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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Travis Morrison, 26 | Stranger | Ziggyzen
Travis Morrison
 Posted: Jul 19 2018, 12:41 AM

Travis Carell
birth date



Eyes:Dark Brown

Hair:Brown hair keeps its short but messy. Once in a while he will grow it out.

Build:He works out when he finds the time but he has a lean build. He isn't crazy about taking care of his body as he drinks. He used to smoke but he has cut back on it trying to smoke only when he drinks now.

Style:He is normally seen in flannel shirts and baggy jeans rocking the 90's grunge look in public or he sometimes wears his punk rock vest he usually wears the vest when he is going to go to shows or go out for a drink.

Tattoos: Left side of neck, behind left ear, Right side of ribs, Back tattoo, Left upper arm, Left forearm


Travis has had a rough life and is usually pretty cautious around people. He normally keeps to himself but while at work he puts a smile on his face and acts all friendly. He has done wrong things in his life, sometimes to protect someone he cares about and other times it was out of selfishness. He cares about his family and bandmates a lot always willing to help them out without a second thought. He used to be so full of anger and after a few run ins with the law he changed finding a different way to vent his anger with music instead of his fists.

Once he lets his guard down around you and starts to trust you, you have a friend for life. He hates getting black out drunk because in his friends words he is described as a monster who is angry and he has hurt himself in the past. He tends to watch how much he drinks now and bar-tending at parties is a good way to keep him busy.

He is afraid to open up to girls he likes in fear of being judge based on his past with drugs and the shady things he was involved with. He is haunted by what he did in Florida with leaving his now ex-girlfriend behind and leaving his family and friends behind. The only people he talks to from his past are his bandmates who he still makes music with.

He cares deeply about animals as he always felt like he had a special bond with them. At one point he considered becoming a vet but he was content with being a bartender just because of the money and art behind it. His bond with his cat Tofu goes back as it used to belong to his ex girlfriend Sonja and after she was attacked he took in Tofu while with Max he found on the street about a month living in Lochland Grove as the puppy stumbled into the back of the bar starving. Travis originally was going to give it up for adoption but after a week he fell in love with the puppy.


Travis grew up in a rough environment his family was a chaotic mess. His father Ronnie was once on the path to being a successful musician but after dabbling in drugs his career took a massive hit. He rarely saw his father growing up as he was usually on the road so he stayed with his mother Jane who had her own fair share of demons. She drank a lot and always complained about wanting the better life but never did anything to achieve it. Travis was usually taken care of by his older sister Mary and Kate although Kate had a drug addiction to heroin and at the time he didn't even know Lisa who was staying with a distant relative.

In school he was a good kid but he did hangout with the bad crowd, the stoners, weirdos, dealers. He would usually fight kids outside of school at the park nearby late at night because he would have to put up with his father if he had got suspended from school. When he was 15 he started to sell drugs with his father and this became their somewhat bonding time that is how Travis looked at it but Ronnie was just using him. He soon started to do drugs with his father and for Ronnie this was bonding time. It started with weed but as time went on it went to pills then coke. Travis was stopped by the cops a few times and witnessed them abuse their power first hand as he was sprayed in the face with pepper spray then kicked over and over again multiple times by the police. After that incident he never trusted cops. A few years went by and Jane moved to Maine along with Travis and his sisters for a better life while Ronnie stayed behind in Florida.

In Maine his mother Jane worked at the family seafood restaurant known as "Sea Breeze". Travis worked as a dishwasher and it was there he met one of the chefs Ryan Walker who was a fan of music like him. The two bonded over music and Travis soon went to a house party with Ryan where he met Paco, Karen and Tyson. Soon after these people became Travis' closest friends and even considers them family. Travis' drug addiction soon became a thing of the past as he got clean and focus more on music with his band called "Rising From The Ashes". They soon became to play at bars and even though Travis was only 19 at the time he had to wear a wristband to get in while the other members could drink.

When he was 21 his bandmates took him out for a night on the town and it was then he met Sonja West a local in town who was a tattoo artist. When Travis was drunk him and his bandmates took him to Sonja's place who she did his tattoo on his neck. Travis woke up the next morning in pain obliviously shocked by the tattoo but in the end he loved it and ended up getting more. By the time Travis was 23 he had his entire back and left arm done. During the time he was getting his tattoos he started to date Sonja and the two of them soon got a place together after five months of dating. Travis quit working the family restaurant and soon went to school for bar-tending. Once he was finished with school he went back to work at the family restaurant as a bartender.

Life seemed to be going perfect for Travis until a year later he got back into drugs and relapsed. He was at a show with his bandmates and was offered some coke. He figured one bump couldn't hurt and just like that he was hooked again. He bought his stuff from a local in town who he had seen at a few bars. His name was Owen Geter and at first it was simple Travis would give him the money then they would go out to Owen's truck where he would give him the drugs. Owen looked out for Travis in a way and when he started to wrack up a debt that he could pay off that's when Owen's people got angry. At first they attacked his family restaurant with bats and pipes destroying it. Ryan and Travis both chased them out with knives but when the police came and started to ask questions Travis lied to them. After that whole incident Travis kept his head low and Sonja was worried about him but he kept reassuring her telling her the whole thing was a misunderstanding. She soon found a small bag of coke in his dresser and the two argue about his addiction. She ended up leaving him and the two after that spoke here and there over the phone but rarely saw each other.

