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The Holidays Have Begun!
Holidays, school, end of year events; we all know that struggle. Schedules are tight, and we want to help.

There will be no December Activity Check.

In January we will be celebrating our 3rd birthday! We would love some suggestions on how we should celebrate. Feel free to pm a staff member if you have any ideas.

Welcome to Lochland Grove

Lochland Grove is a real life roleplay with a murder mystery twist. Why not come for a visit? You could meet the locals, discover romance, and maybe find a new home. The residents here are friendly. It is easy to relax in small town life, but don’t get too comfortable. Something is happening behind the peace and quiet. If you are craving a mystery to chase then read the local newspaper. It might hide a few answers. All you need to do is keep your eyes open.

Election Day

It is election day in Lochland Grove. Will you turn out to vote?

Located at St Joseph Church.

Haunted Halloween Party

Come celebrate Halloween in a haunted mansion, and if you are brave enough, stay over night. Be warned: Ghosts can haunt threads there.


Site News

November 8th
The Last Activity Check of the year is over. Happy Holidays to everyone!

November 1st
Activity Check time! check in Here

October 13th
Strange things are happening. Did you see the Halloween Forum?



Thank You ♥

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