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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

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 Catalina Holmes, 29 | Townie | Ry
Catie Holmes
 Posted: Jun 8 2017, 11:53 AM

Catalina Lenore
birth date
head chef at Ambrosia


Catie is petite and though she is twenty-eight her appearance often leads people to assuming she is younger than she really is. She is 5’6” and a mere 124 pounds wrapped in fair skin. Curvaceous is not a word one would use to describe Catie, she has enough of a chest and butt to be noticeable but hardly enough to flaunt; which is fine by her anyway. The woman is fit and works to keep herself that way but she isn’t particularly muscular.

Naturally her hair is dirty blonde in color but she prefers to keep it bleached blonde and short. The length of her hair varies based on her last hair cut but is typically kept between chin and shoulder length, she can’t stand it being too long and finds it annoying. Since he hair is kept short it is commonly worn down in a simple style with the layered ends flipped outward. When she works her hair is pinned back and tucked into her hat so it’s not in her way.

Being so fair skinned with bleached blonde hair makes her features stand out brilliantly. Her eyes are brown with the faintest hint of green if anyone bothered to get close enough to notice. She keeps her eyebrows their natural color that helps her eyes stand out more. High cheek bones and full lips complete her look. Most of the time she wears just a little bit of make-up and won’t leave the house without at least some mascara, but if she has a night out planned she does more.

Her style is very broad. She doesn’t limit herself to worrying about labels or anything like that, as long as she likes the look or comfort of something she will wear it. For work she sticks to jeans and fitted shirts so that the clothes don’t get in her way or in the food. Though brands aren’t an issue for her modesty is, she prefers her clothes to be conservative and will not wear anything if she feels it’s too revealing. She enjoys wearing heels because they make her feel tall but doesn’t restrict herself to any one type. Accessories are her favorite and she is always wearing at least one piece of jewelry but more if she can get away with it. The only place one would see her without jewelry would be at work where her accessories would be tucked into her smock or apron.


Mellow|| Level headed|| Dedicated|| Non-judgmental/Open minded|| Modest|| Self-assured|| Strong-willed|| Quiet but opinionated|| Blunt when prompted||

What is there to know? Catie is just your average person living her life in a small town and trying to make the most of it. Modesty is something Catie has a lot of practice with, she doesn’t see much point in boastfulness and tends to avoid it in herself and others. Though she doesn’t brag that doesn’t mean that she isn’t proud of herself or others for what had been accomplished and admires when hard work and dedication are used to achieve a goal. That being said, she is very dedicated once she decides she wants something, be it a work or social goal she isn’t easily swayed.

Catie is quiet in that she is perfectly content not to talk even if there’s a bunch of other people around, it doesn’t bother her to not say anything. However, she’s not rude either and will participate in a conversation if prompted or if she feels like she has something important to say. She tries not to make waves but she is still opinionated and won’t hesitate to contribute her two cents if she thinks it’ll be beneficial to the conversation. Opinionated or not, Catie isn’t a judgmental person; she believes what she believes and leaves other people to their own vices, though if her approval is sought she will be honest. This can be considered as bluntness, which is fitting for Catie.

Everyone is different and she respects that by keeping an open mind. She knows who she is and she is very comfortable with that and expects people to respect her life choices. If anyone tries to belittle her they will quickly discover that the commonly reserved woman has a fire within her when provoked. It can be easy to enrage her if the right buttons are pushed but mostly she shrugs things off as she prefers not having to bite people’s heads off.

Intelligence is a tricky matter. She would probably fall in the middle of the spectrum between genius and needing to take remedial classes. In school, she got good grades but she had to work her butt off to get them, she’s more logical than book smart anyway. Catie knows what she’s capable of and sticks within her means, making sure that the goals she sets for herself are high enough to inspire her to work for them but not out of reach.

For fun Catie likes to play games, sometimes dealing with picky customers at work can raise her stress levels too high, so she drops them back down with gaming or lounging out with a good horror flick. When she’s not working or sitting in front of a screen she likes to relax with her friends or family but she can be picky about restaurants, so she tries to divert away from group meals. She’s not exactly spontaneous but she does try to shake things up and do new things within reason.


Catalina Holmes was born in New York to Tom and Maria Holmes. Her mother had come from Italy to America during her college years and shortly after arriving she met Tom, who would later become her husband. The two dated for a while before deciding to tie the knot and once they were married it took no time for them to begin having children. Derrek, the oldest of the Holmes’ children, was a honeymoon conception. Though the couple hadn’t been planning on having kids so soon they also wanted to keep their children close in age so over the next three years they had two others, the youngest of them being Catie. With three kids the Holmes family packed up and moved to New Haven, Connecticut, deciding that it would be a better place to raise the kids opposed to such a busy city.