He decided to better himself for Sonja and his bandmates going to rehab a year later and this time he stayed clean. Him and Sonja were still on rocky terms and at the time she stayed with her parents while Travis stayed at their place. When it was Ryan's birthday Travis joined him and his mates for a night out on the town. While he was out Owen's people broke into his house and waited for him to come home but instead of Travis walking through the door it was Sonja who was then beaten nearly to death and the house was destroyed. When Travis got home and walked in his heart fell to the floor as he saw a beaten and bloody Sonja not responding. He quickly called the police and as they took her away in an ambulance Travis was truth this time to the cops when he went down to the station with them. After he was let go he went by Owen's place and the two nearly got in a fist fight. Owen told him the only he could keep his family safe is if he were to leave town and never come back. Troy struggled with the idea of leaving his friends and family behind but ulimately went along with it.

Owen drove him to Lochland Grove and told him that this would be the last place anyone would look for him. Before leaving Owen gave him a thousand dollars in cash to start a new life here and Travis gave him a letter so he could give it to his family. After that he never saw Owen but recieved a letter from him telling him that his family and friends were now safe. He has been living in Lochland Grove for five months now working at the jazz bar called "The Blue Crow". He intends to start a new life for himself here and never go back to his old one.



Whiskey - It's his choice of drink

Making drinks - He is a bartender after all you have to love what you do.

Playing music/writing songs - He always has had a passion for music and writing songs. He still listens to his band's music and he will usually write songs as a way to vent his anger instead of hurting someone.

Partying - He loves to have a good time with people and hell he has been known to bar-tend at a few parties.

Gambling - He enjoys a good game especially if it's cards or pool.


Gin - To him it taste like window cleaner

Soda - by itself he usually has to mix it with liquor to like it.

Drunk people - He can't stand them and has had to thrown a few out himself.

Authority - Growing up he has always had a problem with the police having seen them abuse their power as a teen.

Talking about his past - He feels like people judge him and he hates to think about it but what he has done has left him somewhat broken.


Plays guitar very well and he usually plays alone or at the bar after work. He owns a F640 Dreadnaught acoustic guitar and a Ibanez SR500,

He drives a 1970 Pontiac GTO,

Has a bloodhound named Max and a cat named Tofu


Parents: Ronnie and Jane Morrison, Ronnie is in Florida while Jane is in Maine.

Siblings: Kate, Mary and Lisa Morrison (All older then Travis. Kate is 45, Mary is 46 and Lisa is 48.)

Other relatives:Has a nephew named Jack Hopper, he is the son to Kate and he is a cop in New York living with his wife Laura. Has a niece named Carol Shaw, she is the daughter to Mary and she works at a call center in Maine living with her boyfriend Tom.

Bandmates: Karen Higareda - Singer/screamer currently living in Los Angeles working as a tattoo artist.

Paco Mendez - Lead guitarist currently living in Miami working at a call center.

Ryan Walker - Rhythm guitarist currently living in New Jersey working as a chef.

Tyson Cruise - Drummer currently living in Ohio working as a cashier at a Publix.

Other relationships: Ex-Girlfriend:Sonja West - Dated years ago and was the only girl Travis really cared for. She got attacked at their home when Travis was at Ryan's party. She is currently in Maine in a coma after the attack.

Friend/Drug dealer: Owen Geter - They have known each other for years. What first started out as a simple deal weekly turned into an interesting friendship. When Travis' addiction got worse along with his debt to Owen's people he tried to cover for Travis but it didn't work. He was the last person to see Travis from his old life as he drove him to Lochland Grove.

© darren criss

Travis was at work on a slow night just finishing up and as he took care of his last customer of the night he gave the man some time to enjoy his drink while he flipped the sign to close after that he started to close behind the bar with cleaning the glasses and as he cleaned the glasses he was getting lost in his thoughts as he thought about his life back home. He smiled as he thought about Karen rocking out on stage or Ryan eating a brownie before a show. They were his crazy family after all and he enjoyed the good times he had with them.

<P> But that's all they were memories just distant memories he could only enjoy never to go back to the place he once called home. The smile slowly went away as he shook his head but as he continued to get lost in his thoughts he broke out of them as he heard change dropping on the counter. He turned to see that the man was paying for his drink and leaving and as the man left Travis went to the door locking it behind the man. He then went back to closing finishing the last of the glasses before cleaning the counter.

<p>As he finished closing he went behind the bar and grabbed a Heineken as the staff was usually offered one free beer at the end of the night. He enjoyed the cold taste of the beer as it went down his throat even if it was a slow day hell he wasn't about to pass up a free beer. But as he was drinking his beer memories of home continue to enter his mind but then...Sonja entered his mind and as she did he remembered the good times they had together especially making a song together. He let out a heavy sigh as he shook his head, heading behind to the back of the bar where he had his acoustic guitar in the back and as he grabbed it he reached inside the case pulling out a CD.

<P>He walked back to the front putting the CD in an old stereo that had seen better days and as he started it he grabbed a nearby chair and sat in it playing his guitar along with the song. Memories of Sonja's perfect smile entered his mind and as he tried to keep up with the songs his hands began to tremble and he started to get chocked up. Once the song was done he sat in the chair with his guitar now on the floor. He picked up his half empty beer and threw it against the wall shattering it as tears were falling down his face. Soon enough the manager came out running like a bat out of hell. [b]"What happened?" [/b] asked the manager. Travis quickly wiped the tears from his face and cleared his throat before speaking. [b]"I...I tripped."[/b] said Travis trying to bullshit his way out of it. The manager looked at the wall before looking at Travis. "Are you done closing?" asked the manager to Travis who nodded. "Yeah. Is it cool if I go?" asked Travis to the manager who nodded. Travis then took his CD out of the stereo before putting his guitar back in it's case. He then walked out heading home and as he sat in his car he let out a heavy sigh. "No more...No more tears for the dead." said Travis softly to himself as he started his car and drove home.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Aug 5 2018, 03:53 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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