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Have You Read the Newspaper?
You can read the latest edition Here

Chilifest is here again. Come celebrate the first day of fall with Food and fun. Firefighters and Policemen schedule a 9/11 Memorial Walk.

Tragedy seems to be heavy on the shoulders of Lochland Residents. Not only has a missing woman's body been found, but the ice cream man is in the hospital.

Welcome to Lochland Grove

Lochland Grove is a real life roleplay with a murder mystery twist. Why not come for a visit? You could meet the locals, discover romance, and maybe find a new home. The residents here are friendly. It is easy to relax in small town life, but don’t get too comfortable. Something is happening behind the peace and quiet. If you are craving a mystery to chase then read the local newspaper. It might hide a few answers. All you need to do is keep your eyes open.

The Autumnal Equinox

Come celebrate the beginning of fall at the Wallace Apple Orchard. The entry fee is a bowl of chili to add to the communal pot!

3rd Annual Charity Ball

Wear your nicest clothes and prepare for a 6 course meal, dancing, and fireworks at the luxurious Richfield Family Mansion. You can even stay the night.


Site News

September 10th
The new Edition of The Lochland Times is out! Check it out Check in Here

September 8th
The Activity Check is over!

September 1st
Activity Check time! Check in Here





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