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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Moves Made, Jaya's Tracker
Ianthe Stuart
 Posted: Jan 4 2014, 02:58 AM


how you moved with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]


road trip with Min Foster. [DR]
gotta catch 'em all with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
spilling my guts with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
but she said nothing with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
pick up the pieces with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
how do you live like that? with Jana Köhler. [Jess]
sleepover time with Tabitha Rowe. [Tabby]
in the dark with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
road full of promise with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
pre-planning[TEXT] with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
pre-trip jitters with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
if i die young with Min Foster. [DR]
spread my wings and fly with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
the power of two with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
stunner with Nina Hensley. [Em]
all roads lead to this {M} with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
the road so far with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
lazy day monday with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
we're worth it with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
a thousand yellow daisies with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
wonderful unknown with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
all that I wanted with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
small town awakening with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
gravity with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
vow to you with Lyric Martin. [Yuki]
chaos found with Mack Hunter. [KC]
wet roads, hot fries with Alex Ryan and Lyric Martin. [SiggySiggy and Yuki]
show the colours with Rebecca Abbott. [Anjie]
drowning in blue with Lark Vincent. [Mandie]
kickstart your heart{M} with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
today, we play with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
despair with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
life is strange with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
we've lived a lifetime with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
winter wonderland with Kieran Hill. [Natalie]
you're real with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
this is how we roll with Winnie Jones. [Nex]
microwaves with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
holiday delights with Alexius Majors. [Shani]
time bomb with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
cafe du monde with Isa Israilov. [Indigo]
run freedom run [Solo]
***a fate unknown [Solo Events]
turn the pages{m} with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
wonder women with Alexius Majors [Shani]
air beneath our dreams with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
mommies and me make three with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]
take my picture with Kieran Hill. [Natalie]
oh by golly with Lyric Stuart. [Yuki]


Created: June 20, 2013
Holiday things with Lyric


See Your Face
Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Lesbian - Self-employed Photographer - House
Teagan Landry
 Posted: Jan 4 2014, 03:05 AM


days go by with Juliet Marlow. [Mandie]
end of the road with Basil Kaya. [Kat]
paying respects with Jason Kelley. [Irish]

Upcoming: Lenny tutoring


pretend nothing happened with Bowie Levine. [Zee]
somebody told me with Lee Kenneth. [Moose]
don't let it go to your head with Byron Tierney. [Annaconda]
drunken nights{M} with Byron Tierney. [Annaconda]
i can see the flickers{M} with Byron Tierney. [Annaconda]
caught like a fly with Lee Kenneth. [Moose]
i have become comfortably numb with Jana Köhler. [Jess]
everybody talks with Bowie Levine. [Zee]
what about tomorrow? with Byron Tierney. [Annaconda]
we are not alone with Lee Kenneth. [Moose]
crazy little woman in a one man show with Minuit Estelle. [Kat]
recovery with friends with Bowie Levine. [Zee]
delirium with Nanna Lane. [Samhaaa]
distorted lullabies with Bran Bellamy. [Devon]
out for a run with Anya Graves. [Jules]
strangeness and charm with Orianna Glass. [Gin]
a welcoming table with Liliana Cruz. [Shani]
misery needs company with Orianna Glass. [Gin]
everything's fine with Sarah Vance. [Alien]
state of decay with Lee Kenneth. [Moose]
times like these with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
beacon of hope with Orianna Glass. [Gin]
close my eyes with Bowie Levine. [Zee]
when you're strange with Open. [Open]
blast from the past with James Jordan. [Pete]
ain't going nowhere with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
nonesense with Penelope Verdad. [Paws]
sight for sore eyes with James Jordan. [Pete]
the witching hour with Ashley Davidson. [Sibella]
money where your mouth is with Open. [Open]
winter blues with Issie Jensen. [Aimee]
a king for a king with One Shot. [Solo]
a future without you with One Shot. [Solo]
disparity with Michelle Cordero. [Mara]
kitchen of babel with Isa Israilov. [Indigo]
life in a small town with Bernard Tankevwe. [Riva]
writing the lines with Preston Marx. [Ry]
if you run with Jamin Harkner. [Zyx]
every new beginning... with Kentaro Maeda. [Avicus]
food, glorious food with James Jordan. [Caturae]
all kinds of everything with One Shot. [Solo]
mind your time here with Preston Marx. [Ry]
a dinner game with One Shot. [Solo]
make it home with Juliet Marlow. [Mandie]
boots & bourbon with Felix Buchanan. [RORA?!]
bake sale with Grace Miller. [Shade]
deck the halls w/ humbug! with Jorge Cervantes. [Thoth]


