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 Abel Jensen, 26 | Local | Ry
Abel Jensen
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 11:56 AM

Abel Silas
birth date
Rep and safety instructor at gun shop/range


Dark brown hair, medium length, curly when wet but he fixes it straight, natural highlight

Dark brown eyes

Keeps a short beard and mustache

Weight- 194 Height- 6’2”


Casual clothes- jeans, tees/tanks, boots (fitted clothes)

As a former navy seal the man is very physically fit and toned. Though he is no longer in the military, he still keeps a disciplined exercise routine to keep himself in shape, no doubt a habit from so many years in the service. Standing at 6’2” and weighing just under 200 pounds he takes physical fitness rather seriously for himself. Maintaining a strict physical regime is one of the few practices he continues to adhere to that the navy demanded. Since leaving he has let his dark chestnut hair grow out some. His hair is naturally curly but he fixes it straight most often. He also has taken to growing out a bit of stubble in the form of a mustache and beard, though it is barely long enough to be considered as such; he keeps his facial hair trimmed and neat but refuses to shave it completely.

Dark brown eyes and a typically contemplative expression give the man a touch of what has been called ‘resting bitch face’. Wearing a stern expression was almost necessary in the seals and it’s not something he has been able to shake yet.

He is not picky when it comes to clothes except that he refuses to wear anything too loose. Jeans are a staple of his wardrobe and while he’ll wear most brands he is partial to Levi’s. Any casual tee shirt or tank top will do for him if he doesn’t find it obscene or offensive then he will wear most anything. Shoes he is slightly more selective with and typically he wears running shoes or work boots.

Though he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings he isn’t against them, just never found anything he wanted badly enough. However, he does have a few noticeable scars: one short one running almost parallel with his right hip, a circular one on his left forearm, and a long one that spans the length of his left calf, and various other small ones.


Abel’s personality comes from several different places. He keeps his childhood with him in the way that he is always up for anything and how he loves having fun. Contrary to his rather standoffish expression, he is rather personable and enjoys talking to strangers over a beer or anything else. He plays around most of the time and has a great sense of humor. The man tends to make jokes about everything, especially things that make him uncomfortable, and he doesn’t see that as a problem. He tries to live his life very laid back and often has to be ‘scolded’ into taking things seriously

While he does greatly enjoy leading a carefree lifestyle that he pulls from his childhood, he can’t ignore everything that the military instilled in him. He knows how to follow orders and be part of a team. Following orders isn’t something he will just do, there needs to be a reason for and if he doesn’t have respect for someone you can bet he’s not doing anything that they try to tell him to do. Being part of a team is a bit different for him too, and while he does work great with others in a sport or work environment, if he makes friends with someone he takes responsibility for them. That could be from grow up with so many siblings and having to look out for them or from his time as a Seal, but either way he assumes the ‘big brother’ role well.

Something else he picked up in the military is his ability to shrug off insults, he doesn’t allow himself to get baited into arguments easily and has a rather good grip on his temper. Being in control of his emotions is a good thing considering he has the strength and training to do some serious damage if he ever saw fit to do so. Luckily, he hasn’t ever needed to square up with anyone outside a few drunken escapades with his navy buddies, but even when he drinks now he doesn’t allow himself to get too shitfaced.

Abel is the type of person who is very respectful of others, especially his parents, and that is very evident in the way that he talks to others. He does his best to do right by everyone until he is given a good enough reason not to. The man will easily joke around and insult his friends but he is very courteous of any boundaries that might be in place and will only tease in such a way if he is familiar with the person.


Abel’s parents, Christopher and Annette, were married straight out of high school and had a good life. Though they were not wealthy they had enough to get by with a little extra, but they loved each other and they were happy. His father earned his degree and went on to be a pharmacy technician; his mother went to school to be a nurse but got pregnant before she finished and ended up staying home with the child. As the years passed they had three additional children, Abel being the second oldest, that they were very dedicated to and did their best to raise right.

