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 Cakes And Customers, Tag: Joshua Caminero
Kina Fairbairn
 Posted: Feb 24 2018, 08:55 PM

Kina hadn't been at the bakery for long. Really, she hadn't been in the United States for long. It had only been... what... a month? That was certainly something to take in for the young Scottish lass. She was trying to her best to get the hang of things in a new life in a new country. It wasn't always easy.

The thing was, Kina was pretty good at her job as a cashier. She knew how to handle the register from her days of helping her parents at their market. She knew how to deal with people. The bad thing was that some people didn't know how to deal with her. First, there was her thick accent. Second was the fact that she was figuring out some words from American English that she didn't know well, and it didn't help that the customers were talking a mile a minute.

"Yes sir," she said as she wrote down a cake order. "So ya wanna German Chocolate with coconut icin'?"

"Actually, I think I'll have cream cheese," said the man.

"Oh, I dunna think it's a German Chocolate without the coconut, but I can havva custom made for the custom price," said Kina with as polite a smile as she could muster.

"I don't understand," snapped the customer. "Why can't it just be called German Chocolate?"

"The custom's not that different in price, sir,"
blushed Kina. The man just steamed and shook his head, and Kina wanted to just hide.
Joshua Caminero
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 03:48 PM

March was just a week a way and it meant two things for Joshua to celebrate: one of his mothers’ birthdays in late February, his siblings coming to visit and his own birthday later that month, so clearly he had a lot to look forward to. It gave a boost to his already consistently joyful mood, so he walked with an extra bounce in his step as he entered the bakery.

He knew his mother, Lorena, didn’t like to make a big deal of her birthday, and she would rather wait to have dinner with her whole family over spring break, but Josh couldn’t let the day pass without getting her a little gift. The real one was something special that Joshua and his siblings all chipped in for. Carina had it in her dorm, so Lorena wouldn’t see it until spring break, but even if Josh had it, he wouldn’t give it to her without the presence of his siblings there. After all, it was a gift from all of them, so it was only fair to wait.

The cupcakes he would pick up for her today was just a detail of affection from him, and he had the perfect order in mind, but he would have to wait until the man in front of him finished his own order. Unfortunately, a totally normal-sounding order had turned a bit rude. Josh would have liked to do something about it, but he felt it would be rude as well not to let her speak for herself.

Besides, if the man was aggressive, he would only escalate things by trying to argue that even though he wasn’t a baker, it was called german chocolate for a reason, right? Some situations called for intervention, but this was just the case of a customer being somewhat rude.

Hopefully the woman at the register saw the encouraging smile he tried to throw her as an assurance that she was doing just fine. It was the best he could do right now.

Once the man was gone, Joshua approached the counter, another sympathetic smile in place.

“Hey there,”
he said, placing his hands on the counter with their nails covered in a chipped blue nail polish. “How’s it going?” He didn’t like to jump right into his order since he figured that was yet another rude thing to do.
Kina Fairbairn
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 10:23 AM

Kina might had lost it and unleashed her Scottish temper on the man. She wasn't know for doing that, but that temper was there, inherited from a long line of Fairbairns. However, she noticed a guy behind the man who seemed like he was trying to make her feel better. She gave him a smile back, but sadly that only pissed the man off more.

"Um... hello?" said the man. "You know what, I'll go somewhere else! This place is a rip-off!" Kina knew that wasn't true, and that the bakery had some of the fairest prices in town. She wasn't going to argue though. She just let the man have his tantrum and leave. She sighed, but then smiled when the nice guy walked up to her and said hello and asked how it was going.

"Hello," she said. "It was goin' fine until that fella showed up. I really don think German Chocolate comes with anything other than coconut." She then shook it off and remembered she was helping a customer. "Sorry, you don wanna hear meh troubles. I'm Kina, and welcome to the Plum Street Bakery. What canna help ya with today?" She ripped off the paper on her pad and prepared to write on a new one.
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