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 Fairly Local, Tag: Lane Shapiro
Seraphim Drake
 Posted: Jun 7 2018, 07:25 PM

C’mon Lainey, are you ready to go to the park?

Daddy day!” Lainey urged, in case her mother had forgotten, holding her lamb pacifier toy. Seraphim had been considering removing the pacifier. Would her daughter still want the toy when it was only a toy? Probably. It was her favorite, but if Sera cut the pacifier free, making sure any distress to the toy was quickly sewn back up, she couldn’t go back. It wouldn’t be safe to try to sew the pacifier back on. There were always pacifier clips- “Daddy day!

I know, I know sweetheart. We’re going to see Daddy for dinner. We are going to play in the park first. Daddy is still at work.

Daddy day…” she repeated, biting her lip. She seemed to agree. Sera knew her daughter could say more than that. She preferred to keep things on the simple side though, picking a few relevant words and making her point rather clear using no extra embellishment. She was surprisingly good with names; she just didn’t like people enough to learn most of them. So that was a strange problem to have.

Seraphim had her hair down past her shoulders, easy in waves, and her daughter’s in the usual pigtails high on either side of her head. Sera had some chapstick and minimal makeup left over from work, Lainey had a bit of sunscreen on because Sera didn’t want her to grow up and get skin cancer. Apparently that level of protection was a “Mom thing.” Lainey was wearing shorts, knee pads, and a little floral shirt, elbow pads, and a roller skating helmet, Seraphim was wearing jeans, sneakers, a tan sleeveless shirt, and no skating gear. She had a bag over her left shoulder, and Lainey’s hand held on her right side. This seemed to be the norm these days.

They left the vehicle in the parking area, and made their way gradually along the paved path. Lainey went through phases. Sometimes she said that every piece of equipment was her favorite, sometimes she settled on an individual one. Currently the swings were her favorite. Even as she rolled along clumsily, finding her balance only very gradually, she wanted to swing. It was a nice Friday the afternoon, not too hot, with a gentle breeze. So of course a lot of kids were out playing.




Lainey, you can be patient. Try it again. Swings?” Sera asked gently, crouching down with her daughter, happy to bide their time until a swing set actually became open. Lainey shook her head, not seeming to understand that her pronunciation was being corrected at all. Sera patted her on the head, slowly repeating the process to see if Lainey would get it.

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
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Lane Shapiro
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 05:28 PM

Lane was sitting and reading while Sofia played.

That wasn't to say that she wasn't paying attention to the girl. She was. Sofia was pretty capable for a five year old at managing herself and staying near enough by that she wasn't worried. Lane glanced up a few times at the girl, but said nothing of specificity as Sofia made her way over to the swingset.

An older boy running past pushed the girl down and Sofia sat there, but didn't cry. Lane got up to go see if her little was okay. It was hard to switch her brain over to thinking more like a parent than a babysitter of some kind.

Sofia's mother was dead. Legally, on paper, Lane was Sofia's mother now. She had legally adopted her per her cousin's will.

That was still hard to digest.

This was her child now. Hers. She swore to take care of her. To many lawyers, a judge, and two governments, both in words and on paper.

As she helped Sofia up and dusted her off, and looked her over for injury, speaking quietly in their amalgamated language the girl was, of course, fine, other than a light scratch, and Lane helped the girl to a swing, just as a much smaller girl came up and started gesticulating and commenting on the swings as 'wings'. Her smile was soft, quiet. Her book stuck a bit out of her bag as she gave Sofia a gentle push on the swing that wouldn't come near the much smaller child.
Seraphim Drake
 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 12:21 PM

There were times when Lainey would express herself clearly. Forming full, albeit not especially proper, sentences. And there were times where she chose to instead use just a word at a time. They develop at their own rate. Everyone said that. Seraphim wasn’t really sure if Lainey was “average” or anything else, right now. Sabrina spent a ton more time with little kids of varying ages and developmental patterns. She seemed pleased with how alert Lainey was. Even if she was only a day care operator, not a doctor. Seraphim trusted Lainey with the younger woman completely. Trusted her judgement more than most.

It was still Seraphim’s job to help Lainey understand certain words, and work on her pronunciation. She found it completely adorable how Lainey pronounced Kiefer’s name, but if Lainey kept it up until she was six, it was probably going to be an indication that she hadn’t learned to pronounce her F’s properly. Lainey was going to grow up some day, unfortunately. For today she could call them Wings.

A swing opened up and a young girl, who was far older than Lainey, went over to it. She’d been knocked down and Lainey watched. She turned to her mother. “Bad.

Right, its back to knock people over. You’re right. She seems alright. Her Mommy is helping her.

Wing!” And Lainey was back on that topic. Another swing was open, although it was one of those with the seats. Lainey was hoisted up and placed in the protective shell. Her slightly chubbier legs tangling through the holes as she held onto the vertical chains.

Sera made sure her daughter was secure, then pulled the swing back and began pushing her slowly. Taking the impact as she swing went back, and then guiding it back down. Her motions gentle but effective. “Good afternoon,” she said to the woman nearby who was also pushing. Lainey was distractedly giggling.

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Heterosexual - Waitress at Gertie's - Apartment
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