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 The Lochland Times, Edition 33
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:31 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
The Past and Present of Little Halloween
Lochland Special Report
There are many reasons you could be reading this, but the most likely of them is that you have never heard of Little Halloween. That isn’t a surprise. The holiday is local, celebrated only as far as the boundaries of Lochland County. It is a celebration of those lost, a celebration of rebellion, and a celebration of unity.

In this article I’d like to explain how it started, the changes throughout the years, and what the future may bring on May 23rd.


In 1893, serial killer Robert Lewis had claimed several victims. His active butchery stunted Lochland Grove’s lumber business by scaring workers into inactivity; no one wanted to leave their homes. The fear was so bad that Funerals were attended by the whole town just so that they could get out of the house. Families mourned privately and had few visitors.

During this time several Little Halloween traditions were created. It was not uncommon for grieving families to set an extra place at the table for their lost loved ones. Lit candles were often set in the windows, and mirrors were covered to prevent the dead from being trapped there to haunt them. As well as private events held for families to hire mediums to speak to their loved ones.

Thomas Bosworth, the town’s beloved Minister, would travel from home to home to console residents. He had an issue with his weight and tended to sit on the floor rather than test himself in a chair. Going from door to door, he was known to go without sleep for as long as he possibly could. It was not uncommon to find him snoring quietly in the most random of places: hallways, porches, gardens, even closets. The community looked on it all with affection. His death at Robert Lewis’s hands turned fear into rage and started a tradition of hiding small handmade statues of him to be found by others every Little Halloween. Today several of the old wooden statues can be found in the History Museum. The man’s memory sparked not only a tradition but the beginning of the end for Lewis.

On May 23rd the community rebelled. It wasn’t torches and pitchforks but instead began with a picnic inside the Lochland Cemetery. Everything was done with great respect. Rules and regulations were set in place to assure that graves were left unmarred. On that day some families were given the chance to truly morn at the gravesite of their loved ones for the first time. Others celebrated their lives, talking pleasantly until the evening hours when the sun began to set.

That night the residents held their first Candlelight Walk. They gathered at the foot of the hanging tree and walked together down the dark paths of the forest to the cemetery. It was a statement that they refused to be afraid anymore, a promise to their loved ones that they would remember them, and a threat to Lewis that he would be hung. Even years after his death they still walk the paths on the 23rd.


Over twenty years after the first Little Halloween, the Graveyard Picnics and Candlelight Walks continued and became a staple for the day of memory. The entire community would go to the Graveyard picnics, the meals often turning into stories of children hunting ghosts after dark. Little Halloween had become popular in Lochland, and the residents adapted it as their own. Bosworth statues were commonplace and could be found all over town. They were, and are, a favorite game among residents of all ages; one of the few things celebrated by both the young and old.

Older people still hold onto the memories of Lewis’s destruction and the strength in their many traditions. Those too young to remember or born after Lewis had died could not completely relate to the somber tone of the holiday, though they grew up with the holiday the meaning behind it was not as strong with them.


By the 1970‘s Little Halloween had evolved. Graveyard Picnics had become far less common as society deemed it disrespectful to the dead. The hanging tree had long since been removed, after being struck by lightning, and a History Museum built where it had stood. 'Lewis collection' mania had begun to spread through the town; personal collections from the time period were often put on display both in homes and loaned to the Museum. Lochland’s history was now revealed to the public after so many years of practicing quietly. It brought about a strange new turn of events: Tourism.

Time had turned Robert Lewis from a monster into a frightening legend and the tourist trade had begun to take an interest. People came from everywhere to hear stories and theorize over questions and missing information. The mysteries were also a great lure for ghost hunters who wanted the thrill of talking to those long past. Ghost tours began late into the decade and have only become more popular over the years.

