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 See it in a new light, Casey Wallace
Nina Wallace
 Posted: Aug 13 2018, 02:07 AM

”Right!” Nina said, snapping her fingers at the mention of a car seat. ”We need that. So a crib and changing table, a rocking chair with a foot stool… breast pump… um… baby bottles…” She was thinking of immediate needs for the baby. Naturally she would need clothing for the little one, and since Rookie was expected right when Autumn comes around, they needed warm clothes for him. It really had been overwhelming at first, but Nina’s mother helped her decide on the basics and most important, and then anything else that they think about after that would be things they probably just want and not really need.

Upon stepping inside the store, a man greeted them and welcomed them—starting with Casey. The way he spoke told Nina that he might be someone whom Casey knew. He greeted Nina and complimented her, making her smile as she threw a bit of a puzzled look to her husband, but then the man answered the question that was on her mind.

He was Kev Wilson. Kevin Wilson. Someone who knew Casey back in his younger days… when he was burning his eyebrows off.

That instantly piqued Nina’s interest, and she looked from Mr. Wilson to her husband as though she was asking him why this certain story has not been shared with her. She gave her husband a look when he claimed that the incident had been a long time ago, and that was enough for him to start narrating what all happened many years ago in Science lab.

It was rare for Nina to meet people who knew Casey from his teenage years—which was funny, since Casey has lived in Lochland Grove all his life. It would seem as though all of the friends he had before had either moved out of town or simply did not keep in touch with him anymore. So meeting this Kevin person now… and hearing this story about young Casey being troublesome in class… it was something new for Nina.

Her eyes alternate between the two, and she tried to imagine both men as teenagers causing a ruckus in class because of an exploding balloon. ”Casey…” Nina said, giving her husband a look as though he was once again being reprimanded for what he did. She was also chuckling though, because if she had witnessed that before she would have also laughed first—and then worried about him next.

It was nice to see Casey this way.

He was reminiscing something happy from his younger days, and seeing the look on his face also made Nina happy. Even Nina found herself laughing along with the two, just because it was funny to see them laughing. Kevin stopped laughing almost abruptly though, and it was such a surprise that Nina just found herself grinning as the man explained that she already called in earlier asking about the furniture. Apparently that call made him realize that his friend from high school was coming, so he thought of attending to them himself. ”That’s very kind of you…” Nina said with a smile as she linked arms with her husband once more, and then was completely surprised when Kevin said that he had already prepared the other orders for them at the counter. ”Oh my goodness, really? Kevin, you shouldn’t have… Thank you…”

Kevin broke Nina’s link with Casey by stepping in between them to give them a tour, and she just laughed and looked to her husband like she was asking if he was always that friendly. Nina liked him already though, and she could see why he was Casey’s friend. He definitely seemed like someone who would influence Casey into doing more shenanigans, and she was sure they did a lot of those back in the day.

Nina just smiled while the man teased Casey about being a dad, as well as the fame he now had. He pointed out that both of them were famous, and the news of Nina’s pregnancy was one that had everyone talking. It definitely was a bit strange when she saw their photos on tabloids, but it was a good thing that they were still mostly out of people’s radar when they were just going around town. Now if they were in LA… that’s a whole different story. Seems the paparazzi knew everything in LA.

Kevin went on and on excitedly about how he thought it was cool that he knew some famous people, and he even approved the humility that they both possessed despite the fame they now had. America’s Couple. It was such a big title, and most days Nina was still unsure why they had been dubbed as such. It was an honor though, and if that meant they could be an example for many people then she would take that to heart and carry the title responsibly.

No matter how surreal it may seem.

Once they reached the furniture department, Kevin got back into his tour and led them right to the set that Nina wanted to see. ”Oh I love this!” Nina reacted immediately, seeing the set that she wanted from the website. ”It’s great, isn’t it, Kea?” Nina pulled from the group and started to open drawers on the changing table.

”The crib can be converted into a toddler bed, and eventually to an adult-size bed.” Kevin informed after telling Nina about prizes. He even mentioned giving them an employee discount.

”Oh, Kevin… That’s so kind of you…” She gushed, holding the man’s arm thankfully, but looking to her husband to see if he was willing to get a discount or not. It certainly was a nice set, and feeling it now with her hands and seeing how gorgeous the wood was, Nina was sure that she wanted it. ”I was actually thinking just a crib and changing table… but it might be better to get the whole set… Kea?” Of course Kea was making him decide on that one, so Nina took a deep breath and looked at the entire set. ”I suppose we can always use the extra storage elsewhere or for when the baby is bigger so… I’ll take the entire set.”

