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Little Halloween is here. Will you be going to the Candle Light Walk, or the scandelous Robert Lewis Parties popping up everywhere? The Times has the story.

Did you know that Lochland is full of haunted places? The Museum has reopened and invites everyone to explore the legacy of Robert Lewis.

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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it.

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Robert Lewis Party

A friend of a friend said that someone in East Lochland was having a Robert Lewis Party. Are you in?

Candle Light Walk

A mixture of history, darkness, and candle-light await. Learn more about Robert Lewis and trace the path Lochlanders once walked to spite him.


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 Trouble in Paradise :], ex bf / police cop or fbi?
Charlotte Williams
 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 02:56 PM

37. anyone I would approve. dark. seductive. serious. overbearing.

Alright, so here is an interesting plot. I'm thinking someone joins as a police cop / head sheriff type for the cops. or FBI. It could be anyone of your previous characters but just talk to me about it and I can decide. A lot has gone with Charlotte and Mathias and she is now officially moved in to his place with a vintage promise ring on. They are official. Until someone in the past comes back in her life, an ex boyfriend right after Kieran Hill. They had dated the first year she moved here. Maybe she would date someone right after for 2 years. I could see them being very serious. I want the guy to be either Henry Macintyre, or someone like his facial features.

Someone that looks almost bad ass. I would think that these two hit it off during a case that first two years she got the job at the Times. They worked together because it was a mystery between the cops, and the FBI group. She works with him and work late hours and end up sleeping together. They end up dating each other but they like it because its a thrill. But her ex the FBI or cop guy ends up cheating on her.....and she was heartbroken. She ends up hating him. Now that he was officially out of her life well she thinks she just stopped thinking about him. She does start seeing Mathias 2 years later. Somehow word got around back to her ex and he wants to stir up a little trouble and maybe come back in her life. She also got the bdsm life from him a little too. He was sexy.

face claim is open. but hit me up and we can discuss random ones.

user posted image
-made by MARDY BUM @Caution - xoxo
 Posted: May 7 2017, 12:53 PM

Forgot to do my monthly bump :]
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