The 70‘s also brought another new trend, mostly practiced by the young;--

Robert Lewis Parties. Much like the old private parties, the Robert Lewis Parties centered around the spooky side of Lochland’s history without taking any of it seriously. There were candles in the window, but it had become trendy to decorate them or hang paper lanterns instead. Other traditions were hardly noticed as the holiday was mostly an excuse to party. Some within Lochland society saw the events as disrespectful to tradition. The holiday was treated mostly as a reason to party rather than an act of respect to the dead. They created a rift between the older residents and the generations to come, once again lightening the darkness that had once surrounded the horrors of Lewis’s days. It shaped the way Little Halloween is treated today.


Lochland traditions have remained the same since the 70's; still holding Candlelight walks, searching for Bosworths, chasing ghosts, remembering history, Robert Lewis Parties and decorating windows with candles. Yet soon there may be a new step to its evolution.

Recently the town survived a copy-cat killer labeled the Robert Lewis Killer. Like 1893, the killer tore apart friends and families, leaving a new wound in the flesh of our beloved town. The Town Council, along with research by the Lochland Times, would like to help support those who have been wounded in the tragedy.

On May 1st Mayor Lochland announced the return of the Graveyard Picnic and invites everyone to join him in experiencing an old tradition as the start to this year's Little Halloween. "Our town has a history of stubbornly refusing to cowed by fear. There is nothing I would like more than to surround myself with the wonderful residents of this town, before setting a place for my daughter at the table and marching fearlessly through the woods with them that night. A tragedy has once again struck our town. We will rise above it." The Robert Lewis Killer, Zachary Rawlings, was sentenced to prison earlier this year.

Time had turned Robert Lewis from a monster into a frightening legend, the tourist trade had begun to take an interest. People came from everywhere to hear stories and theorize over questions and missing information. The mysteries were also a great lure for ghost hunters who wanted the thrill of talking to those long past. Ghost tours began late into the decade and have only become more popular over the years.

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:31 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
Traditions: Tried and True and New
Lochland Special Report
The month of May has a special place in the hearts of Lochlanders young and old. It is a time of celebratory remembrance of a darker time that is much more than our fair town's claim to fame. Little Halloween is nothing new to the locals and families whose lineage dates back to the ages of old when Robert Lewis was at large but with the newly surfaced horrors of the 'Robert Lewis killer', millennials are taking a stand and putting a modern spin on this month of homage.

The appearance of Robert Lewis parties--

was just the beginning of this 'rebellious' new twist. While the older traditions are still observed, the younger generations are finding new ways to cope with the very real experience of having survived the Robert Lewis killer attacks.

Of course, none of this is meant to spit in the face of the old ways but we have to consider what is represented by the traditions. For instance, we know (or should know) that the candlelight vigil is representative of the march that took the ancestors of Lochland from the hanging tree--

to the graveyard in their refusal to be obedient to fear. It is a great tradition but it holds no bearing over those who have suffered from the Robert Lewis killer's tendencies.

With the Robert Lewis killer safely behind bars a renewed sense of security and community washes over us all in Lochland Grove during our tributes to those who have passed and with it comes a whole new era of traditions to incorporate. Grieve in whatever way helps to ease your souls, Lochlanders, and rejoice in the strength we share to have twice survived such atrocious acts.

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:32 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
Traditions: Tried and True and New
Lochland Special Report
As months tend to do, they have changed again. April has faded and given way to one a month that holds significant meaning to the town of Lochland. National Firefighter's day, Mother's day and Little Halloween decorate our calendar over the next few weeks. Here's a quick rundown of the events coming up.

National Firefighter's Day

May 4th: Take some time to send some admiration their way. These men and women work hard to keep us safe.

Mother's Day

May 13th: Celebrate the mom's in your life. Send a card or even a text, anything to show mom some extra appreciation. We even hear the local florist is having a sale for the occasion.

Little Halloween

May 23rd: A time of remembrance and a day to come together as a community.

Ghost Hunt Tours
Though the History Museum is having some difficulty due to the weather, they are stubbornly refusing to have their spirit dampened. Much like the townsfolk of old, the History Museum is refusing to be kept down by any negativity and are re-opening to host the Ghost Tours. Despite hail damage to the roofs of both the museum and the Robert Lewis house the tours will be conducted as usual with make-shift bridges being formed to cross puddles of standing water and hay bales being used to cover less saturated areas.