Childhood was mostly uneventful. Catie was the youngest and the only girl so she was a bit spoiled but not so much that it affected her overall attitude. They lived a comfortable life that left them wanting for little and every few summers they would alternate takings vacations to visit family that didn’t live nearby. The kids were always encouraged to participate in group activities. Catie had taken an interest in gymnastics and stuck with that recreational hobby until she went into high school. After that her free time was occupied with homework and working to get into the vocational program for culinary arts. By her second year she had been accepted into the program and started to really develop a love for cooking.

She graduated among the top of her class because she had to maintain a certain GPA to participate in the cooking course that she had become so fond of, so she made sure to work extra hard in all her studies. She took a year off to work and save money before being admitted into the International Culinary Institute. While attending the institute she moved back to New York and stayed there for the duration of time it took her to obtain both her associates and bachelor degrees. After that she managed to land a job in one of the cities finer restaurants, started from the bottom and worked her way up.

Feeling accomplished with her career, Catie decided she was tired of the big city scene and began looking for work in smaller areas that were still close by to her family in Connecticut. Though she had applied to several places, and gotten multiple different interview requests, Catie was most taken with the town of Lochland Grove. It was exactly what she was looking for, a quaint town that wasn’t too far from family and that had employment opportunities. Excited to begin anew in Lochland, she arrived and made herself at home where she has been for the past several years.



Make-up|| Jewelry|| Cooking|| Gaming|| Volleyball|| Tea|| Soft pretzels|| Dark chocolate|| Almonds|| Horror movies|| Zombie themes|| Stand-up comedy|| Wine||


Rude customers|| Re-making orders|| Lazy employees|| Smoking|| Bugs|| Showboating|| Snobbery|| Beets|| Mangoes|| Dusting|| Speeding|| Speed dating|| Frozen dinners||


Speaks fluent Italian

Drives an ’05 Toyota Celica


Father- Tom Holmes- Since she is the only girl of Tom’s children, she is very much a daddy’s girl. He always wants the best for her and is extra stringent with people who come into her life because no one is going to be good enough for his baby girl. They are close and though he simply wants what is best for her he knows she is capable of making her own choices.

Mother- Maria Holmes- Catie gets along rather well with her mother, she confides in her mom about nearly everything in her life and considers the woman a close friend as well as her mom. They make a point of getting together every so often for ‘mother-daughter’ days.

Sibling- Derek Holmes- He is the typical older brother, he cares about his sister but lets her do her own thing. They’ve had their ups and downs like any siblings but they get along, they’re family after all.

Sibling-Adam Holmes- Adam is not as involved as Derek is. The younger of the two tends to suffer from a self-diagnosed case of ‘middle child syndrome’. He and Catie get along well enough but they don’t go out of their ways to see each other; their visits are limited to holiday and family gatherings.

Cousin-Frankie Nazarro- The daughter of Maria’s younger half-brother Leo. Frankie is a close friend of Catie and has been for a long time, though their conversations used to be limited to emails and written letters. Now they both live in Lochland.

© darren criss

Jeeze, it had been a frustratingly long day. One of the ones that made a person who didn’t drink contemplate cracking open a cold one. She didn’t have anything against drinking, not really, but it wasn’t something she did very often because the taste was kind of off-putting. After a day like today it was very tempting. For starters, the new guy had caught a bunch of napkins on fire but don’t ask her how he’d done it because she hadn’t the slightest idea, then a group of twenty came in and she could’ve sworn they were in some ‘picky eaters’ club, the delivery order was late [i]and[/i] wrong… and ugh, it was legitimately the worst night Catie’d had in a long time.

Wine, wine would be so perfect right now. The only problem was she had finished her last bottle the night before and other than cooking Sherry there wasn’t anything at home either. Glancing quickly at the clock above the door she knew it was too late to get anything from the store, which left her the option of not drinking or finding a bar. [b]“Dannazione.”[/b] She cursed lowly, the offensive remark coming out in Italian; it wasn’t her native language but she spoke it fluently and used it often to hide her frustrations. Shrugging out of her chef’s coat she tossed the item in the dirty linens bin and grabbed her purse before locking and closing the door to her office.

Her preferred bar, which was really just the bar she found the lowest number of sleazy guys at, wasn’t too far from work or home so it’d be alright to stop in for one quick drink. Once she was sure the restaurant was locked up good ‘n tight she headed for her car, getting in and locking the door before anything else. She’d made it through the hectic mess of a day and was feeling pretty good about it, good enough that she smiled to herself as she turned the key in the ignition and headed for the bar.

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Jun 8 2017, 05:08 PM
The Admins


    Welcome to Lochland Grove. It looks like you've made a fantastic app. We look forward to seeing your character in play here on the site. Before you get started roleplaying, make sure to fill out your claims, and put up a plot page. We hope you have fun on Lochland Grove, and remember, keep your eyes open.

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