Things and stuff
Love Notes [M] <- Teagan's Love Notes to Byron
Moment's Long Gone[M] <- Backstory. Nanowrimo
Created: June 29, 2013

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Bisexual - High School Spanish Teacher - House
Uriah Sutton
 Posted: Jan 5 2014, 05:50 PM


snow falls with Theo Elliot. [Ry]


fumbling in the dark with Melody Felton. [Moose]
way out here with Melody Felton. [Moose]
animal attraction{M} with Melody Felton. [Moose]
sins and secrets with Melody Felton. [Moose]
potential for heartbreak with Melody Felton. [Moose]
don't you remember? with Melody Felton. [Moose]
doubts and fears with Melody Felton. [Moose]
beat your expectations with Melody Felton. [Moose]
new job, new possibilities with David McHenry. [Iska]
stuck in the elevator with you with Bambi Kensington. [Cara]
in pieces with Kiba Takashi. [Kiba]
risking it all with Melody Felton. [Moose]
definitely maybe[TEXT] with Melody Felton. [Moose]
rose colored glasses with Moira Eddison. [KittyKay]
poetry, prose and booze with William Davis. [Summer]
as we fall with Ashley Thompson. [Moose]
a love like war with Melody Felton. [Moose]
turn my soul into a raging fire with Melody Felton. [Moose]
dear new friends with Sebastian Armsworth. [Nathan]
we the people with Ashley Thompson. [Moose]
life is no storybook with Melody Felton. [Moose]
a most interesting evening with Chika Harrison. [Iska]
this is halloween with Melody Felton. [Moose]
moving in?(Call) with Sarah Jane Sutton. [Araliss]
ascending chaos with Nina Hensley. [Em]
the warm summer sun with Temero Anderson. [Zena]
feel this moment with Melody Felton. [Moose]
words in the wind with Cosette Boutin. [Paws]
canine icebreaker with Michelle Cordero. [Mara]
shatter me with Melody Felton and Sarah Jane Sutton. [Moose and Araliss]
new in town with Sarah Jane Sutton. [Araliss]
the edge with Chloe Lucas. [Noir]
tumbling down with Filip Kingston. [Effy]
brave the rain with Ashley Davidson. [Sibella]
creatures of the night with Open. [Open]
even after death with Melody Felton. [Moose]
jinx me with Alex Ryan. [Sigrid]
almost resolution with Open. [Open]
the sounds of silence with Ariel Kensington. [Sibella]
the cat in the park with Winnie Jones. [Nex]
violets are blue with River Jacobs. [Mas]
schrodinger's human with Ace Yamada. [Freyja]
boats against the current with Audra Touré. [Gustopholous]
somewhere only we know with Sarah Jane Sutton. [Araliss]
critters community with Charity Hawthorne. [MsJay]
where chaos abounds with Kyler Landon. [Ry]
grass beneath my paws with Anya Graves. [Jules]
signs of life with Charity Hawthorne. [MsJay]
if i only could with Melody Felton. [Moose]
human nature is finer with Audra Touré. [Gustopholous]
midnight sounds with Luca Barzetti. [Nicole]
bad company with Luca Barzetti. [Nicole]
whiskey wishes with Luca Barzetti. [Nicole]
a ship to wreck with Alec Aldana. [Jen]
***fragments [Solo Events]
connections and coffee with Theo Elliot. [Ry]
words for murder with Luca Barzetti. [Nicole]