Bearing in mind these adjustments, there is still plenty to look forward to from the tour. A guide will be present to accompany the tours and offer historical information about the areas as patrons are taken on a journey through Lochland to see all of the spots significant to Little Halloween.

Candlelight Walk
Retracing the steps of our ancestors, the candlelight vigil will be held rain or shine and will begin at sundown on the eve of the twenty-third. The walk begins at the history museum, the sight of the old hanging tree, and follows a path through the forest to the cemetery.

Robert Lewis Parties
There are probably more of these than we know about being planned for late in the month as this particular Little Halloween tradition follows the regime of any other typical house party. Since we here at the Times are not endorsing this sort of behavior, we are happy to report that the schools in the area will be hosting there own Robert Lewis parties.

The school founded parties are a safe alternative to the ones that tend to cause trouble within the town. Similar to a dance event, the parties will have small snack and beverages as well as music and space for dancing, and what school function is complete without chaperones? All in all, it's slated to be a good time in a safe environment.

Graveyard Picnic
During the daylight hours of--

May 23rd Lochland likes to see it's citizens celebrating in a tradition that is making a comeback. Graveyard picnics are exactly what they sound like, a picnic in a graveyard. There are a series of rules that coincide with this even to ensure that the final resting places are being respected, but the point of the picnic is to allow family and friends to share a meal with loved ones who have been lost. So, get your baskets and blankets ready and join us among the tombstones for a light meal and some reminiscing.

Bosworth Hunt
The Bosworth hunt is also making a wider spread appearance over the past few years. In the days of Robert Lewis, minister Bosworth could be found in some of the oddest places around town trying to bring a sense of comfort and joy back to the community with his presence. We carry on his memory by making handheld figures of the beloved man and stashing them in random places in Lochland for others to find.

While the Bosworth Hunt is not an official even that has a time and place we like to draw attention to it so that citizens who may not be familiar with the tradition can play along as well. Hide those Boswoths well and be on the lookout for ones that have been hidden by other participants, kudos go to the most creative hider!

Memorial Day

May 28th: Set aside to remember the me and women who have given their lives to defend our country and our rights.
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:33 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
Favoring Firefighers
Lochland Special Report
Many of you may recognize the fourth of May as the infamous Starwars day. That is all well and good but don't let your love of the sci-fi series distract from the fact that it is also International Firefighter's day.

It is all too easy to overlook the rigorousness that coincides with being a member of the LGFD (Lochland Grove Fire Department), or any firefighting team, and we are lucky to have such dedicated heroes. The training for such a career takes as little as 600 hours and as much as seven years depending on how dedicated you wish to go but one thing is certain, fighting fires is not for the faint of heart.

We tip our hats to any who are courageous enough to risk their own well being to fend off flames.

If you're looking to show your appreciation to the local fire department feel free to drop by with your thank-you gestures. The fair folks of the LGFD have a small library that could withstand some contributions of well-loved to new books, or if you have a culinary gift there is a snack fridge for when those long or overnight shifts are scheduled. Of course, the best thing you can do to show the Firefighting team that you appreciate them is really quite simple; follow fire safety guidelines.

Of course, the best thing you can do to show the Firefighting team that you appreciate them is really quite simple; follow fire safety guidelines.

Most people forget to do the simplest of things, like checking the batteries in the smoke alarms, and making sure that you are up to date and knowledgeable about fire safety is beneficial to everyone. There are some rather lovely pamphlets full of information on what to do in fire emergencies and what you can do to help prevent accidental fires at the station. Stay safe, Lochland, and remember to show some love to the LGFD next time you see them!

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:34 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
Ask Lochland : Does Little Halloween Feel More Personal?
Lochland Special Report
Ace Yamada
I never really paid attention to the killer. I mean, I saw stuff in the newspaper, but I never felt targeted so I was like, whatever. But I am throwing around the idea of a 90s night... I mean the killer was from the 1890s, let's have a 100+ year celebration? No scrubs allowed, if you're that somebody, quit playing games, all that she wants is to come to the Odyssey on Little Halloween... the DJ? It's gonna be me. It'll be a gangsta's paradise! No diggity. I'll go hide in a hole now. Bye, bye, bye.