”Awesome. I’ll get right to that and get you a new stock, and we will schedule when you want the delivery.”

”How about the gliders? I’d like to see them.” Nina said, looking around to see if she would be able to spot them from where she stood.

”Ah, follow me. The gliders and ottoman’s are over here. We have several you can choose from. Am I right that you would rather it’s not completely upholstered like the one you asked about?”

”Well, if it’s in the baby room I’d rather it has covers that I can toss in the washer to keep sanitized.” Nina reasoned out, clinging to her husband again as they followed Kevin to another part of the store.

”Wooden gliders it is. We those with covers you can take off and wash. No rockers?” Kevin asked, looking back at Nina before directing her attention to the gliders available in the store.

”Thought about it… I just feel the toddler could get hurt with that so… no rockers.”

When Nina saw the chairs, she led Casey to the first one that she liked and reached out to feel the fabric. There were a lot of wooden gliders, but the ones with washable covers weren’t in the color that she wanted to match the other furniture so it was a bit tough for Nina to decide on one. So they ended up not picking up anything from the gliders yet… even if there was an expensive but absolutely stunning one she thought would be beautiful in the living room. It was not what they needed though, so Nina instead mentioned a baby carrier and car seat so they went ahead and picked those out next.

”You guys know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Kevin asked as she watched Nina pick out a few choices for a carrier. Meanwhile, there was a row of strollers on the other side, and Casey excused himself to check them out as well.

”It’s a boy.” Nina smiled, briefly turning to the man before picking up a sample of a black carrier she thought was fairly simple to put on and was easy to wash.

”Nice! Casey Jr!”

Nina laughed at that and shook her head. ”Something like that.” Nina grinned, looking over at two options she liked. It was strange to be trying out baby carriers. Both Nina and Casey tried out options. Nina already decided she wanted it in black. ”Kea, help me?” She asked called out to her husband, wanting to try on two options she wanted. One was more like wrap but could be a sling or a carrier. She felt it would be easy to put on. The other was another black one, but something with a bit more structure but was uncomplicated. ”I like these both, what do you think is better?” Nina asked, now testing how comfortable the first carrier felt around her while she put the second one around Casey.

”What about you Kevin? Do you have a family? A girlfriend or wife maybe?” Nina asked as she strapped on the striped carrier around Casey.

”I actually have two kids already.” The man chuckled, stuffing his hands inside his pockets. ”I have a girlfriend I’m meaning to propose to soon, just… waiting for the right time. Once you get them babies your 24 hours don’t seem enough. You gotta make time for something for you and your partner, you know?”

”Oh, I hope that goes well…” Nina smiled. ”Two kids, huh? Wow… How old?”

”Yeah… They’re great. Three and one. Two girls… Headache sometimes but… I love those two more than anything in the world, you know?” The man smiled, looking at the couple wearing two different carriers. ”So which are we taking?”
Casey Wallace
 Posted: Aug 14 2018, 02:03 PM

Case nodded, looking over the choice Nina had seemed to of made for their crib and changing table. When Kevin explained that the crib would extent out and be converted into a toddler and full-size bed Case had to give the crib a closer look. It was a rather brilliant design, and looking underneath the crib Case could see how the back and the front of the crib would eventually become the headboard and footboard or the larger bed. You’d lose the side walls, or keep them if you wanted them for the aesthetic, but the frame underneath would obviously be switched out for whatever side bed you were looking to trop in.

When Kevin offered up his own personal discount, Case looked over to him and shook his head. “That’s very kind of you, but you don’t need to go dipping into your own personal benefits on our behalf. It might look better on the books if our bill of sale didn’t have your name attached to it,” Case explained. “Nice of you to offer, but we’ll manage,” Case said, offering his friend a smile.

Nina seemed to be toying with the idea of getting the whole set, now that she was seeing the dresser along with the changing table. Case kept looking at it, trying to imagine its use down the road. When Nina asked if he thought they should get the whole set Case was already nodding. “Looks like this could serve as their furniture throughout their lives at the house. The bed certainly grows along with them, and if we take that pad off the top of the changing table I don’t see a reason why they couldn’t use the changing table as another type of dresser. The big one could be for toys and the changing table one could become their clothing dresser,” Case said as he wandered around pointing at the various pieces of furniture.