Poetry by Necessity <- Uriah's Poetry
Created: November 12, 2013

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Bisexual- Published Poet - House
Frankie Nazarro
 Posted: Jan 12 2014, 04:11 PM


worlds unknown with Min Foster. [DR]
no sanctuary with Min Foster. [DR]


break a leg, or don't with Min Foster. [DR]
demons run [TEXT] with Melody Felton. [Moose]
call me maybe[TEXT] with Min Foster. [DR]
girls' night with Min Foster. [DR]
mirror, mirror with Min Foster. [DR]
tonight i feel like neon gold with Melody Felton. [Moose]
fragile tension with Min Foster. [DR]
fragile bird with Min Foster. [DR]
lost in lies with Melody Felton. [Moose]
be young tonight with Min Foster. [DR]
here's to us[TEXT] with Kieran Oliveira. [Fran]
as time goes on [TEXT] with Melody Felton. [Moose]
feel this moment{M} with Min Foster. [DR]
a date on ice with Min Foster. [DR]
what the water gave me with Min Foster. [DR]
its the thought that counts{M} with Min Foster. [DR]
love me? with Min Foster. [DR]
a matter of perspective[TEXT] with Min Foster. [DR]
these are my confessions with Min Foster. [DR]
just get drunk{M} with Min Foster. [DR]
break these chains with Min Foster. [DR]
ms fix it with Lessa Alexander. [Chibibunni]
these bright lights have always blinded me with Melody Felton. [Moose]
stunning and broken with Min Foster. [DR]
the wild youth with Jules Claireborne. [Gustopholous]
wild reign with Bowie Levine. [Zee]
to boldly go {M} with Min Foster. [DR]
the beautiful ordinary with Nina Hensley. [Em]
i just want a nap with Min Foster. [DR]
cracks in your hair with One Shot. [Solo]
do you even lift, bro? with Teddy Lino. [Tea]
the wondering with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
chasing down a feeling with Sarah Jane Sutton. [Araliss]
late nights and empty cups with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
shirking responsibilities with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
hooking up, not looking up with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
the past is forever with Min Foster. [DR]
calls me home with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
grumpy lunch date with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
wages of sin with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
blood, sweat & tears with Colton Hayes. [Faith]
cheap thrills with Heather Song. [Knightshade]
beasts of perdition{M} with Lenny Neroni and Cooper Tanaka. [Caturae and Zed]
holiday, new york{M} with Min Foster. [DR]
anywhere with you with Min Foster. [DR]
checking off the list with Catie Holmes. [Ry]
out of all of these things with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
catching up with Lenny Neroni. [Caturae]
bandaids for the broken with Catie Holmes. [Ry]


MIN and some more MIN and some dancing? FTW
Something about taking care of Min's skin
Anime Convention eventually
1. Current: Visiting Italy.

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Bisexual - Personal Trainer - 29 East Lochland
Sabrina Harrison
 Posted: Apr 16 2014, 01:16 PM


eating my words with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
being human with Min Foster. [DR]
lunch between friends with Aleksandra Petrova. [RORA?!]
long time coming with Monday West. [Caturae]


