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 Occupation Claim, Workin' 9 to 5
Lochland Grove Admins
 Posted: Aug 30 2013, 03:49 AM
The Admins

the occupation claim
Here is an alphabetical listing of different positions available at businesses around town. You do not need to choose an occupation off this list, but if you do wish to do so, just remember to claim it so we can keep even ratios. Your claim will not be counted until your character is approved.
Ambrosia Fine Dining
Come here if you want to splash some cash and really have a good meal.

Head Chef (0/1) - Minimum Age: 24
- They run the kitchen, plan the menu, and basically rule the restaurant

Sous Chef (0/1) - Minimum Age: 20
- The Head Chef's right hand man (or woman). They run the cooking when the Chef is busy, and keep the staff working together cohesively.

Line Cooks (0/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- These assistants will do whatever it takes to make spectacular food.

Servers (1/5) - Minimum age: 21
- Dressed in formal attire, these men and women will bring you whatever you need for a spectacular dining experience
(Riley Bennett)

August Whitmore Public School
A school for all grades from K-12, this large building has been around for almost as long as the town has.

Principal (0/1) - Minimum Age: 35
- They are responsible for the overseeing of all school operations, and for handling major disciplinary matters.

Teachers (3/25) - Minimum Age: 24 [Avg. 40]
- These teachers are stretched a bit thin; almost all of them double up, teaching at least one extra subject to cover all the grades and electives. Give them your respect; they work hard!
(Teagan Landry, Basil Kaya, Charlie Fox)

Secretaries (1/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- These four work hard to keep everyone on the same page; they will always be on the lookout for new goings on to keep everyone up to date.
(Zoe Kennedy)

Cafeteria Workers (0/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- They make and serve the not-as-bad-as-it-looks cafeteria food.

Bob's Grocery Mart
You will find the basics, and more often than not a few goodies here. No one goes hungry in Lochland Grove, that's for sure!

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- The face of the business; you know who to go to if you get sold some bad tomatoes.

Stockers(0/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- They fill the shelves; you didn't think the food appeared magically, did you?

Cashiers(0/4) - Minimum Age: 18
- They'll even bag the groceries for you too; service with a smile!

Body Image
Fancy some sick ink? Come here and get whatever body mods float your boat.

Owner (1/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- Mostly in charge of operations, the owner is known to do quite a few art pieces himself.
(Kiefer Carter)

Tattoo Artists (1/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- Ranging in skill level, they are all working for experience and the almighty dollar.
(Kiefer Carter)

Piercers (0/2) - Minimum Age: 21
- Got a hankering for some metal in your face? These two can hook you up.

Secretary (1/1) - Minimum Age: 18
- Gotta schedule those appointments somehow!
(Anya Graves)

This is the only cemetery in Lochland. Generations of residents are buried here including some victims of the town's famous serial killer. It is well maintained and gives daily tours.

Groundskeeper (2/2) - Minimum Age: 18
- Cleaning, gardening, and general maintenance is required.
(Katerina Dimov, Preston Marx )

Gravedigger(0/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- Most of the groundskeepers are retirees. It's good to have a strong back to dig graves.

Community College
While its programs are limited to the more popular ones, LGCC is a great place to pursue some higher learning.

Dean (0/1) - Minimum Age: 40
- They oversee all curriculum and operational aspects of the school.

Professors (1/25) - Minimum Age: 26
- The professors may not all have the most expensive and fancy degrees, but they know their stuff.
(Ezekiel Goldstein)

Gym Attendants(0/4) - Minimum Age: 18
- The new fitness centre, for students and Lochland citizens alike employs their best and brightest students.

Coaches(1/2) - Minimum Age: 24
- LGCC may not be know for much, but they are known for their Basketball and Swim Teams.
(Christopher Owens)

Students(3/??) - Minimum Age: 18
- Education, late nights, early mornings, and hopefully a diploma
(Min Foster, Nikolai Mozarov, Heather Song)

Fire Department
Who you gonna call? The fire department, your house is on fire!

