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 An Odd "First Date", Tag: Kieran Hill
Kieran Hill
 Posted: Jul 23 2017, 07:57 AM

Well at least he knew he wouldn't have to sit through endless boy meets girl type films. He couldn't think of anything worse. Each to their own, but he found them boring and predictable. Give him a good action or horror movie any day and he was game. "I think I used to want to be Bond when I was a kid. Ha! If only. Somehow a career in photography seemed more realistic" he laughed. "But that sounds perfect, count me in" he nodded his head, he often watched an old Bond film if they were even on television one night.

He understood she wasn't going to be able to actually give him any information on those murders and he wasn't trying to dig for any. He'd let the police do their job in the meantime. "Of course. I'll let you guys get on with that" he said, although he did hope there had been some leads because it was somewhat unsettling knowing a murderer was out there somewhere. But that was enough talk of serial killers. He grinned as he looked over at Dani, in all honesty he'd probably rather he sat in a restaurant right now rather than following all these people. "Easy tiger" he grinned at her, wondering if she just meant she wanted him all to herself somewhere quieter or if she meant it in a different way altogether. He usually seemed to attract women that were good at being forward with him. It was good in some ways but it meant he ended up taking things too fast, meaning he got bored very quickly. "At the dinner table, or on the dinner table?" he flashed her a wicked smirk, his naughty side clearly emerging. He was just teasing although he wasn't quite sure how she'd take that. "We could just skip the rest of this walk and head to that restaurant now if you want?" he asked, being a bit more serious this time.

Danielle Carello
 Posted: Jul 24 2017, 08:02 PM

Dani smiled when Kieran said he wanted to be Bond as a kid.

"For me, it was Wonder Woman or Princess Leia," she said. "Later it was Ripley from Aliens. Always admired the strong women of fiction." She then smiled again when Keiran liked the idea of watching Bond. "Cool, I'll keep ya posted. Probably some time next week would work."

Dani was glad that Kieran didn't want to go on about the murders. This was mostly because if she went on about them, she knew she'd say too much.

Dani blushed a bit when Kieran said "easy, tiger". Was she going too fast?

"Hey, I ain't exactly an expert with the romance talk, so bear with me," she said. She then raised any eyebrow about being on the dinner table as opposed to at it. "I think the restaurant would kick us out before we got to second base. Wait, do they still use the baseball analogy these days?"

Kieran then suggested they skip the walk and got to the restaurant.

"Sounds like a plan to me," she said. "We supposed to drop these candles off somewhere or are they like a keepsake of somethin'?" She was about to blow hers out, but then wondered if she'd be rude to do that now.
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