Monday West
It’s s big relief. As a parent, I was a little skeptical about stories of the town and how safe it could be. Now the holiday’s no longer a horrible reminder about a killer still being out there and I can enjoy the time with my family without that in the back of my mind.

Darrell McGuiness
Never heard of it, also, the killer is still alive in prison?

Teagan Landry
For the older generations it seems to hold that, but as people get younger I think it ends up just being a personal holiday. Either way its special to this place.

Ashley Spade
It's one thing to learn about it, another thing to live it. I think Little Halloween has been renewed for most of Lochland.

Ru Hadley
Growing up in town over the years, there was always so much news, real and fake, about the killer, that it was desensitizing, in a way. For my family, the holiday’s always been more personal. Since the arrest, I think the holiday has more meaning. It’s evidence that the town didn’t stop functioning while he was out there and now, justice has prevailed in the end. Almost poetic.

Frankie Nazarro
It seems like an excuse for a party, like how most holidays turn out.

Kyler Landon
Not really? I came to town about this time last year but I didn't pay much mind to that stuff because I wasn't planning on staying that long so it was all kinda just some local stuff that didn't affect me.

Anthony Bryant
I guess. I mean, You got these people from a long time ago who survived their own shitty situation. Why take over their holiday? Make a new one. Plenty of days to pick from.

Wendy Jaskolski
I feel Little Halloween has become more personal, not only have we merely once celebrated it, but now we have lived it. In the face of danger, we chose as a community to refuse not once but twice to be unafraid.

Abel Jensen
Yeah, I guess it kinda does.... mean, I wasn't about to stay locked in my house either way but there's definitely a different connection to Little Halloween this year because of it.

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:35 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable NewsMay 2018
Ask Norma
Lochland Special Report
I run a local B&B and I rely exclusively on its income to support me. I am an older woman, widowed and childless. I welcome guests of every variety and type looking to get a taste of small-town life and some good home cooking. I have a very strict two-week cancellation policy. I recently had a gentleman who canceled three days before his due arrival. He had booked a room for two nights. Norma, I only have two rooms and when someone cancels like this I’m out a quarter of my daily profits. I told the young man it was his responsibility to pay the cancellation fee of half price, but when I tried to run his card it declined the charge! Is there anything I can do?

I understand that this situation has put you back and while I think it was highly inappropriate for the young man not to pay for the cancellation fee, I also think you should have been a responsible small business owner and checked the card. I suggest putting a hold on half the funds to prevent future occurrences. In the meantime, if you have the would-be-guests’ information and a signed agreement of stay you could take the case to small claims court. It may cost more than it is worth.

My son has recently confided in me that he has had a child out of wedlock, and that said child is already a teen. My son has had a rough run as of late and in the past, and I’m worried that trying to take on the responsibility of a child (even though shared with the mother) will bode ill for him. Are there any steps I can take to help transition from swinging bachelor to responsible father?

The best thing you can do for your son is to show your support in his endeavor to know his child, regardless --

of the child’s age. If it is clear he wants to take responsibility it could be a sign he is ready to at least try to make things right by being there for his kid. Imparting some motherly knowledge to him wouldn’t be a bad idea, but be sure not to hold his hand too strongly or you run the risk of being Mama Two to his child instead of Grandmama.

My elderly uncle is the only family I have left, and I his. He is eighty-two and has recently become ‘forgetful’. At first, it was simple things like where the T.V. remote had gone or forgetting he had turned the oven on to Preheat an hour earlier- both things that aren’t so alarming. But lately, he’s been fetching the post… forgetting his clothes. Just naked as a jaybird, walks across the lawn, waves at the neighbors like the Emperor in his new clothes, and gets the paper before coming back inside. He’s even taken up gardening in the buff, although most of his gardening is done in the backyard. I can’t tell if this is a new behavior quirk from just being attention seeking, or that he thinks it is funny, or if something more serious may be afoot. I would appreciate your input.