Fire Chief (0/1) - Minimum Age: 30
- The leader of this pack of these brave men and women; they look after all the goings-on.

Firefighters (1/8) - Minimum Age: 21
- They will make sure to keep you safe and look pretty fine doing it!
(Ryan Hathaway)

EMTs(1/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- They're the ones you'll need to see if you need an emergency trip to the hospital, or some mouth to mouth.
(Bernard Tankevwe)

General Hospital
The hospital mostly just take care of emergent care; people needing elective or non-emergent surgeries are often taken to Hartford. They do have one of the most respected physiotherapy wards in the state, however.

Dean of Medicine (0/1) - Minimum Age: 40
- A respected doctor, they maintain the standards and budget of the hospital.

Doctors (1/15) - Minimum Age: 28
- From pediatricians to podiatrists, these doctors are equipped to handle whatever ails you.
(Michelle Cordero)

Physiotherapists (0/4) - Minimum Age: 28
- These are the professionals that work to keep the Lochland Grove Physio Clinic at the level of quality it's known for.

Nurses (1/10) - Minimum Age: 24
- Sometimes underpaid and overworked, these are the medical professionals who assist doctors and make sure patients get the proper care.
(Jonathan Schaeffer)

Receptionists (0/2) - Minimum Age: 18
- Those who come to the hospital need to check in with these people first.

Gertie's Cafe
Do you have a hankering for burgers and fries? This is the place!

Owner (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- They run the place, make the menu, and hire and fire everyone who works there.

Cooks (1/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- They'll make up anything you want, just ask them.
(Melody Felton)

Servers (3/4) - Minimum Age: 18
- Put your order in with them, and they'll bring your food, hot and ready.
(Seraphim Drake, Jaina Carter, Leslie Morstan)

The Lochland Times
Family owned and edited, the news paper has been around for generations. It is run out of an old house with a renovated interior.

Reporters (2/?) - Minimum Age: 22
- Besides a college diploma, reporters are expected to be timely with news and always ready for the next story.
(Charlotte Williams, Audra Touré)

Photographer (1/2) - Minimum Age: 18
- A good camera can go a long way.
(Katashi Tanaka)

Printer (0/1) - Minimum Age: 18
- The paper uses a printing press. On-the-job experience is the best kind of training.

Looseleaf Books
Come for the books; stay for the tea.

Manager (1/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- Organizing the books, taking orders and making sure the beans are always brewing in the coffee machines? That's the name of this person's game.
(Erin Maisey)

Store Clerks (1/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- They ring in your book orders and basically keep the shelves neat and tidy.
Heather Song)

Baristas (3/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- These highly skilled bean jockeys will get your coffee and drinks ready for you in a flash.
(Lyric Stuart, Mackenzie McAdams, Nikolai Mozarov)

The Odyssey Club
One of the first gay clubs in Connecticut, this is a very clear sign that the LGBT community is alive and well in Lochland Grove.

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- They are going to make sure this place stays open til the end of time.

Bartenders (0/3) - Minimum Age: 21
- You've definitely got to try all the signature drinks. They're famous!

Security (1/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- Keeping the jerks away since 1983.
(Anthony Bryant, Lenny Neroni)

DJs (1/2) - Minimum Age: 21
- What's a club without a bit of dancing, right?
(Ace Yamada)

The Old Rose Tavern
Fancy a drink? Come here; the town's most popular watering hole.

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- Bar business isn't always the most reputable of professions, but this manager does their job well. (None)

Bartenders (1/3) - Minimum Age: 21
- While they mostly pour beer, they know some good cocktails if you know what you're looking for.
(Alexandria Hastings)

Servers (0/2) - Minimum Age: 21
- Tip your servers well; they definitely need the money.

Plum Street Bakery
Biscuits, bread, muffins, pies, tarts, cakes, and so much more. Come early for the donuts.

