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Have You Read the Newspaper?
You can read the latest edition Here

The Fourth of July is underway, but the 3rd Annual Charity Ball has been postponed! What could have happened?

The Lochland Fire Department offers some tips on enjoying your holiday without putting anyone in danger.

Exclusive Interview: Mathias Falk

Welcome to Lochland Grove

Lochland Grove is a real life roleplay with a murder mystery twist. Why not come for a visit? You could meet the locals, discover romance, and maybe find a new home. The residents here are friendly. It is easy to relax in small town life, but don’t get too comfortable. Something is happening behind the peace and quiet. If you are craving a mystery to chase then read the local newspaper. It might hide a few answers. All you need to do is keep your eyes open.

The Fourth of July Festival!

The sound of fireworks shoots through the air and carnival rides flash. Can you smell the fair food in the air?

A Block Party for Pets?

Local Pet Shop ‘Chirp Squeak Meow’ is celebrating National Pet Month with a block party on Plum street. Bring your friends, family, and pets!


Site News

July 22
The Bachelor Auctions are up! Check them outhere.

July 16
The July edition of the Lochland Times. is up!

July 8
Another AC survived. Thanks to everyone who checked in.!



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Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Jun 27 2013, 06:19 AM
The Admins


    In the 19th century, the small village of Lochland Grove survived a serial killer. The tragedy took over three dozen lives, and the reasons for the killing were never truly discovered. Over the past centuries people have traveled to the town to try to figure out it’s mysteries. It has grown in size, catering to tourists obsessed with the more morbid pieces of American history it contains. Some even believe the ghost of Robert Lewis, the serial killer himself, haunts his killing grounds. A silly ghost story.

    Today, the town considers itself to be made up of survivors. It survived the tragedy from centuries ago, and in 2014 the population swelled when it took in flood survivors from Louisiana. This once small village is now a nationally recognized beacon of charity. They are looking to the future now, proud of how far they have come.

    But is that wise?

    It has been over a hundred years since the death of Robert Lewis, but Lochland has not seen the end of tragedy. Something new is brewing. Something new or maybe something old; It is a mystery to everyone.

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