Growing up as the second oldest of four kids left Abel with a fair amount of responsibility in his family. Chores started at a young age for him and his siblings and there wasn’t much that they were excepted to do or, at least, help with. They were taught young that a household is everyone’s responsibility and everyone was going to help, though exceptions were made for Sundays when he and his family attended church. His childhood wasn’t all chores and responsibility though. When he got into middle school and started really making friends, he and his siblings would often hang out as a group with the other kids in town getting into plenty of shenanigans.

When he got halfway through high school the fun of childhood had started to fade away and the reality of becoming an adult was starting to take over. Abel didn’t react well to the sudden change and loss of freedom. He felt pressured by his parents to start grooming himself for college and getting a good career and taking relationships seriously. His idea of rebelling came in the form of the military, the day he turned eighteen he enlisted and didn’t even bother to tell his parents until a few weeks before he was set to leave for boot camp. His parents were upset that he had done something so big without talking to them but they didn’t hate the idea of him joining the military, thinking that the discipline would be good for their carefree wild child.

Abel had a bit of a head start after enlisting because he had taken a JROTC (junior recruit officer training course) in school that allowed him to go in as an E3 instead of E1; it wasn’t much but the pay was a bit better and since he didn’t have any responsibilities outside of the military he could put most of that money away. In many ways, the rigorous training required to be a navy seal did help round Abel out but not completely. Going in he was used to following orders and pitching in to help so that wasn’t much of a shock, but it was on a more serious scale now. Outside of boot camp and A school things relaxed a bit, and he started making friends amongst the other members of his division. When he was working, he took handled his responsibilities well and put everything into his job and being the best. Outside of work though, he and his friends, young and stupid as they were, spent as many nights as possible out drinking and trying to impress civilians with their military status. Quite often these ridiculous displays worked and he and his buddies would get what they wanted and leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. None of them wanted to be tied down anyway so when they got orders to relocate they simply left and never looked back.

For six years this behavior kept up before he had reached the end of his contract, he hadn’t been in long enough to retire but he decided not to reenlist because he had already missed a good portion of things happening within his family. Though he had made efforts to visit them here and there he felt disconnected from them. So, he has returned to his home town of Lochland Grove and is ready to reconnect with his family and friends. Even though he has been back for only a few months now and he already feeling more pressure from his parents to get a ‘real’ job and start looking to settle down.




Hanging out

Alice (his motorcycle)


His family



Working out


Having fun


Gun safety




Closed minds

Being told how to live

Being judged

Letting his family down

Boat food



Feeling trapped


Motorcycle- White 2012 GSX-R 750. Alice

Pickup truck- Blue 1999 Ford F150.

Cleithrophobia- Feeling trapped makes him panic. Crowds or crowded places aren’t so bad but he feels like someone is actively trying to keep him somewhere he can’t cope with it.

He has a conceal carry permit and takes decent advantage of it but does not always have a gun on him.

He will often introduce himself with his last name.


Father- Christopher Jensen. Abel has a good relationship with his father, he has a lot of respect for everything that the man has done for him and that he raised him to be a good person. He thinks very highly of his father and his opinion and even though Abel doesn’t agree that he needs to be looking to settle down the fact that his dad believes it weighs heavily on him.

Mother- Annette Jensen. He looks at his mother with a very veiled opinion. To him, she is the most amazing woman he’s ever met and she can do no wrong. He wasn’t exactly a ‘momma’s boy’ growing up but he was close to his mother and still is. He has a great respect for his mom too and highly values her opinion as well.

Older brother- Joshua Jensen. Josh is older by two years so he taught Abel a fair amount when they were growing up. Though Josh is considerably more serious than Abel he still looks up to the other and wants to make him proud.

Twin sister- Maria Lynette. He is very protective of Maria. She is only younger by a few minutes but he won’t let her forget it. They aren’t as close as they used to be now that she is married and lives a bit farther away but he still checks on his little sis every few days, if not more.

Younger brother- David Jensen. David is probably the most like Abel out of his family members. He is protective of his younger brother too though the younger man has done well for himself in Abel’s absence. Currently, David and his high school sweetheart turned wife are attending the local college.

© darren criss

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Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 10:26 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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