the game of life with Dante Noble. [The Arch-Mage]
waiting with William Bird. [Zee]
broken toy with William Bird. [Zee]
the trick is to keep breathing with Dante Noble. [The Arch-Mage]
if you are happy and you know it... with Lily Cavanaugh. [Shani]
the human diaries with Tabitha Rowe. [Tabby]
the fun has been doubled with Tabitha Rowe. [Tabby]
where are you going? with Lily Cavanaugh. [Shani]
calm moments with Andrew McArthur. [Alien]
just another anomaly with William Bird. [Zee]
half past nine with Olivia Maddox. [Dav]
in your element with Min Foster. [DR]
a time for wolves with Nora DeLauncey. [Alex]
so carelessly there with Bran Bellamy. [Devon]
from the archives with Lily Cavanaugh. [Shani]
all my own stunts with Melody Felton. [Moose]
redwood highway with Tanner Broden. [Moka]
spontaneous indecisiveness with Andrew McArthur. [Alien]
live to tell the tale with Sebastian Avalon. [Atrice]
young and hungry with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
who you gonna call[TEXT] with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
prepare to be tested with Bastian Lemieux. [Kyle]
caution with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
maybe be alright... with Lelani Johnson. [Mac]
battling demons with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
new face with William Bird. [Zee]
troubled skies with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
catch me if I fall with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
something different with Sebastian Avalon. [Atrice]
one bibliographic citation with Jon Locklear. [Wick]
today was a fairytale with Jelena Ross. [Em]
in your pocket with Jon Locklear. [Wick]
don't wanna be here anymore with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
the art of conversation with Jon Locklear. [Wick]
wasted sentiments with Jasper Madison. [Gustopholous]
between the lines with Cooper Demarcus. [Gin]
american dreams with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
good news! with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
tighten up with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
forever behind with Leslie Morstan. [Renea]
a new beginning with Mathias Falk. [Mikko]
dusk and summer with William Bird. [Zee]
afternoon laziness with Andrew Bryson. [Genesis]
show me your world with Teddy Lawson. [Gloves]
be afraid with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
threshold of friendship with Jon Locklear. [Wick]
again with Jelena Ross. [Em]
a walk in the park with Evelyn Spiker. [April]
blood red snow white with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
bent on business with Josephine Cardona. [Kit]
we're only human with Jelena Ross. [Em]
day to day with Andrew McArthur. [Alien]
phantom limb with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
the kids are alright with Orianna Glass. [Gin]
the future is in our hands with Ryan Manning. [Gustopholous]
country time with Mathias Falk. [Mikko]
there she goes with Open. [Open]
a match into water with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
bad news in the best way with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
when push comes to shove with Riley Bennett. [Mandi]
black & white with Jasmine Todd. [Creature]
afflicted with William Bird. [Zee]
first visit with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
this might hurt with One Shot. [Solo]
empowered with Ryan Hathaway. [Jupiter]
we've been waiting for you with Riv Harkness. [Andy]
candy! with Riley Bennett. [Mandi]
break my bones with Colton Spade. [Riva]
bare necessities with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
life turns sideways with One Shot. [Solo]
a thousand eyes and one with Darrell McGuiness. [Asa]
achille's heel with Lara Brennan. [Jen]
not a drop to drink with Aleksandra Petrova. [RORA?!]
decorum with Lara Brennan. [Jen]
suffer the children with Rhys Abernathy. [Riva]
**a thousand fireflies [Solo Events]
collateral damage with Blake Gutierrez. [Jaya]
we're marching on with Aleksandra Petrova. [RORA?!]
and now for an intermission with Zoey Tam. [Shade]
beautiful strangers with Abel Jensen. [Ry]


Girl Scouts for the girls, camping thing for the boys
Sickness is hard to schedule

These Words <- Sabrina's Thread Journal

Decide Our Fate
Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Demisexual – Day Care Owner - House
Seraphim Drake
 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 06:24 PM


expect the unexpected with Monday West. [Caturae]
water play with Lark and Avis Vincent. [Mandie]
breaking the cycle with Arturo Reyes. [Asa]
the weight of yesterday with Erin Fox. [Kate]
fairly local with Lane Shapiro. [Katja]
book buying with Andie Walker. [Shade]


