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 Naviaux Jernigan, 21 | Townie | Nanc
Naviaux Jernigan
 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 08:40 PM

Naviaux LaRou
birth date
Receptionist at Lochland Grove General Hospital/student (Culinary Arts)


Navi is average in the way of height. Being only 5'6, she's taller than many, but shorter than most. Being raised a dancer has given her a lengthy appearance to her limbs, however being out of the scene for a few years and her lifelong interest in the art of baking has taken its toll. She's not the most fit with a little more flesh on her bones, but is in no way overweight. Some may think she could stand to lose a few pounds, especially with her height, but it has never bothered Navi. She has long, naturally straight blonde hair, but keeps it in beachy waves due to the ease and low upkeep of the style. Her eyes are a bright blue, the only feature she received from her mother, and her skin never tans no matter how much sun she gets. When she's not at work where scrubs are required, you can catch Navi in a pair of light wash skinny jeans and a casual blouse with her favorite pair of nude sandals.


INFP- Navi is very intuitive and loves a good puzzle. She is quick to challenge her mind and her own way of thinking, and rarely will be upset with the outcome, as long as she has made some sort of improvement upon herself. Due to her intuition, she can often tell one's mood by their body language, tone, or sometimes just their outward demeanor towards the rest of society. Navi has always been empathetic, usually the first one to ask "what's wrong?" and lend a listening ear. She's a goal-setter and achiever with a knack for organization and planning, even though sometimes her clean and perfectionist ways may be a little too much for some to come to terms with. She is very particular about some things and prefers to take care of tasks on her own, rarely asking or needing the help of others, which may come off as abrasive and rude to those who don't know her well. Despite this quirk, she is easily able to adapt and find comfort in any new situation, whether it be a new job, apartment, or new friends.

Although Navi can be a control-freak and utterly organized, there are only particular things that she cares to pay attention to. She will always have her bookshelf organized by color (light to dark), then by author's last name in alphabetical order, and then by the date in which it was released. She always puts her dishes in a particular order once washed and dried- plates are stacked big to small, bowls are stacked wide to narrow, glasses are always upside down with the tallest in the back, and her silverware is always stacked neatly with table spoons first, then tea spoons, then forks, then butter knives, then steak knives- even though she rarely gets around to loading the dish washer. Navi's clothes are all hung (save for her underwear, as they are stacked neatly in her dresser along with her pajamas, tank tops, and bathing suits) from left to right, with the hanger always facing the same way, and is organized from dress pants, to skirts, to jeans, to shorts, to nice blouses, to casual shirt, to cardigans/kimonos, to scarves, but a lot of her wardrobe can be found either in the floor of her bathroom or in the laundry room. Otherwise, Navi doesn't pay attention to mess and is usually found with unwashed clothes and dishes and miscellaneous items laying around the house. Her car is full of empty coffee cups and breakfast bar wrappers, plus some books and random papers from school and work.


Naviaux Jernigan was born in New York City, New York, to a pastry chef from France and a NYPD lieutenant. The two had spent only a year together, conceiving Navi in only a few short weeks of meeting. Her mother was only visiting and intended to stay for just a month to study under a pastry chef at an elegant and expensive restaurant, but upon meeting Navi's father, the two quickly fell in love. They married immediately once they discovered that Adèle, Navi's mother, was pregnant so that she could stay in the states past her temporary, month-long visa. Eight months and fifteen hours in labor later, Danny and Adèle Jernigan welcomed Naviaux LaRoue Jernigan.

The first few months from the hospital went smoothly. Adèle seemed a natural mother with sharp instincts, and Danny was as helpful as a father with very little paternal instinct could be. Once Navi had reached the age of five and was about to enter Pre-K, crushing news of Adèle's fathers death reached them. He had owned a small bakery in the heart of Montpellier that was handed down through the generations all the way from the eighteen hundreds. Being the only child, Adèle made the heartbreaking decision to go back to France and continue in her father's footsteps.