Kevin seemed to make a mental note to add to our growing list of things we’d be buying, and followed Nina as she turned and headed off towards where they had a huge assortment of gliders to choose from. While Nina explained the practical side of which gliders she wanted, Case was admiring the engineering of how a glider operated. Unlike a rocking chair the glider seemed to slide back and forth, without pitching the chair too far forward or back. Case even had to try one out for himself, feeling how easy it was to slide back and forth, and when coupled with a glider ottoman, you could stretch out and somehow rock back and forth on both.

Nina wanted wood, which was perfectly fine with Case, and once he caught back up with her while she was eyeballing the store’s stock, they both seemed to have been drawn to the very same glider. …a glider with a $1500 price tag. It was wood, but in that raw log style that the both of them liked. Plus it had a different kind of pad, one that rose up like one of those old leather high-back chairs. Once Nina saw the price tag she had that deflated look, more than willing to just move on and come back to making a decision as to what she’d settle for in a glider later. Case looked over to Kevin, lifting his chin to call him over in confidence, “Put us down for one of these, and the ottoman.” Case spoke quietly, and Kevin was quick to grasp that Case was looking to set up a bit of a surprise for his wife later.

“Right-o me Cap-e-tan,” Kevin said, taking a gander at the tag of the glider to take down a model number.

Kevin returned to Nina’s side as Case got distracted by some of the very cool looking strollers in the next area over. Where at first he was just admiring some of the more… massive strollers, he eventually found something even more compelling. There were strollers that allowed you to lock a baby carrier into them. Then, as the baby grew, you could just have them sit in the stroller itself without locking the carrier into them. Plus there were carriers that grew with your kid, expanding and such so that they can sit infants up to kids just shy of sitting in the seat of a car by themselves. It was amazing, that there were such things that seemed to grow along with your kids – like the crib Nina picked out. Case took note of a few different models, and when he realized Kevin and his wife had wandered off in another direction made his way back over to join them.

Case returned to see his wife debating on which type of baby pack-thingy to buy. She wanted his input as to which might be the better option, and apparently to reach that decision she needed to having him try them on so she could see how they fit. “Sure thing,” Case dutifully said, getting into the first sample, then into the second. Nina watched him like a hawk, noting the fit, how the baby would ride in it, and just how accessible or protected the child would be. “The second one’s far easier to put on and take off, that’s for sure. The first one though, it certainly hugs the kid tighter – so maybe that’s a good thing. I think the second one will be better as the kid gets bigger and can hold their own head up to look around. But honestly, I think either of them would work,” he offered, with a bit of a shrug as he knew his answer likely wasn’t making the decision any easier for his wife.

Nina asked Kevin about his own situation, if he was married and had a family, and not only was Kevin with someone, they had two kids. “Really?” Case fired off, surprised to have heard it. Kevin explained that although he had two kids he had a girlfriend. Case cast Nina a bit of a look, and when Kevin said he just hadn’t found the time to propose Case smiled and shook his head. Kevin explained that he had two girls, quite young, that he loved more than anything. Case’s smile softened, and even when Kevin tried to steer the conversation back to the shopping, Case stepped up to him and put his arm around him.

“They’re all perfect,” Case assured him. “It’s not about rings, or fancy places, or large crowds. It’s about the look she’ll see in your eyes when you ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. Don’t let the days slip away just because you think your love alone isn’t reason enough to ask her. Trust me,” Case said, looking over towards Nina. “It’ll be just perfect.”

Case pointed to the second baby-pack thingy. “We’ll take that one.” Case then turned back towards his wife. “I found a cool baby car seat, carrier, stroller system over there,” he said, pointing off in the direction he’d come from. “Two, actually.” Case led everyone back over to where they came from, walking them over to the two stroller-systems that he’d found.

“Oh yeah… These are great. You buy the car seat/carrier and stroller, which it locks into, and then you get these base-plates that you put in your car that the seat/carriers lock into. Then you just pull the carrier out of your car, and lock it into the stroller. As the kid grows, you can then leave the car seat and the kid can ride in the stroller without it. They’re pretty sweet,” Kevin added. “This one here is our top seller, actually. What do you guys think?”

Looking to his wife, Case grabbed the stroller and moved it around on the carpet. “Seems to roll pretty smooth. What about multiple base plates? Would I have to take the one out of one car and move it to another if we had to take a different car with the kid?”

Kevin shook his head, “Nope, you can buy extra base plates right here. So if you’re taking the kid to daycare, and mom’s picking him up, you each can lock in the carrier into your car without having to move things around. Buy as many as you have cars, if you want.”

Case looked towards Nina and nodded. “One for the Wallace Wagon, one for your car?”
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