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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 housing claim, we know where you live
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 27 2014, 10:16 AM
The Admins

the housing claim
Here's a list of housing locations available around town. You have the option of having your character live elsewhere, and do not necessearily need to use this claim, but if they are living in any of the already specified housing locations on the boards, please fill out your claim so we can keep track of where everyone is, housing numbers, etc! Remember to read the descriptions and choose a recalistic location for your character.
West Lochland
The beautiful antique architecture is testament to Lochland’s Grove’s age. People have been living here for generations. There are approximately 300 homes here.

House 001 - Aleksandra Petrova & son
House 023 - Jason Kelley
House 037 - Alondra Vidal
House 056 - Sam Foster
House 059 - Ianthe and Lyric Stuart
House 060 - Teagan Landry
House 066 - Anya Graves
House 084 - Abel Jensen
House 160 - Uriah Sutton
House 240 - Charlie Fox & Erin Fox
House 242 - Rachel Hyde
House 283 - Michelle Cordero
House 300 - Wendy Jaskolski

East Lochland
All of the houses in East Lochland are new. Maybe not new within the last year, but new within the last five. The school, fitness center, and Unity Park are all nearby. Currently it has roads up for 300 homes.

House 007 - Cooper Tanaka
House 027 - Theo Elliot
House 029 - Frankie Nazarro and Min Foster
House 035 - Juliet Marlow
House 054 - Ashley Spade
House 056 - Minuit Estelle
House 092 - Andie Walker
House 120 - Carlos Ito
House 150 - Zoe Kennedy
House 210 - Kieran Hill
House 284 - Ryo Nakamura
House 299 - Felix Buchanan

Meadowspring Apartments
Meadowspring Apartments caters to low-income residents who don't mind simplicity. There are no dishwashers, but there is a laundry room in the basement of each building. Addresses range from 1 to 350.

Apartment 001 - Luca Barzetti
Apartment 005 - Seraphim Drake
Apartment 015 - Alec Aldana
Apartment 025 - Esmeralda Garcia
Apartment 044 - Anthony Bryant & Lenny Neroni & Kyler Landon
Apartment 051 - Arturo Reyes
Apartment 098 - Annabeth Spade
Apartment 108 - Ronnie Baroniato

Winghaven Apartments
The closest Lochland has to luxury apartments. All major appliances are available, and the pool is open after Memorial Day. There are 200 apartments currently available.

Apartment 021 - Colton Spade
Apartment 023 - Vatallia Emerson
Apartment 052 - Basil Kaya
Apartment 097 - Ace Yamada
Apartment 108 - Nikolai Mozarov
Apartment 115 - Jaqueline Zimman
Apartment 117 - Riley Bennett
Apartment 200 - Amiee Matsuo (w. Louis and Violet Matsuo)

Autumn Crescent
This is the trailer park of Lochland. It houses a good portion of the lower income population, though it's not too bad to look at.

Lot 006 - Katerina Dimov & Sheena Zan
Lot 010 - Fionna O'Farrel
Lot 012 - Dorien Spade

For people who don't live in one of the designated housing areas in town.

71 Plum Avenue (outskirts) - Darrell McGuiness
10 Cupcake Lane (outskirts) - Sabrina Harrison
74 Casey Wallace Drive (outskirts) - Casey & Nina Wallace
119 Main St. (Sublevel Apt. Beneath Antique Shop - Rhys Abernathy
514 Rosewood Lane (Apartment behind business) - Avis Vincent & Lark Vincent
265 Litchfield Dr. (South Lochland) - Kiefer Carter & Blake Gutierrez
The Falk Residence - Mathias Falk & Charlotte Williams
102 Plum Avenue (above Ashley Spade's flower shop) - Johnny Lennox

to claim (remove stars):
[CODE*]<b>House/Apartment/Lot #</b> - <i>Character Name</i><Br>[/CODE*]
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