Since then, every other summer Navi traveled to France and spent a month with her mother, sometimes working in the bakery and sometimes touring the Mediterranean city and those close by. During the school year, Navi remained in New York City, attending a rather uninspiring public school and taking dance. She dreamed of becoming an internationally famous ballerina, able to travel to France whenever she chose and perform for her other home town. When she turned twelve, her father broke the news that they were moving to Lochland Grove, Connecticut, which both devastated and excited Naviaux. She had made a few close friends in New York, and had come to love the grungy alleyways and constant smell of smoke and pizza,not to mention the apartment that overlooked Central Park, but Navi was excited at the potential of starting a new life. So, the two packed up their two bedroom apartment and moved to a three bed, two bath home with a white picket fence. She quickly took to her new school, still public but much more engaging and academically impressive. She continued her dance lessons until she turned sixteen, when she got her license and decided to get a job at the police station filing paperwork. She was gifted an old Ford Taurus, courtesy of her mother back in Montpellier whose bakery was thriving, and still drives it to this day despite the obvious need for a trade-in. She graduated high school with honors and decided to attend the local college for culinary arts so that one day, she may take over the bakery for her mother in France.



- Baking: since childhood, it has become her de-stressor and a time for her to reflect on life. - The color yellow: also her mother's favorite color. It reminds her of the happy times she spent in Montpellier. - Heavy rain: this comes from her father, as he's always loved to watch the rain fall. - French novels: she has a vast collection from her summers abroad and re-reads them often. - Puzzles: Navi has always loved mysteries and puzzles, whether in games or helping her father when he's stuck on a case.


- When people make fun of her name: she was often picked on throughout her school years for having such a French name. She rarely introduces herself as Naviaux anymore, she is simply "Navi". - Loud/Heavy music: She was raised listening to classic rock with her father and then classical with her mother, so her music tastes and experiences are very limited. She prefers music that is soft and melodic, but can easily jam to a Kansas song. - The smell of anything citrus/coconut: especially cleaner and body lotion. - Mushrooms: she's allergic. - People with no manners: she deals a lot with rude people at work and is used to them, but genuinely dislikes them and will do as little as possible to help.


Can speak conversational French.


Adèle: Her mother
Daniel Jernigan (Danny): Her father
© darren criss

The boom of thunder shook the window panes of her studio apartment, causing her to briefly glance to the glass and ensure that it was still intact. A small smile crept onto her unnaturally rosy lips as she stirred the cake batter fervently. She had always enjoyed baking during storms, but was always sure to do it quickly, in case the power decided to go out. Navi poured the chocolate mix into three separate pans and slid them each into the preheated oven. She set a timer on her phone for fifteen minutes and untied the floral apron that hung from her waist. The rain continued to fall,
pounding her windows with force.

The sudden melody of Dario Marionelli's "Georgiana" from Pride and Prejudice filled the otherwise silent room. Naviaux pounced from her window seat and hit the green icon, accepting her father's call. "Bonjour, dad."

"Uh, yea, hey, Navi. Just wanted to check on ya- it's raining pretty bad out there, we've already had several calls about accidents on 4-48..."

Navi rolled her eyes and held the phone from her ear, still able to hear the muffled sounds of Danny droning on about work. He called often and spent most of the time rambling about new developments at the station or complaining about the chief or just wanting to discuss cases with someone other than his peers. Danny had had a much harder time adjusting to smaller town life than Navi, and had very few friends other than a couple from work and some other men who met up at the Old Rose Tavern every Thursday night. She knew he was just lonely and needed some attention.

"Wow, yea, that's pretty rough. I'm at home baking a chocolate mousse cake for work on Monday." She checked the timer before he answered- only eight minutes to go.

"Well, that's good. I'd rather you be home than out in town. Did you hear about Westen Rowls getting into that accident last week? The reports show that he had been drinking but is trying to deny it..." She hung her head in mock defeat as he began another rambling spell. She put him on speaker and ducked down to check on her cakes.

"Hey, dad? I gotta go, the cakes are done and I need to cool and decorate them before the lights die on me. I love you, bye!"

"Alright, well, stay indoors for the next little bit. I love you, too, baby. Bye." He responded gruffly, aggravated by her sudden desire to hang up. She shook her head and tied the floral apron back to her waist and grabbed her oven mitts, mind set on how she would decorate her dessert.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 10:20 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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