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 Chasing The Devil, Journalist/Author/Serial Killer Obsessor
Katerina Dimov
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 01:30 AM

This is Teal. He's had an obsession with Katerina Dimov, her story, and her serial killer Ex for a very ong time. He's a bit of an adrenaline junkie who has been studying Alexander Dimov since he met his exwife. He was almost a victim. That hasn't stopped him. He's written a book about Katerina's experience and it has made him plenty of money. He needs a squeal.

It isn't just about the money or the book.
It isn't just about the fact that he wants to see the killer's face again.
It isn't just about the woman he believes he's in love with.

He needs that feeling again. Something about Katerina's story has lit a fire full of obsession. He wants it all again.

Teal has had phone contact with Katerina for years. She tends to change phones, and it's been difficult to track her down because of it. She stopped seeing him after he responded violently to a moment of weakness. He didn't mean it, but the hysterical woman seemed to have momentarily lost her mind. Suicide is never the answer. Sure, he caused the her to lose it in the first place. The emotionless and almost robotic response to him worried him. It was only right to try to pull her out of it, right?


She's contacted him twice within the same year, and this time she hasn't changed her number. Katerina needs a new gun. He's promised to deliver, but this time he's going to find out where she is. He'll bring her that gun. Maybe it's time they stopped waiting for Alexander and started looking for him.


1. Katerina is currently living with her boyfriend, Darrell McGuiness. Teal isn't too pleased with this.
-He could use Darrell as bait to lure Alex out... but he doesn't really want Darrell involved. The hero part of him doesn't like putting innocents in danger. Besides, he wants to be the target.
-He knows Katerina's goal is to hunt down Alexander, and he may try convincing her of it. Now might be a good time.
-He may try to assert that he has a romantic connection with her too, trying to antagonize Darrell.
-It's not hard to see that Katerina hasn't told Darrell the truth. He could bring it up himself or convince Katerina that they needed to take out Alexander before he killed more people and she should show Darrell the interview tapes herself.

2. Katerina's best friend Sheena lives in town. She's never met with Teal, but he knows of her through his interviews with Katerina.
-Sheena might be a good ally or worst enemy, depending on how he approached her.
-Sheena is a romantic and easily flustered with flirtation and romance. He could use her to get closer to Katerina.
-Over all she's someone else for him to write about. Her perspective has yet to be recorded.

Walker(can change)
Roman (name can change)‘Teal’
birth date


Current Idea for a PB: Gabriel Aubry Subject to discussion.


While i want this character to be someone’s, I do have a few important facts to bring up.

It’s questionable if he’s completely sane. Teal seems to have an unpredictable nature about him. One that is both hero and rebel. He is willing to protect people, but will go out of his way to get something he wants even if it means putting others in danger.

He has an unhealthy obsession with Katerina’s story. It is partially his work and partially because it’s now part of his past too. One of the challenges of this character is how FAR that obsession goes. He’s as much a detective and story writer as he is a strangely affectionate stalker. This is something that both makes him feel alive and that he truly wants dead. His connection to it is a woman who he’s come to care for. If she dies then the whole story ends. Still, his number one goal is to find Alexander Dimov, and she is the best way to do that.

Their relationship is a twisted one. It isn’t safe or sane.

1. he’s willing to hurt her to keep her living.
2. His obsession might be part of the reason he cares for her so deeply.
3. He knows any man who falls for her is subject to death. The story, the drama, the adrenaline rush fascinates him.
4. Katerina’s story is the reason for his divorce.


-Joined the military out of high school and went to college on the government’s dime.
-Got a degree in Journalism.
-Left the military and got married.
-Worked as a war correspondent after 9/11. Liked taking risks and tended to get into trouble trying to be a hero.
-Took up a job at a local newspaper to make ends meet. -A local crazy woman caught his attention. She raved to anyone who would listen about a serial killer stalking her. He found the story fascinating and realized he could use the story. She wouldn’t meet him.
-Chased the woman all over town, coaxing her with food and patience. The thrill of the chase was actually quite fun. She was bitch, but she finally consented to an interview.
-Got more than he bargained for in a several week long interview process. They started with the facts and became something akin to therapy. It convinced him that he needed to write a book.
-Started flirting with Katerina despite being married. It seemed to bring out a softer and more personal side of her life.
-Used his job to try to find out more about Alexander Dimov, the serial killer. He didn’t tell Katerina, but seeing the facts concerned him. He bought her a gun as a present.
-Has vague memories of being drugged and beaten, but doesn’t remember much of the experience. Alexander had found him, but he was able to escape due to Katerina appearing for an interview.
-Katerina ran off with his original tapes, but he had copies. He wrote his book while in the hospital, and pushed it as fiction. It made the best seller list and he quit his job.
-Became completely obsessed with Katerina and her story, Alexander and his murders, and making another book. It lost him his wife.
-Struggled to get back in contact with Katerina.and succeeds only because she called him.
-Manages to get Kat to visit a few times, but she seems disconnected. Almost robotic.
-He over compensates helping her by forcing her to listen to the tapes and she breaks down to the point of wanting to kill herself.
-Violently slaps her to bring her back to reality. She has never seen him in person since.
-Currently trying to hunt down where she is. He receives yearly phone calls, but this year is different. She’s called him wanting a new gun. This might be the lead he was waiting for.



Up to you. He's a risk taker.


List at least five here, with an optional sentence or more explaining each.


Optional information. Car? Phobia? Pets? Feel free to list it here. -His mother was an artist. He acquired the nickname ‘Teal’ by his friends, making fun of him for having way too much knowledge of color. At least it wasn’t Magenta.


Most of this is up to you.
Has an ex Wife
He has an obsession with Katerina Dimov.
© darren criss

Katerina Dimov
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 01:32 PM

Updated with new bullet points!

 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 12:55 AM

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