Owner (1/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- Owning a small business takes time, effort, and a good hires, but it can be worth it.
(Anastasia Romanos)

Bakers (3/3) - Minimum Age: 22
-It's a crumby job, but I knead the dough.
(Grey Day, Anastasia Romanos, Lenny Neroni)

Cashiers (0/2) - Minimum Age: 18
- Taking orders and keeping things clean may seem like a drag, but taste testing the inventory is a definite perk.

Plum Street Cinema
This one screen theatre is a hot spot on Saturday nights.

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- Who makes sure the milk duds are stocked and the film canisters arrive on time? This guy!

Concession Workers (0/3) - Minimum Age: 18
- You need some popcorn with your movie, don't you?

Ticket Vendors (1/2) - Minimum Age: 18
- Make sure to hold onto your ticket; they'll be checking before the show!
(Alexius Majors)

Plum Street Hardware
What's a small town without an old fashioned hardware store?

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- They know the store like the back of their hand, and rule it with an iron fist.

Store Clerks (0/5) - Minimum Age: 18
- They will find whatever you need for any project; knowledge of household repair is a must in this job.

Handymen (1/2) - Minimum Age: 21
- For a small fee, Lochland Hardware will send a handyman to your house to do whatever job you need doing.
(Wyatt Hunter)

Police Department
The Lochland Grove Police Force may be small, but you better believe if you mess with the town, they'll be on you like you won't believe.

Sheriff (NPC)
- The head honcho, he oversees the police force and makes sure things are done to the letter
(Ben Whitmore)

Officers (4/10) - Minimum Age: 21
- The men and women in blue; they will make sure you feel safe at night, no matter the cost.
(Jason Kelley, Cooper Tanaka, Danielle Carello, Colton Spade)

Detectives (0/2) - Minimum Age: 25
- These two are responsible for the major investigations in the town; especially lately, they get run off their feet.

Dispatchers (0/2) - Minimum Age: 21
- These are the people you talk to when you call in an emergency; they let the police officers know where to go and what's happening.

Jailer (0/1) - Minimum Age: 21
- The person in charge of maintaining and guarding the holding cells.

Pratt and Sons Sawmill
There are several Sawmills in Lochland Grove, but Pratt and Sons say they are one of the best.

Foreman(0/2) - Minimum Age: 30
- Keeping track of the books is only half the battle. Leadership, a clear head, and good old fashion know-how are always a requirement.

Line workers (0/15) - Minimum Age: 18
- Cutting and bundling wood and maintenance of the mill are all in a hard days work.

Log Drivers (0/5) - Minimum Age: 23
- The road is long, but the pay is good.

Got a bit of a hankering for some not so innocent entertainment? Here's the town's little secret; the strip club!

Owner (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- They make sure all the dancers are safe, all the booze keeps flowing, and the books stay in order.
(Minuit Estelle)

Dancers (0/8) - Minimum Age: 18
- These girls and guys will give you a good taste of their wild side, but look, don't touch!

Bartenders (1/3) - Minimum Age: 21
- You're lookin' pretty flushed there, how about a drink to cool off?
(Harley Allen)

Shot Girls(0/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- help get drinks to the customers who are at serving areas other than the main bar counter

Security (0/4) - Minimum Age: 21
- You don't want to deal with them when you come here; they are more likely coming to talk to you about getting too handsy with that pole dancer.

Trudy's Fashion
The town's version of Macy's, downsized of course.

Manager (0/1) - Minimum Age: 25
- The overseer of all store operations; they make sure that Trudy's vision is maintained.

Store Clerks (0/5) - Minimum Age: 18
- Those who keep the dresses hung up pretty and ring through your purchases.

Tailors (0/2) - Minimum Age: 20
- Trudy's offers a tailoring service, and these two will hem, sew, and patch up anything you can imagine.

to claim (remove stars):
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