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 Girl's night Out, tag: Zoe Kennedy, Michelle Cordero
Charlotte Williams
 Posted: Today at 12:31 am

Although, she and Michelle were pretty close friends, but she still didn’t know everything about her. Charlotte was still curious to know how much Zoe knew about her. Not that she was jealous or anything about that. Things like that shouldn’t bother her much. “Yes, well Emil’s friend, not Emil. Emil is watching Lukas tonight….” she corrected Michelle with a friendly smile and nudge. They had friends in high end places and she was glad that they would be taken care of tonight even if it was for driving her friends around while they were even semi - drunk. “It's alright, Michelle. We're not deliberately trying to set you up with someone... promise..” She smiled at Zoe and shook her head knowing that she wouldn’t like that, but she would at least hang out and have some fun. It was just a girl’s night anyway.

She wouldn’t do that to her anyway. “Alright then ladies. Let’s go paint the town red. Lets be reckless and have a little fun. Ok not too reckless but fun anyway….” she said out loud and grabbed one of the other bottles of wine and a couple of glasses and she had mentioned to Emil that she would be drinking in the car with her friends. The drinks at the bar were a bit over priced sometimes but it shouldn’t really matter to her since she could afford them now. She brought the bottle for backup for the after party. “Awww that’s great Michelle, I am glad you trust us. Don’t worry, things will be fun! Come on girls,” she grabbed them both by the arms and walked them out as she double locked the door behind them. Emil’s friend Trevor was waiting in a nice BMW outside.

Linking arms with her friends she didn’t mean to grab them, but they had to get out of the house as soon as possible or they would never leave. Once in the car, she figured they were good to go.

(note: Sorry for the wait! :/)

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