tool time... with Terra McAlvey. [sheLurks]
breaking the surface with Cameron Demarcus. [Locke]
runaway dog with Jacquelyn Herveaux. [Kit]
catching a raft with Cameron Demarcus. [Locke]
floating with Cameron Demarcus. [Locke]
eyes wide shut with Cameron Demarcus. [Locke]
bobbing for apples[M] with Cameron Demarcus. [Locke]
roads untraveled with Matthew Cole. [Mandi]
words could never be enough with Cooper Young. [Winnie]
day drunk into the night with Silas Rowan. [Izzi]
talk it up with Marcus Trenton. [Mac]
may we meet again with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
behavioral analysis with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
beyond this morning with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
the set up text.[TEXT] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
we've got obsessions with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
alone together[TEXT] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
the past is past.[M] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
unemployment with One Shot. [Solo]
sugarfree with Jason Kelley. [Irish]
back to reality with Erin Maisey. [Kate]
decade under the influence[M] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
just checking on you[TEXT] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
where the lines overlap with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
worsening souls[TEXT] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
everything falls apart with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
calamity calling[TEXT] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
beautiful creatures with Philip Hensley. [Chance]
escalate with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
break the boredom with Melody Felton. [Moose]
every now and then with Philip Hensley. [Chance]
contemplative with One Shot. [Solo]
never too young to die with Open. [Open]
oblique beginnings with Open. [Open]
be okay with Erin Maisey. [Kate]
what comes after with Aleksandra Petrova. [RORA?!]
bullet with butterfly wings with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
free bird calling[phone] with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
wash away my colors with Charlotte Williams. [Nat]
homecoming with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
forever forgotten with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
blank space with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
its my life with Jaina Carter. [Knightshade]
the house that doubt built with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
walking disaster with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
paint fumes and music with Colton Hayes. [Faith]
knitting for beginners with Monday West. [Caturae]
support beam with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
story of our lives with One Shot. [Solo]
grilled and pureed meats with Cooper Tanaka. [Zed]
what you've become with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
play pen with Kiefer Carter & Blake Gutierrez. [Gustopholous & Jaya]
contemplation with Avis Vincent. [Mandie]
back to the beginning with Grace Miller. [Shade]
still not bitten with William Locke. [Imp]
whispers from the ashes [Solo Events]
you've got a friend with Erin Maisey. [Kate]
pickup time with Colton Spade. [Riva]
this crazy town with William Locke. [Imp]
unenchanted with Colton and Ashley Spade. [Riva]


Cooper things
When A Stranger Calls hypothetical with Cooper
Memory Box <- Journal of Threads
Lainey Marie Tanaka - April 21, 2016
Thread with Colton: Storm stuff, blood donation tent.

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Heterosexual - Waitress at Gertie's - Apartment
Blake Gutierrez
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 09:19 PM


25.all our masks[TEXT April] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
ain't no cure with Arturo Reyes. [Asa]
your favorite record with Deanna Henderson. [Tea]


1.spoonful of sugar with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
thinking out loud [Solo]
2.around my head[TEXT August] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
3.little less sixteen candles with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
4.one for the road with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
a criminal aspect with Darrell McGuiness. [Asa]
5.want you bad[TEXT September] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
6.about a girl with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
7.let it rock with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
8.a problem house with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
9.walls came tumbling down[m] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
10.surface tension with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
11.superlove radio[TEXT October] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
12.sweater weather with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
13.smile like you mean it with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
14.play pen{M} with Seraphim Drake & Kiefer Carter. [Jaya & Gustopholous]
15.dirty little secrets with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
another day in paradise with Darrell McGuiness. [Asa]
16.chasing ghosts{M} with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
17.between us & them[TEXT November] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
18.vision of division{M} with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
19.long way home with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
20.time to pretend with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
21.house of memories with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
collateral damage with Sabrina Harrison.
22.feeling you[TEXT December] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
23.party day hazy with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
24.coming home[m] with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]

by tooth and claw with Joshua Caminero. [Jen]
26.broken realm with Kiefer Carter. [Gustopholous]
salsas y alimentos with Arturo Reyes. [Asa]


Carla Martin Non-canon/canon writing for NaNo 2017
"You're being a total dick right now." - Text to bandmate who is her ride home while her car is in the shop, decided to leave her someplace in New York, and he does intend to come get her but is leaving her there for not acting like he won't get her, and she is pretty mad at him. Accidentally texts Kiefer that instead of Jamie.
Text Kiefer in a storm

10th - Seraphim/Kiefer cooking
September 18th, 2018 - due date
Based on February 13th = 9 weeks // May 29 = 24 weeks
Carla's accident April 28 2018

Ianthe StuartTeagan LandryUriah SuttonFrankie NazarroSabrina HarrisonSeraphim DrakeBlake Gutierrez
Tracker - Heterosexual – Cashier at Bob’s - 265 Litchfield Dr.
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