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 Gabriel Wright, 31|Local|Caturae
Gabriel Wright
 Posted: May 17 2017, 03:05 PM

birth date
Tattoo Artist
Unlabelled - see below

*Gabriel would not choose to fit himself to any label as to his sexual orientation, believing them limiting. He is who he is and likes who he likes - to him, it as simple as that.


Hair Colour: Natural pale blonde, though bleaches it to achieve an even whiter blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Very pale
Height: 6'2
Build: Slight, lithe, skinny, has a willowy appearance, though his shoulders are fairly wide for the rest of his stature. Almost zero body fat. Tiny waist, barely any butt.
Piercings: Both earlobes and a conch piercing, left nostril, right eyebrow, lip, both nipples. He doesn't always wear all of his piercings.
Tattoos: Gabriel is covered quite literally from head to toe in ink. Most of his tattoos are inked in the 'traditional' style, the same style that Gabriel himself prefers. He designed most of his tattoos himself, usually with a specific meaning or event in mind, although some are filler or more frivolous. He doesn't have specific 'sleeves' or large planned illustrations, but many of his tattoos merge alongside each other.
Notable tattoos (NOT all of the tattoos he has)
Back -A trail of ivy down back of spine, with traditional style swallows flying amidst the leaves
Forearm - Ramones logo on forearm
Chest A torn section of a realistic heart and ribcage, with music notes coming from within on the left side of his chest, over his actual heart
Stomach - Two mirrored swallows, flying towards each other and down
Inner Ear - A small tattoo of a skull.
Misc Details:
Clothing: Gabriel wears a lot of black and a lot of stone-washed denim. He often skirts between gender barriers, his clothing somewhat androgynous. He has a strong influence of punk rock in what he wears.


Thoughtful, unconventional, quick-witted, intelligent, self-assured, inappropriate, mean, wild, creative

Gabriel Wright is an enigma, a mystery, a puzzle - quite purposefully so.

First and foremost, Gabriel is strange. He is manipulative and enjoys playing 'parts', putting on different aspects of his personality as he sees fit, and sometimes just making up other characters and acting a part. He enjoys provoking, lying, intimidating and trying to goad reactions out of people. He plays heavily into irony and has a very dry sense of humour, so much that it's not always easy for people to tell if he's joking or being serious. Is he mocking a stereotype, or is he actually a stereotype? Is he mocking a cause, or is he for the cause? While it can seem purely for amusement, he also uses these strange methods to judge people, to try and decipher what sort of a person somebody is and what their intentions are and thereafter, whether they're worthy of his respect. He is oddly tolerant, in his own way. If someone is strong in a belief he is more likely to respect them even if he disagrees with the actual belief - but anyone with any 'blind' or un-researched beliefs, he will rip apart. He sees this as himself helping others to benefit themselves.

Gabriel can be mean, absolutely scathing, but he has a strangely true sense of justice and what is right and wrong. Gabriel has strong personal convictions deep down, though how obvious they are depends how much he is willing to show of his true self, mockery and amusement aside. He is intelligent, but not a genius, able to easily pick up most skills and talents but not to a complete or awe-ful mastery. He has a very good memory. While not eidetic, he has a sharp eye and mind for detail. He enjoys learning, bettering himself.

Part of Gabriel's ability to be so harsh and uncaring is how amazingly self-assured he is. He doesn't equate his value through the perception of others, but through his own opinion of himself. He feels everyone should be like this. However, he still enjoys attention or being in the spotlight, even if that attention is other people being shocked at his behavior. Gabriel likes to challenge boundaries and social norms.

Underneath his eclectic amusements and quirks, Gabriel has an inner calm, one that has grown as he's aged and not too many people get to see. He has softened as he has grown older, believing to see the world for what it really is while letting go of the anger from his youth. He feels an affinity with animals and plants and enjoys being around nature. Whereas people can be hypocrites, animals are instinctual and Gabriel respects them for it.


Gabriel was born in Lochland Grove to John and Ivy Wright. John was the local minister, having moved to the area to join a local church a few years prior. Ivy was young, pretty and quiet, with kind sensibilities and having been orphaned at a young age. The marriage was happy, or appeared to be - until it was revealed that John was living a double life.

When Gabriel was eight, his father was stripped of his privileges from the church when it was found he had been committing adultery. It turned out to be a pattern and John had another 'family' a few towns over. He left Ivy with their three children, running away from his shame after being caught out.