It may be in the best interest to have your elderly uncle evaluated by a medical professional for signs of Alzheimer's or other such afflictions. He may also require closer and more regular supervision, so have a sit-down and discuss what he thinks would be best for him. It could also be in his best interest to talk about a Retirement home, where he would have plenty of neighbors to keep him company and constant medical help.

I have a debate with my sister-in-law going on and we hope you can help us. --

I have spent two years making a Wedding Quilt for my Nephew’s wedding, but can not attend the wedding itself. Should I send the quilt along with my sister-in-law to be given at the wedding so that the gift arrives in a timely manner, or should I hold onto the gift until I have the chance to see my Nephew face-to-face? I wouldn’t want it to get lost in translation that I am the one the gift is coming from or that I am the one who made it.

I feel you both have valid points and ideas. My suggestion is to send the gift with your sister-in-law to be delivered at the wedding so that your nephew and his new partner could open it with the rest of their wedding gifts. But just to make sure there is no confusion on who made the quilt or who the gift came from, I suggest adding a handwritten letter detailing the information, or a tag both inside and outside of the package.

I’m worried video games are going to make my son aggressive, he is constantly playing first-person shooter games and games which show his player killing police officers. I’m worried that, at his current age of fourteen, he will start to view this as acceptable.

First off I would like to point out that we were burning people at the stake in the sixteen hundreds and worse long before then. We did not have video games to blame for people being aggressive. If you are still worried you should check the ratings on the games you buy for your son. Being only fourteen he should not be able to purchase games rated Mature, which this game surely sounds. Furthermore, if you worry, you should sit down with your son and have a deep heart to heart to make sure he knows this is not real and should not be a reality. If in the future you think he is showing signs of extreme aggression, you should have him seen by a professional.

Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:36 AM
The Admins

The Lochland Times
No. 33Lochland's Most Reliable News May 2018
Your Horoscope
( March 21 - April 19)
Take a break from your love life for awhile. It may not sound like something you want to do, but a little distance provides a lot of clarity.

(April 20 - May 20)
Things may have been stressful lately and perhaps you're not sure how to handle that. Take a step back and look at things with a different perspective. Objective is better than subjective and no problem is unable to be solved.

(May 21 - June 21)
Success is on the near horizon for you, Gemini. Everything is about to get better in all categories for you: career, romance, health, and recreational. Enjoy your good fortune; you deserve it!

( June 22 - July 22)
Your job life is about to improve greatly and you'll find your happiness and finances improving greatly because of it. Success will not come without sacrifices, however. Putting too much focus into your career can cause other areas of your life to suffer. Try to maintain a balance.

(July 23 - August 22 )
Things may have been a little down, and you’ve been struggled with failure. Do not fret. Life is about to give you an opportunity for a second chance. Use it well.

(August 23 - September 22)
Why be hesitant about starting new things or taking chances? Change can be scary but it's ultimately going to make you feel better. The only way you can get out of the slump you're in now is to throw a little caution to the wind.

(September 23 - October 22)
Life is going on for you and it's doing more than that. It's dragging, actually. Take a good look at your life and see just what's keeping you down and away from what you want and need. Don't be afraid to cut away some dead wood from your life..

(October 23 - November 21)
Lots of opportunities are coming your way. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you so that you can make informed decisions about which choices and changes would be best for you.

(November 22 - December 21)
While others are taking new chances and coming across risky (but rewarding) opportunities, you will need to be cautious. Something in your future will be troublesome. Keep yourself safe for now; the danger will only be temporary.

(December 22 - January 19)
Is life pushing at you? Well, push back! Don't let anyone or anything command your life and get in the way of your destiny. The only one who should be in control of your life is you!

(January 20 - February 18)
There is likely some disappointment that you're experiencing right now, or will be experiencing. At this moment and time, lean on your family and friends for support. They can help shoulder some of your burdens.

(February 19 - March 20)
Lots of growth is in store for your immediate future. A lot of it is going to come in quick spurts, so prepare yourself. There's a big chance that you'll be seeing expansions at your job and in your family, so be prepared.

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