked hearing his stories about his past since she didn’t know him when he was younger and was glad that she had met him now.

new outfit :]

Charlotte's Apartment || Kitchen | Charlotte's Bedroom | Office Room | Guest Room | Roxy - Charlotte's dog <3

tag: Wick
words: 342
notes: Casey, Charlotte and Mathias. <3

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-made by MARDY BUM @Caution - xoxo
Mathias Falk
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 01:31 AM

In every day life Mathias didn't normally go around swearing a lot, especially if Lukas was around. But sometimes they just slipped out. But when he was in his race car it was a different story. Emil spoke, saying that most race car drivers were completely different creatures once you put them behind the wheel of a car, and that at some point they all said things that they wouldn't normally say.

It was true, Mathias was certainly prone to doing so. His outbursts over the radio tended to come when things weren't going so well. If he was really pushing hard and concentrating they didn't usually get much out of him at all apart from the odd complaint about another driver doing something that he considered was stupid.

Growing up Mathias didn't really remember anyone like the man who Casey spoke about. His grandfather might be the closest, but the man hadn't actually sworn much; He had, however, been rather opinionated and not afraid to say what he was really thinking. "My brother Leo was always getting me in trouble for teaching me swear words or naughty phrases, except it didn't take much for them to figure out who I was learning them off."

"I was thinking you could just make one with what you like on it. I already know what Lukas will want on his." The pizza bases were ones he had made and frozen and were a good size for them to have one each. Lukas immediately spoke up, announcing that he wanted ham and pineapple, and Mathias chuckled because he knew that was exactly what the boy was going to choose.

Mathias pulled out a knife to cut the ham up for Lukas. Emil happily made one for himself with crème fraîche instead of marinara sauce, topping it with bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms and swiss cheese. Mathias himself went for something a bit more traditional, using tomato sauce, mozzarella with German sausage and oregano. And of course there was supreme for Charlotte.

He put Casey's pizza in the oven first, with Lukas's one as well. Charlotte was getting out frozen wings, so Emil got out the bowl of salad from the fridge while Lukas set the table. "Can I get you something to drink?" Mathias turned to Casey.

Casey Wallace
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 11:40 AM

In a flurry of activity Charlotte and Mathias were pulling things out of the fridge, cooking things up, and laying out crusts and sauces to build a selection of personal pizzas for each of them. Case was amazed at how stocked their kitchen was, from ham and pineapple, to cooking up bacon and onions. They even brought out some crème fraiche, which Case had never before seen on pizza.

It made Case smile, seeing just how prepared they seemed for pizza night. And as if that wasn’t though, Charlotte was pulling out a selection of wings to toss into the oven as though their smorgasbord of pizza offerings wasn’t enough. However when Charlotte mentioned that Case could spend the night his attention lifted from the countertops to offer up an apologetic shake of his head, “Oh no. I wouldn’t put you out like that. Besides, it’s not like anyone has far to go when getting back home in this town,” he offered with a bright smile.

Both Charlotte and Mathias had a few more comments on growing up around people or family who had colorful tongues. Case smiled softly, finding it interesting how they each grew up getting a bit more vocabulary than others at their early ages might have been exposed to. They were certainly different circumstances than Case’s, he’d always been told if you didn’t have anything nice to say to not say anything at all. Even now, when Case was wandering around his home at night and stubs his toe, the first thing he does is reach up to cover his mouth just to make sure he didn’t say anything too cross. That’s just who he was.

Mathias explained that they’d each make their own pizzas, and that Case would get his in the oven first with Lukas’. Case looked around the topping choices again and figuring it was just simpler to work with what they had out, Case started with the marinara.

It had been a while since Case had made his own pizza. “Gosh I can’t remember the last time I did this,” he expressed, smiling as he spooned on a bit of the sauce onto his crust. “My mother used to make cookie sheet pizza when I was young. That or Italian bread pizzas – you know, where you cut a loaf of Italian bread in half and then put the sauce, cheese, and toppings on each half? You cook them open-faced and then slice them in half and eat them. I guess now they have these fancy things,” Case said, pointing to the ready-made pizza crusts they were each building their pizza’s on.

Case then moved onto the toppings, picking the pepperoni and as many vegies as he could get his hands on. “There used to be a place here in Lochland called Nicholo’s – best pizza ever. They had sauce that had a bit of kick to it – red pepper. I always liked the spice. It was just strong enough to make the sauce a bit sassy, but not so much as to make it really hot. Then they always put the toppings on first, and then the cheese – boy did they pile on the cheese. It was the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever seen. Finally, to top it off, they cut every pizza into squares. I always found that fascinating as a kid. Mom hated it because you had those pieces that had no crust on them. She always complained she got her hands so greasy eating that pizza because you had nothing to hold onto. Pop and I – not really being guys who ate their pizza crusts anyway, loved the idea you could have slices of pizza where nothing went to waste. In the end, Mom ate the outside of the pizza, and Pop and I ate the center. Kind of like the whole Jack Sprat and his wife story,” Case said with a bright smile as he started piling on the cheese.

He exercised a bit of restraint though, making sure his indulgence with the cheese wouldn’t leave anyone falling short of getting their own pizza’s healthily covered. “Gosh, I guess tomorrow is a long run,” Case said, thinking of how he’d have to work off these calories tomorrow with a stepped-up exercise plan. “…but you’ve got to treat yourself now and again, right?” Case asked, sliding his pizza over to Mathias so he could get his and his son’s into the oven.

When Mathias asked what Case would like to drink Case had to wonder if their beverage selections were just as vast as their pizza bar. “Um…” Case said, not knowing what all he had to choose from. “I’m actually good with just a glass of ice water,” he offered, going back to his usual go-to drink. “…but being the well-traveled man such as you are, if you happen to have any of that sparkling water handy, I’d take that too,” Case offered with a bit of a sheepish expression as he hoped he wasn’t being too forward in his request.

Case looked to Charlotte. “So now that you’re moving in here, what’s the plan with your old place? You looking to sell, or were you thinking of hanging onto it and maybe renting it out?” Case shrugged, “Not that it’s any of my business mind you, but I do happen to know a stellar realtor should you need someone.”
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