Gabriel was raised in Lochland Grove. He was a sassy child and a difficult teenager, with an infuriating amount of intelligence that he'd use to annoy teachers and classmates alike. His mother was a calming influence to him, but he still had a wild, creative energy that needed to be unleashed.

After graduating high school, Gabriel decided to move to L.A to attend college. He went to study English Literature but dropped out just before completing the course in favor of a punk rock band he'd put together. He spent the next few years doing gigs and living and breathing the music scene, until he had a fallout with his band members (mostly over Gabriel's inability to share the limelight).

He attempted a short-lived solo career but soon gave up and moved on to becoming a tattoo artist instead, already having a significant number of tattoos. Gabriel traveled extensively in this time, visiting Europe and Australia, mostly back-packing and paying his way. He learned a lot, grew a lot, and came back mostly the same person, but like a Gabriel 2.0 - improved.

When he returned to L.A, Gabriel returned to College and finished his degree, still tattooing on the side. It was around this time that he met James Jordan when the other man was getting work done in the tattoo shop Gabriel worked at. Having been couch surfing for a considerable time, Gabriel moved in with James as a lodger.

It was the beginning of an unusual friendship, Gabriel admiring James' awkwardness and quirks where other people didn't. The two continued living together for years, acquiring a number of cats as well as the four Gabriel had owned previously. They likely would have continued comfortably coasting along, only Gabriel's mother, living across the other side of the country, fell ill. Months later his sister, who was supposed to be caring for his mother, was being imprisoned for fraud.

It wasn't a difficult decision for Gabriel - he was ready to move on from L.A, although he'd never expected it would be back to his hometown. Still, he made the move back to Lochland Grove, James faithfully in tow, so he could be closer to his mother while she might not have much time left.



Listening to music
The Ramones
Punk/rock music
Classical music
Playing guitar
Responsibly sourced products
Recycling/upcycling/make do and mend
Classical literature
Dry humour
Individuals - people he believes to be 'authentic', free thinkers


People who he considers phonies or fakers - ie, anyone who doesn't just be themself
Judgemental people
Monotony, 9-5
Those who try and force their beliefs on others
People who go along with the crowd
Big egos
Animal abuse/mistreatment
His fast metabolism
Sunburn (his skin burns like hell)
Gender Stereotypes


Optional information. Car? Phobia? Pets? Feel free to list it here. Gabriel doesn't own a car, despite having a license. He has a push-bike and a skateboard. If he does need the use of an actual car, he will borrow James Jordan's Toyota Yaris (which Gabriel mostly dislikes).

Gabriel has eight cats (yes, eight). All were strays or rescues bar two.


Mother - Ivy Wright
Gabriel's mother grew up in Lochland Grove. Ivy is a woman of strong faith, kindness, and humility. A girl from a simple family, she married young to a minister who had just moved to the area. After having three children, it was revealed her husband was cheating on her and also had families elsewhere. It was kept as hushed as possible. Her husband left her to raise the children on her own.
Gabriel is close to his mother and respects her above anyone else he knows. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and Gabriel moved back home to help her. She lives on the outskirts of town, used to her independence and privacy.

Father - John Wright
John was an ordained minister, once actually serving at a church in Lochland Grove, though he was stripped of his standing when found to be cheating on his wife, something he had done previously in other towns, and soon after moved away.He is depressive and drunk, with various families and children across the country.
Gabriel doesn't see his father often. While he mostly lacks respect for his father for the choices he's made, Gabriel tries to help him if he can. John has a habit of turning up drunk and in debt, expecting Gabriel's help. Sometimes Gabriel helps him - sometimes he doesn't, but he wouldn't actually leave his father in a ditch to die somewhere.

Older Brother - Steven Wright
Steven is married with three kids and has a desk job over where he lives in New Haven. He visits his mother when he can, but has obvious family commitments. His wife's family live in New Haven also.

Older Sister - Mary Wright
Gabriel gets along with Mary in the sense that they will make petty jabs at each other. They are incredibly similar in levels of intelligence and manipulation, however while Gabriel entertains himself, Mary turned her traits towards defrauding elderly men of their money while she was supposed to be looking after their mother. She has recently been charged and is currently serving a sentence in prison.

© darren criss
 Posted: May 17 2017, 03:16 PM


    Don't panic; we just have some notes for you before we can accept your character. One of our staff has sent you a PM, please follow the instructions there and bump your app when you've made the proper changes.

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