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Kat and Jaya wake up in Lochland Grove after some mischievous spirits get a hold of the latest copy of The Lochland Times. Site work is never done!

This Episode: A well placed spilled drink helped to get her out of the Odyssey with a new clue, but where should she go from here? What is a lone Kat to do?

Welcome to Lochland Grove
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We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!

Haunted Halloween Party!
Halloween has come to Lochland, and the old Richfield Family Manson welcomes everyone to attend a costume party unlike any other.

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Thanksgiving is coming. Bring food to Town Hall, and help the less fortunate. Coats, hats, and scarves are also welcome.


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 Decision 3, A piece has been found!
Ambrosia or The Odyssey?
Kat: Snoop around The Odyssey [ 11 ]  [84.62%]
Jaya: Poke around Ambrosia [ 2 ]  [15.38%]
Total Votes: 13
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted on Oct 20 2017, 01:15 PM
The Admins

As much fun as it would have been to nose around the store and meet characters in the flesh, she did have a mission to accomplish. A very super secret mission that was very important, and couldn’t tell anyone. This was going to make things difficult. Feeling a little brave, Jaya made her decision. The clue had mentioned tea. Coffee Tea or Me? That had to be involved; she was going behind that counter!

No time to waste! I have a job to do!

She took a deep breath, glancing right to left before jumping up on the counter. The door leading into the kitchen was only a few feet away, but nobody saw her as she slid across the counter and landed firmly on the other side. Ten points for style. Like a natural twenty, she assured herself as she began to root along the counter’s shelves.

Excuse me? What are you doing down there?

From where she knelt she could spy Mackenzie McAdams peeking from the doorway. Jaya cleared her throat, standing up stiffly. ”Um.. I’m the.. new hire...” The words were carefully thought out. She was rewarded with a brilliant sunshine smile.

“Well you should put on your apron and start serving customers. I am heading out for my break.”

Nodding, Jaya looked at the apron hanging behind the counter and put it on. This was good. Now no one would question her as she kept up her mission. It was a lucky break. She thought she would have more time to look, but as Erin left another familiar face appeared. It was Nina Wallace. Welcome to LooseLeaf! What can I get you?” It’s a good thing I used to work as a barista…

In minutes she had whipped up drinks for not just Nina but Kiefer Carter and Rhys Abernathy. It was great to meet them in person, but nice when they left. Inside the register was a page of the newspaper.

”The horoscope.” She murmured.

”Oh?” Asked a familiar voice from over the counter.

A wild Kat had appeared. ”No luck on my end.” The other commented grumpily. ” I got lost somewhere and ended up on plum street where I had to ask directions to the bookstore from Mathias Falk. He looks so good in a suit. What is it about suits that-er why are you behind the counter?” It took a moment to explain and a few more moments to realized there was a note under the newspaper piece.

”This is only the beginning. There are plenty of pages left, and you’ve only found two. Don’t get too excited. Here is our next clue... It is halloween night. Time to dress up and go out, but honestly it is all greek to me.

..really? Kat asked curiously. ”There are two places this could be. Ambrosia or the odyssey. Both are greek. You could dress up for a party at either place. One would be formal.. i guess... and the other would be, er.. actually halloweeny? This was awkward. ”I call dibs on the Odyssey.. How about you check out Ambrosia?”
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